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Name:Mental Health Department

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Outpatient Service Address :First Floor, Building 3


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[Academic Status]

The Department has been engaged in the clinical and scientific research and teaching of psychiatry in mental health for a long time, and has participated in the writing and promotion of the Guidelines for the Prevention and Treatment of Geriatric Dementia in China, organized by the Ministry of Health, with rich experiences in the diagnosis and treatment of senile dementia, and with in-depth research of its pathogenesis and early diagnosis, for example, the application of fMRI combined with DTI in the early diagnosis of senile dementia funded by the Natural Science Foundation of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the Medical and Health Science Research Fund projects supported by Zhejiang Provincial Department of Health Research on the clinical Application of Pupil Reduction experiment in the early diagnosis of senile dementia, and Research on application of cytokines in the early diagnosis of senile dementia, etc, to explore the early diagnosis of dementia and explore the pathology of AD. Research on Alzheimer's Disease and Memory Disorder won the second prize of excellent paper of Provincial Association for Science and Technology, Application of acupoint stimulation system in the treatment of OCD won the third prize of provincial science and technology, and Analysis on Detoxification Difficulty from 155 Cases of Resource Dexoifiers won the third prize of excellent paper from The Provincial Rehabilitation Medical Association. Research on application of cytokines in the early diagnosis of senile dementia won the Excellence Award of Geriatric Psychology Professional Committee of Chinese Mental Health Association.

The academic leader, currently assuming as the Party Secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Peoples Hospital, Chief Physician of the Mental Health Department, Member of the International Geriatric Psychiatric Association (IPA), Chairman of Geriatric Psychology Professional Committee of China Mental Health Association, Chairman of the Psychiatric Branch of Zhejiang Medical Association, Member of the Sleep Disorders Professional Committee of the Chinese Sleep Research Society, Member of China Elderly Mental Health Professional Committee, Member of China Mental Disability Rehabilitation Professional Committee, Member of the Standing Committee of China Dementia and Related Diseases, Member of the Geriatric Psychiatry Group of the Chinese Psychiatric Branch, Director of Zhejiang Provincial Medical Association, Vice-chairman of Provincial Mental rehabilitation Professional Committee, Vice President of Psychiatric Branch of Provincial Medical Doctor Association, Provincial Psychiatric Branch of the Elderly Mental Disorders Group Leader, Provincial Geriatrics Branch Standing Committee Member, editorial advisory board member to journals Journal of Neurological and Mental Health, Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases prevention and treatment, Zhejiang clinical medicine, etc, and undertakes the teaching task of three clinical department psychiatry in Zhejiang University Medical College, publishes more than 40 papers, the editor-in-chief to Interpretation of Insomnia and Practical Geriatric Psychomedicine, participates in the compilation of China's Senile Dementia Prevention and Treatment Guidelines, 300 Q&As to Mental Illness Prevention and Treatment, Health Education, Health Examination Guide and other professional books.

[Technical Advantages]

1. Multichannel treatment for Alzheimer's disease.

2. Psychological therapy combined with antidepressants is used for anxiety disorders and panic attacks.

3. Apply acupoint stimulation combined with drugs and behavior correction to treat OCD.

4. Comprehensive therapy treatment for depression and schizophrenia.

5. The method of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine is applied to treat insomnia patients.

6. Actively carry out the application of psychometric measurement in the prevention and treatment of mental diseases.


[Research Orientations]

Consultation, psychological therapy and diagnosis and treatment, maintenance treatment, relapse prevention and rehabilitation guidance for various mental diseases such as insomnia, anxiety disorders, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, schizophrenia, and Alzheimers disease, etc,  with rich clinical experiences in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with —— mild cognitive dysfunction in senile dementia. And establish the Sleeping Disorders Diagnosis and Treatment Center together with the Department of Respiratory Medicine, the Neurology Department and the E.N.T. to conduct in-depth research on sleeping disorders.

[Job Descriptions]

The Department adheres to the service tenet of patient-centered, with medical quality as the core, and serve the patients coming for diagnosis and treatment wholeheartedly. To be serious, careful, meticulous, diligent and dedicated, and strictly abide by various medical standards and technical operation norms. To be serious and responsible in work, to be warm-hearted and considerate to patients and to be perfect in technique. Seriously carry out the diagnosis and treatment of various mental diseases in the outpatient department, do a good job of consultation on various psychological problems, actively carry out consultation and liaison psychiatry business, undertake the consultation work inside and outside the hospital, and actively carry out popular science and publicity, meanwhile, actively conduct scientific researches and accomplish the teaching and internship tutoring tasks.

[Department Staffing]

Yu Enyan, Wu Wanzhen, Zhu Liyue, Wang Lei, Wang Zhixuan, Wu Yuejing, Qiu Yuefeng

Outpatient Information:

Outpatient Hours: Monday morning

             Wednesday morning

Subject Experts:

Yu Enyan

Chief physician (External Expert)

Tao Ming

Chief physician (External Expert)

Wu Wanzhen

Associate chief physician