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Name:Neurosurgery Department

Ward Address :Sandun Area: East Part of Floor 8, Ward 8

Outpatient Service Address :

Phone:(0571) 81595277 87377395

Department Info:

[Brief Introduction to the Department]

After the development over more than years, currently there are 11 specialty physicians at the Neurosurgery Department of Zhejiang Hospital, including 1 chief physician, 1 associate chief physician and 7 attending physicians. The scopes of treatment cover all kinds of brain tumors, spinal cord tumors, pituitary tumors, and craniopharyngeal tube tumors, intracranial arteriovenous malformation, intracranial aneurysm, hydrocephalus, facial muscle convulsions, trigeminal neuralgia, skull malformation, craniocerebral injury and other neurosurgical diseases.


[Technical Advantages]

Relying on advanced instruments such as dual-source magnetic resonance, dual-source 64-row spiral CT and DSA, as well as with the assistance of Zeiss PENTERO900 microscope, neuroendoscopy, multi-functional operating bed and compound operating room, the department has gradually formed a specialty featuring craniocerebral tumor microsurgery, minimally invasive surgery for cerebrovascular diseases and comprehensive treatment of severe craniocerebral injury.


       [Introduction to Experts]

Shen Zheng, chief physician, Director of Neurosurgery Department at Zhejiang Hospital

Vice Chairman of Zhejiang Provincial TBI Treatment and Rehabilitation Professional Committee, Member of Expert Committee of Zhejiang Neurosurgery Technical Guidance Center, Member of the Neurosurgery Professional Committee of Zhejiang Medical Association, Member of Zhejiang Provincial Medical Malpractice Authentication Expert Database and Member of Zhejiang Province Labor Capacity Appraisal Committee. Has been engaged in clinical work in neurosurgery for more than 30 years. Went to the Neurosurgical Center of Syracuse Medical College at the State University of New York for further study in S2015. Specialized in diagnosis and treatment of craniocerebral trauma and minimally invasive surgical treatment of hypertensive cerebral hemorrhage, proficient in the diagnosis and surgical skills of intracranial tumors, and with rich experiences in surgical clipping of cerebral aneurysm, cerebral arteriovenous malformation and various intracranial congenital diseases. Has published more than 20 papers in journals above grade 2, and participated in two department-level projects.

Expert Outpatient Hours: Wednesday morning (Sandun Area), Friday morning (Lingyin Area)


Sun Hu, associate chief physician at the Neurosurgery Department

Graduated from China Medical University, and has been engaged in clinical work in neurosurgery for more than 20 years. Once went to multiple neurological centers in Japan, Beijing and Shanghai for further studies. Specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of craniocerebral trauma and stereotactic treatment of cerebrovascular diseases, and with rich clinical experiences in the diagnosis and treatment of cranbral trauma, hypertensive cerebral hemorrhage and nervous system tumors and other diseases. Has presided over and undertaken a number of provincial department-level projects, published more than 20 papers on national journals, and translated more than 10 foreign medical documents.

Expert Outpatient Hours: Friday morning (Sandun Area)



[Department Staffing]

Shen Zhen, Sun Hu, Shi Xiaoyong, Chen Zhongliang, Chen Yan, Chen Liang, Liu Weixian,Tang Zhuxiao, Xiong Tao, Ma Jiangchun, Lan Fujun



Outpatient Information:

Chief physician Shen Zheng, expert outpatient: Wednesday morning (Sandun Area), Friday morning (Lingyin Area)

Associate chief physician Sun Hu, expert outpatient: Friday morning (Sandun Area)

Subject Expert:

Sun Hu

Associate chief physician

Qin Zhiyong

Chief physician

Shen Zheng

Chief physician