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Name:Ophthalmology Department

Ward Address :Sandun Area: West Part of Floor 8, Ward 9

Outpatient Service Address :Floor 2, Outpatient Building, No.12 Lingyin Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

Phone: (0571) 87987373 ext.5049, 5073

Department Info:

 The Ophthalmology Department of Zhejiang Hospital is a key construction specialty of Zhejiang Hospital, and is a national standardized training base for resident doctors. After decades of development, the department has become a department with strong talent team, advanced technical force and distinctive discipline characteristics. The department routinely carries out the diagnosis and treatment of cataract, glaucoma, ocular fundus disease, optic nerve disease, refractive error, oblique amblyopia, ocular trauma, eyelid disease, orbit and other diseases, could perform all kinds of complex operations, such as microincision cataract phacoemulsification + intraocular lens implantation, various kinds of antiglaucoma surgeries, complex vitreoretinal surgery, strabotomy, minimally invasive lacrimal duct surgery, recrecovery of orbital fracture and Tissue engineering keratoplasty, etc.

Talent Team

 Currently, there are 17 doctors, including 7 senior titles, 9 intermediate titles, 3 residents; 2 ophthalmology outpatient special examiners, and 1 deputy chief nurse. 


Academic Leader, Chief Physician Cao Yongbao

Vice President of Zhejiang Hospital, Standing Committee Member of Zhejiang Provincial CPPCC, enjoying the special allowance of The State Council, assuming as Chairman of Visual Function Professional Committee of Zhejiang Rehabilitation Medical Association, Vice President of Ophthalmologist Branch of Zhejiang Medical Doctor Association, Vice Chairman of Zhejiang Keratitis Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Technical Guidance Center, Standing Director of Zhejiang Provincial Rehabilitation Medical Association and associate editor of the journal Eye Trauma and Occupational Eye Diseases.

Department Director, Chief Physician Xu Jiehui

       Assuming as director of Zhejiang Provincial Rehabilitation Medical Association, Vice Chairman of the Visual Function Professional Committee of Zhejiang Rehabilitation Society, Member of Ophthalmology Branch of Zhejiang Medical Association, Member of Ophthalmology Branch of Zhejiang Medical Doctor Association and Member of Zhejiang Society of Blinding Prevention. He has been engaged in clinical work in ophthalmology for more than 20 years, and is good at the surgical treatment of complex glaucoma, cataract, retinal vitreous diseases, the diagnosis and treatment of fundus lesions such as macular degeneration, and the laser treatment of anterior segment and fundus diseases.


Examination Equipment


      The department is well-equipped with advanced medical instruments and examination facilities. With the Heidelberg confocal laser fundus angiography instrument made in Germany; the ophthalmic ultrasound scanner integrated with multi-functions of A-Ultrasound, B-Ultrasound and 3D (3-dimensional); two kinds of non-contact tonometers-Britishi portable and Japanese seat type; German-made Zeiss 532 laser instrument, YAG laser instrument, and Swiss-made computer automatic full program visual field instrument; Front and posterior section photocoherence tomography scanner and vascular imaging tomography scanner (OCT, OCTA) manufactured by Zeiss in Germany, Japanese eye-free fundus camera, front segment camera, automatic multi-functional computer optometry and multiple comprehensive inspection tables, panoramic ultrasonic biomscopy (UBM), etc. These advanced ophthalmic special devices provide necessary conditions to improve the diagnostic accuracy of eye disease and for evaluating the treatment effect of eye disease. Meanwhile, the department is equipped with special ophthalmic operating rooms, and is equipped with the surgical microscopes manufactured in Germany and Japan; Phacoemulsification glass cutting all-in-one machine manufactured in the U.S.A. and the Swiss-made ultrasonostat; the imported condensers and indirect fundus ophthalmoscope, etc, which have laid a good material foundation for the development of modern microsurgery.

Outpatient Information:

Subject Experts:

Xu Jiehui

Chief Physician

Yan Xuejun

Associate Chief Physician

Cao Yongbao

Chief Physician

Wang Ze

Associate Chief Physician

Pan Songyang

Chief Physician (External Experts)

Zhang Huicheng

Chief Physician

Lou Jixian

Chief Physician

Wen Jiquan

Associate Chief Physician

Li Yumin

Chief Physician (External Experts)