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Name:Proctology Department

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Outpatient Service Address :Sandun Hospital: West Ward 17, Building 12


Department Info:

The Proctology Department is under the Center for Digestive and Abdominal Diseases, and is under support from the Department of Gastroenterology, Endoscopy Center, General Surgery Department and Nutrition Department, the diagnosis and treatment of colorectal and anal disease has reached the advanced level in the province, and its in compliance with the domestic and international standards. Currently, there are 2 senior titles, 2 senior attending doctors and 2 resident doctors.

The Protology Department of Zhejiang Hospital is established in 1996, with a strong technical force, and it is one of the earliest hospitals of anorectal specialty in Zhejiang Province. The medical equipment is advanced and the medical staff is dedicated. Every year, nearly 100 cases of colorectal malignant tumors are diagnosed and correctly treated in time. The Protology Department carried out minimally invasive treatment technique for severe prolapse bleeding hemorrhoids (PPH) earlier in the province, and implemented more minimally invasive and safe hemorrhoids automatic ligation technique (RPH) for the elderly patients with more complications, as well as targeted grading and grading treatment of hemorrhoids; with high-definition electronic rectosigmoidoscopy, the diagnosis and treatment of stool, defecation difficulties patients bring great convenience; Minimally invasive transanal surgery is routinely performed, including resection of transanorectal polyps, adenomas and early carcinogenesis; Primary suture repair of the wound after the resection of the Tibetan hair sinus; carry out laparoscopic-assisted radical resection of colorectal cancer and anal preservation of low rectal cancer; surgical treatment of chronic constipation, including total colon resection, subtotal resection for slow transit constipation, biotomy of pubis with outlet-obstructive constipation, prerectal transanal, transvaginal repair, moderate to severe rectal mucosal prolapse, STARR, severe rectal prolapse by laparoscopic resection and suspension fixation or transperineal Altemeier; rectovaginal fistula repair, complicated anal fistula with MR, EUS imaging diagnosis and guidance treatment, and avoid multiple operations and minimize structural damage to the anorectal tissue. In addition to traditional hanging line therapy, gradually develop intraoral repair of rectal mucosal valve, anatomical genital fistula resection, Intersphincter fistula ligation and anal fistula plugs (LIFT and LIFT-Plug), biomesh implantation, intersphincter fistula ligation was combined with a biosynthetic graft (Bio-LIFT), video-assisted anal fistula treatment technique (VAAFT), that is, anal fistula application, etc; carry out laparoscopic-assisted transabdominal or transsacrocaudal joint resection of anterior sacral cysts and teratoma, and cooperate with gynecology, urology and other disciplines to perform pelvic difficult and huge benign and malignant tumor resection; carry out the diagnosis and treatment of other benign and malignant tumors around the rectum and anus, including the standardized treatment of stromal melanoma and malignant melanoma.

In recent years, the Department has been devoted to the selection of accurate preoperative treatment options for rectal cancer, discussing whether to perform neoadjuvant treatment, the optimization of anal preservation, and clinical research on the improvement of postoperative anal function. Preoperative evaluation selected a high-resolution MRI, multidirectional, multi-sequence imaging to obtain a clear map of the tumor adjacent to the surrounding tissues and organs for cTNM staging. For patients with very low rectal cancer is difficult to preserve anal or late disease stage, radiotherapy and chemotherapy for postoperative surgery, strive for a complete operation and anal preservation. For patients with primary surgery, keep the pelvic autonomic nerve and anal sphincter as well as possible without affecting the radical treatment of the tumor.The preferred surgical methods include prerectal resection, rectal prolapse, colonic anal anastomosis, colonic pouch anal anastomosis, transabdominal internal anal sphincter resection, and local resection. High-definition laparoscopic assistance and advanced low anastomosis technology greatly improve the anal preservation rate and well-preserved anal structure and function. Due to the existence of prerectal resection syndrome, anal function was assessed by postoperative rectal and anal manometry, balloon dilatation, pelvic floor electromyography, and cortical evoked potential detection; Biofeedback treatment, perianal physical therapy, integrated Traditional Chinese and Western medicine, sacral nerve stimulation and other adjustments are used to improve their function, so that patients have no future worries after surgery.

In order to meet the medical needs of the majority of patients and become more convenient, the anorectal surgery department adds the specialized outpatient department of stool stool and constipation, and at the same time, through multidisciplinary cooperation, the diagnosis and treatment of diseases is more accurate and effective.

     The hospital environment is elegant, with excellent medical technology, advanced service concept, and we pay close attention to the medical quality, and implement the concept of rapid rehabilitation and comfortable medical treatment into the major links of clinical diagnosis and treatment, to create a better medical atmosphere.


Outpatient Information:

Outpatient Hours of Expert Chen Bangfei: Monday morning, Proctology Department Outpatient  (Sandun Hospital)

              Wednesday morning, Blood Constipation Outpatient (Sandun Hospital)

              Thursday afternoon, Proctology Department OutpatientLingyin Hospital

Outpatient Hours of Expert Shen Yufei: Monday afternoon, Proctology Department Outpatient (Sandun Hospital)

              Thursday morning, Blood Constipation Outpatient (Sandun Hospital)

              Tuesday afternoon, Proctology Department Outpatient (Lingyin Hospital)

Outpatient Hours for Liang Chengxiao: Monday and Thursday afternoon,  Proctology Department Outpatient (Sandun Hospital)

          Tuesday afternoon, Blood Constipation Outpatient  (Sandun Hospital)

Outpatient Hours for Fan Yongshen: Tuesday morning, Friday morning, Proctology Department Outpatient (Sandun Hospital)

          Monday afternoon, Blood Constipation Outpatient  (Sandun Hospital)

Outpatient Hours for Jia Shengnan: Wednesday afternoon, Thursday afternoon , Proctology Department Outpatient (Sandun Hospital)
Outpatient Hours for Yao Jin: Wednesday morning, Proctology Department Outpatient (Sandun Hospital)

          Friday afternoon, Blood Constipation Outpatient (Sandun Hospital)


Subject Experts:

Chen Bangfei

Chief Physician

Shen Yufei

Chief Physician