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Outpatient Service Address :Floor 3,Outpatient Building,Lingyin;Clinic 1,Floor 4,Outpatient Building,Sandun

Phone:(0571)87987373-5045,5191,5258 ;(0571) 873775

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Overview of the Department

The Stomatology Department of Zhejiang Hospital is composed of three parts of the stomatology department of Lingyin Hospital, the Stomatology and Dental implant Center and the Stomatology Department of the Outpatient Building. The Stomatology Department at Lingyin Hospital is equipped with 10 sets of comprehensive oral cavity treatment chairs; the Stomatology and Dental Implanting Center at Sandun Hospital is equipped with 25 oral comprehensive treatment chairs, including 14 independent clinics, one comprehensive large clinic, and two outpatient operating rooms, a space for diagnosis and treatment with more than 1200 square meters; The Stomatology Department at the Outpatient Building is equipped with 2 comprehensive oral treatment chairs. Adhering to the concept of professional for trust and development through innovation, the Department adopts a modern and standardized management mode, with a highly educated, high-quality dental medical professional team, currently, there are 31 medical staff and 26 stomatologists, including 2 with doctor's degree, 17 with master's degree, and 5 with exchanges and studies at home and abroad. The department pays attention to the introduction of the latest diagnosis and treatment methods at home and abroad, and is committed to the diagnosis and treatment of oral common diseases, frequently-occurring diseases and difficult diseases, and can provide the best diagnosis and treatment plan and personalized services for each patient.

 The department is equipped with international top SIRONA C1 +, KAVO E80 and other advanced oral comprehensive treatment chairs, and equipped with digital dental implant operating room, Straumann and ANKYLOS dental implant system, EMS and SATELE painless periodontal treatment system, Fotona oral laser treatment instrument, Saiadent ultrasonic knife, hot tooth root filling system, Melag disinfection and sterilization system and other advanced equipment.

Department Features

The scopes of diagnosis and treatment mainly cover the diagnosis and treatment of various oral and maxillofacial diseases, such as caries, dental pulp lesions, periodontal disease, periapical disease, oral mucosal disease, uneven dentition, missing dentition, dentition defect, maxillofacial space infection, maxillofacial trauma and various tumors of the maxillofacial neck and other patients.

1. Diagnosis and treatment of periodontal diseases: The department has set up a professional periodontal disease treatment team to treat all kinds of periodontal diseases mainly manifested by bleeding gums, gingival swelling, gingival withdrawal, loose teeth and ozostomia, and by means of the refined specialist examination of periodontal disease, the personalized and systematic treatment is provided for every patient with periodontal disease, including the standard basic periodontal treatment, the surgical treatment, the multidisciplinary combination treatment of periodontal disease and the periodontal maintenance treatment. Conduct multi-disciplinary and comprehensive treatment for complex moderate to severe periodontitis, including periodontal pulp combination treatment, orthodontic treatment of periodontal disease, orthodontic treatment, implant and restoration of periodontitis patients, etc, highlight the long-term patient follow-up and health education to promote the regeneration of periodontal tissue and the maintenance of the long-term efficacy of periodontal therapy, so as to improve the preservation rate of affected teeth and improve the aesthetics and function of affected teeth.

2. Orthodontic treatmentThe Orthodontic consists of an excellent orthodontic team composed of young and mid-aged orthodontic specialists, with strong technical force and rich clinical experience, and using the most advanced international light force straight silk arch correction technology, invisible correction technology and other technologies, for many malocclusion patients to create a beautiful image. Conduct multi-disciplinary joint treatment, orthodontic and periodontal joint treatment and orthodontic restoration and implant joint treatment, so that teenagers and adults with complex malocclusion to achieve the best aesthetic and functional results.

3. Diagnosis and treatment of dental dental pulp disease: The diagnosis and treatment of dental pulp disease in the department introduces the latest concepts and technologies at home and abroad. The main scopes of diagnosis and treatment including minimally invasive and painless treatment of caries, root tip induction formation, active pulp cutting, dental pulp revascularization and other international advanced technologies; anterior tooth cosmetic restoration, the use of imported high-quality polymer composite resin material to repair, such as the anterior tooth gap closure, shape modification, etc.; The preservation and repair of severe dental defects and dental trauma can maximize the preservation of the affected teeth. Microscopic root tube technology, nickel-titanium file expansion and hot tooth gum filling technology, the root canal treatment technology is further improved, greatly improving the preservation rate of the affected teeth.

4. Oral repair treatment: The department is actively in line with the international standards, and insists on carrying out the research on new technologies and new projects. While introducing new materials and new technologies, it pays great attention to the development of clinical characteristic technologies. All-porcelain aesthetic restoration of the front teeth, using the zirconium oxide, cast porcelain, Ultimate excellent tough porcelain and other latest all-porcelain materials to provide the best aesthetic restoration scheme for patients.Minimally invasive cosmetic repair, clinical use of porcelain veneers, inlay and other technologies, with the minimum amount of molar, make the maximum retention of tooth tissue, while achieving good aesthetic effect. The comprehensive repair scheme of dentition loss, for patients with dentition loss, can be based on the alveolar crest absorption status, oral soft and hard tissue conditions, the coordination relationship between the upper and lower jaw teeth, patients economic status, etc, comprehensive formulation based on implant fixed denture repair, implant overdenture repair, or BPS complete denture repair solution.

