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Name:Cardiac Macrovascular Surgery Department

Ward Address :Sandun Area: West Part of Floor 6, Ward 5

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Department Info:

[Academic Status]

Currently, the department has published nearly 20 professional papers on national core journals, including 8 authoritative journals. The department has engaged in 1 National Natural Science Foundation of China project and 2 provincial and ministerial-level projects. More then 10 patents have been applied.


[Technical Advantages]

      Minimally invasive small-incision valve surgery, total thoracoscopic radiofrequency ablation of atrial fibrillation, and its in a leading position in the province in the elderly cardiac surgery and perioperative treatment, non-stop coronary artery bypass grafting and macrovascular surgery.


[Research Orientations]

      Based on the advantages of the original coronary and macrovascular surgical treatment, we actively explores various new kinds of cardiac surgery techniques, and carries out clinical and basic research on minimally invasive surgery such as total thoracoscopic radiofrequency ablation of atrial fibrillation, aortic stenting (TAVI), minimally invasive non-stop coronary bypass grafting.


[Job Descriptions]

      The Cardiac Macrovascular Surgery Department of Zhejiang Hospital is established by Director He Renliang in 2005. Since its opening, the department has carried out in-depth cooperation with national top cardiac surgeons such as Professor Sun Lizhong and Professor Liu Yongming of Beijing Anzhen Hospital, Professor Xue Song of Shanghai Renji Hospital, Professor Lingyun Peng of Beijing Third Hospital and Director Ni Yiming of Zhejiang No.1 Hospital, and has successfully completed minimally invasive cardiovascular surgery (endoscopic assisted valve replacement, endoscopic assisted jump coronary bypass grafting, one-stop minimally invasive hybrid surgery for coronary heart disease, full thoracoscopic minimally invasive atrial fibrillation ablation), keep jump coronary bypass grafting, heart valve, complex secondary surgery, congenital heart disease correction, aortic dissection surgery and other kinds of difficult cardiac macrovascular surgery. Through years of clinical accumulation and discipline construction, the department has had a strong popularity and influence in Zhejiang Province and even the surrounding areas. In recent years, with the support of the hospital leadership, it has further integrated superior resources, introduced domestic leading hybrid surgery equipment, jointly established a joint diagnosis and treatment center with the department of cardiology and intensive care unit, carried out a number of difficult internal and surgical hybrid operations, and successfully treated all kinds of critically ill patients.


Subject Experts:

He Renliang

Chief Physician