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Name:Traditional Chinese Medicine Department

Ward Address :Ward 11, Floor 2, Building 3

Outpatient Service Address :Traditional Chinese Medicine Department, Floor 2, Outpatient Building


Department Info:

The Traditional Chinese Medicine Department of Zhejiang Hospital is one of the first group departments when the hospital is established in 1954, and its successively presided by Yang Jisun, Sun Shiyuan, et al. It has laid a solid foundation in the diagnosis and treatment of internal medicine and gynecological diseases. The Xuezhiling and Fupu Anti-Influenza Granule invented by Doctor Wu Shiyuan are famous Chinese patent medicines widely used clinically in China. Meanwhile, the department has also accumulated rich clinical experience in carrying out the cream prescription tonic and traditional Chinese medicine health preservation.

The department has inherited the good tradition of medical ethics and medical skills for a long time, has employed the TCM theory of syndrome differentiation concept in treating various common diseases and frequently occurring diseases, and has made a great progress in prevention and treatment of geriatric diseases over the recent years. With anti-aging and body fat control as the core, the department conducts research on the etiology, mechanism, evaluation, detection, diagnosis and treatment of aging-related diseases such as sarcophosis and osteoporosis, as well as metabolism-related diseases.

The department belongs to the provincial key discipline of integrated Traditional Chinese and Western medicine, the construction unit of the key specialty of integrated Traditional Chinese and Western medicine in the 13th Five-Year Plan period of Zhejiang Province, and the key discipline of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine. Up to now, the department has undertaken and participated in more than 20 scientific research projects at or above the department level, 1 natural project in China, 3 provincial and ministerial level, and published dozens of medical papers in core journals.

    With the opening of Sandun Area, the department has set up a special outpatient department for common breast diseases, male diseases, rheumatic immune diseases, encephalopathy and pediatric diseases.

Service Tenet:

A great physician is both proficient in medical skills and noble ethics.




Outpatient Information:


Brief Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine Department Special Disease Outpatient

Outpatient Hours: Monday morning (Sandun Hospital), Tuesday morning (Lingyin Hospital)

Visiting Physician: Ma Yelin, attending TCM physician

Features of Diagnosis and Treatment: Based on the overall concept of traditional Chinese medicine and the thought of syndrome differentiation, flexible treatment and treatment of liver thinning and relieving depression, invigorating spleen and resolving phlegm, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, clearing heat and detoxification, regulating and refreshing, and removing the diagnosis and treatment of the following diseases:1. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of benign breast diseases such as breast hyperplasia disease and breast fibroma, improve the symptoms, improve the quality of life, and prevent malignant lesions; 2. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of mastitis, promote lactation and anti-inflammatory, safe and effective, and guarantee maternal and child health; 3. Traditional Chinese medicine combined with breast cancer surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, endocrine therapy, targeted therapy and other stages, and improve the curative effect, reduce the adverse reactions, improve the quality of life, and prolong the survival period; 4. Lifestyle guidance and intervention for patients with breast disease.


TCM Encephalopathy

Outpatient Hours: Wednesday morning (Sandun Hospital)

Visiting Physician: Teng Long, attending TCM physician

Diagnosis and treatment characteristics: guided by the holistic view of traditional Chinese medicine and the thought of syndrome differentiation, fully explore and study the traditional treatment experience and modern treatment methods, delay the disease progression and improve the patients life quality by means of individualized diagnosis and treatment plans, and cooperate with western medicine to play the role of increasing efficiency and reducing toxicity. Main diseases treated: tremor syndrome (Parkinson's disease), dementia, stroke, headache, forgetfulness, sleepless, vertigo, tinnitus, epilepsy, depression syndrome.


TCM Andrology 

Outpatient Hours: Tuesday morning (Lingyin Hospital), Thursday morning (Sandun Hospital)

Visiting Physician: Wang Tao, attending TCM physician

Diagnosis and Treatment Characteristics: although andrology diseases are mainly in the kidney, but not only in the kidney, under the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine "holistic view and treatment based on syndrome differentiation", the outpatient clinic comprehensively uses the diagnosis and treatment of regulating the liver, regulating the spleen and stomach, transportation heart and kidney, clearing heat and dampness, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis: 1. Inflammation and dysplasia: traditional Chinese medicine treatment of prostatitis, urethritis, epididymitis, seminal ocysitis, prostatic hyperplasia and other diseases; 2. Fertility and sexual dysfunction: TCM treatment of spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation, sexual dysfunction, infertility (less essence, weak essence) and other diseases; 3. Traditional Chinese medicine of hair loss, vaginal itching, eczema, consumptive disease and other miscellaneous diseases.


Subject Experts:

Yang Minchun

Chief Physician

Yang Weijia

Associate Chief Physician

Wu Zuojian

Associate Chief Physician

Ma Yelin

Associate Chief TCM Physician

Qian Lu

Associate Chief Physician

Zhu Shudong

Chief TCM Physician