5. Oral implant treatment: Our department has been extensively carried out all kinds of planting and bone increment technology for more than ten years. At present, in addition to conventional implant techniques such as anterior aesthetic implant, immediate implant technology, total edentulous implant technology, as well as GBR technology, maxillary sinus upgrade technology, digital implant technology has been fully carried out. And on this basis, the edentulous patients underwent immediate implant and immediate repair, such as All-on-four, All-on-six surgery, which meets the oral medical needs of patients at different levels of medical treatment, and brings the implant treatment work to a new level.

6. Diagnosis and treatment of oral and maxillofacial surgical diseasesOral and maxillofacial surgery has a strong professional and technical strength, The surgical clinic carries out minimally invasive tooth extraction under ultrasonic bone knife, various complex impacted tooth extraction under painless local anesthesia, the diagnosis and treatment of tooth-alveolar surgery including various kinds of alveolar process trimming, tether trimming, and oral and maxillofacial mass resection, TMJ disease, various facial benign and malignant maxillofacial tumors, diagnosis and treatment of oral and maxillofacial trauma and correction of dental and maxillofacial deformity, etc, featured in the rescue of complex oral and maxillofacial trauma with solid internal fixation technology.

Introduction to Experts

Xu Guochao, Director of Stomatology Department, and academic leader: Graduated from West China School of Stomatology, Sichuan University with a master's degree in periodontology, chief physician, and a visiting scholar to Charite Faculty of Medicine, Humboldt University, Germany. Director of Zhejiang Provincial Stomatological Association, Vice President of Zhejiang Medical Doctor Association, Vice Chairman of the Periodontology Branch of Zhejiang Stomatological Association, Zhejiang Province Cadre Health Care Committee Oral Health Care expert, and has been engaged in the health-care and treatment tasks for provincial-level and department-level leaders on a long-term basis. He has been engaged in oral clinical work for more than 30 years, specializing in anterior dental aesthetic implant and edentulous implant restoration from the periodontal perspective. He has accumulated rich clinical experience in the treatment of dental body, dental pulp, periapical diseases and oral repair, and has conducted in-depth research on the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal diseases.

Expert Outpatient Hours: Lingyin Hospital Thursday morning, Sandun Hospital Monday morning

Famous Doctor Outpatient Hours: Lingyin Hospital Tuesday morning


Xiang Lixin, Director of the Dental Implanting Center: Ph.D. in Dentiscience, Chief Physician. Director of Zhejiang Provincial Stomatological Association, Member of the Oral Internal Science Professional Committee of Zhejiang Stomatological Association, Member of the Professional Committee of Proprosthodontics and Member of the expert group of Zhejiang Oral Quality Control Center. He once studied at the Charite School of Medicine, Humboldt University, Germany for three years. He has been engaged in the department of stomatology for nearly 30 years, characterized by tooth preservation and painless treatment. He has rich experience in the diagnosis and treatment of various dental pulp diseases and periodontal diseases, and is unique in the treatment and repair of large-area tooth defects, the preservation and repair of residual crown roots, and the design and production of complex dentures.

Expert Outpatient Hours: Lingyin Hospital, Monday afternoon

Famous Doctor Outpatient Hours: Lingyin Hospital, Wednesday morning


 Zhang Jianxing, Deputy Director of Stomatology Department: Master of Oral Clinical Medicine, associate chief physician, Member of Zhejiang Provincial Orthodontics Professional Committee and Member of the International Association of Dental Specialists. Graduated from Xiangya Medical College of Central South University, and he once went to Headquarters of the McGull Muscle Function Research Centre, Australia and The Medical University of Vienna, Austria to learn the advanced oral clinical technologies. Presided over and mainly participated in the public welfare project of provincial Science and Technology Department, National Natural Science Foundation project and provincial Natural Science Foundation project, and he has published many professional papers on professional journals at home and abroad. Specialized at early correction, fixation and invisible correction of complex malocclusion; dentition defects, missing fixation and implant repair; with  rich clinical experience in immediate weight-bearing implant restoration in middle-aged and elderly patients with missing teeth.

Expert Outpatient Hours: Lingyin Hospital Monday morning

Sandun Hospital, Wednesday morning


Fang Dalong: associate chief physician. He has been engaged in oral business for more than 30 years, and is specialized in modern oral precision manufacturing and repair. Specialized in tooth increase, occlusal reconstruction, denture design, processing and production. He is earlier in conducting the dental implanting surgery and has accumulated a certain clinical experiences.

Expert Outpatient Hours: Lingyin Hospital Wednesday afternoon, Sandun Hospital Tuesday morning


Lai Heqing: Associate chief physician, master degree. He has been working for more than 20 yeares. Main diagnosis: Residual root and residual crown removal surgery, especially the minimally invasive removal of impacted teeth; planting surgery and its upper repair; Root canal treatment and the repair treatment of various kinds of dental defects; with rich clinical experiences in fixed dentures and mobile dentures; as for scientific research, he has published several works and papers in several journals, good at literature retrieval, scientific research and design, statistical analysis and paper writing.

Expert Outpatient Hours: Sandun Hospital Tuesday afternoon, Lingyin Hospital Wednesday morning


Tan Jiawei: Associate chief physician, He graduated from Peking University School of Stomatology in 2002 and later obtained a master's degree from Zhejiang University, he has been engaged in general frontline of oral clinical work including oral repair, oral dental pulp, oral periodontal, oral alveolar surgery and dental implant, etc for many years, with rich clinical work experiences. He presided over two provincial-level and department-level topics and has published many academic papers on journals at home and abroad.

Expert Outpatient Hours: Lingyin Hospital, Tuesday morning

Contact Details/Contact Tel: Lingyin Hospital 0571-87375045

Sandun Hospital 0571-87377541

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