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The Gynecology Department of Zhejiang Hospital consists of the major specialties including general gynecology, family planning, gynecological tumor, reproductive endocrine, gynecological pelvic floor, gynecological urology, traditional Chinese medicine gynecology, etc, with advanced medical treatment equipment purchased within the country, integrated with medical treatment and health-care, and provide professional, warm and humanized medical services for the ladies.

Currently, the Gynecology Department offers pelvic floor outpatient service, private outpatient clinic, menopause outpatient clinic, cervicovaginosis outpatient clinic, integrated Chinese and western medicine gynecological outpatient clinic and infertility outpatient service and other special disease outpatient service, and carries out pelvic floor rehabilitation treatment, private plastic surgery, menopausal hormone treatment, cervical cancer screening, colposcopy, cervical biopsy, cervical LEEP surgery, integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine treatment of pelvic inflammation, infertility outpatient treatment, as well as abortion, drug flow, discharge and ring and other small operations.

The Gynecology Ward carries out all kinds of gynecological benign and malignant diseases surgery; good at the comprehensive treatment of gynecological malignant tumors, female pelvic floor dysfunction diseases surgical treatment; extensively undertakes various uterine/laparoscopic minimally invasive surgical operations; and provides the optimal solutions against the individualized cases.


Characteristics of the Gynecology Department:

I Specialized in the comprehensive treatment of malignant tumors, and the treatment of gynecological malignant tumors that retain physiological and reproductive function; specialized in minimally invasive surgery for various common various gynecological malignancies, extensive cervical resection with uterine preservation, early ovarian cancer staging surgery with uterine and ovarian preservation, cervical conization for the cervical cancer precancerous lesions, highly efficient progesterone treatment for endometrial cancer and thus uterine preservation and other treatments for young cervical cancer patients, and tumor-reduction surgery for advanced ovarian cancer.


IIExtensive development of uterine laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery: carry out hysteroscopic mediastinal uterus, uterine submucosal fibroids, cesarean section diverticulum scar resection, incarcerated birth control ring removal and other difficult operations, carry out  Laparoscopic surgery for early cervical cancer, early ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, laparoscopic surgery for large or complex uterine fibroids, laparoscopic surgery for large ovarian cysts, extensive pelvic adhesion, uterine cesarean section scar pregnancy, endometriosis in special parts and other difficult operations.


IIIPelvic floor dysfunction diseases in women: for pelvic floor disorders such as uterine and vaginal prolapse and urinary incontinence, carry out lifestyle intervention, electrical stimulation, biological feedback, uterine pessary placement and other non-surgical treatment, and carry out intelligent temperature-control radiofrequency technology to treat female sexual dysfunction; for serious condition, carry out surgical treatment, such as conventional Yin total hysterectomy, vaginal wall repair, also advanced pelvic floor reconstruction, transpubis after vaginal urethra suspension, sacral spinous ligament fixation, high sacral ligament suspension, vaginal sacral fixation surgery, improve the treatment effect. For women with vaginal relaxation and dissatisfaction with sexual life, vaginal compression surgery is carried out to significantly improve the quality of sexual life.


IV Development of single-hole laparoscopic surgery: Single-hole laparoscopic surgery was carried out for benign ovarian tumors and ectopic pregnancy, bringing the concept of minimally invasive to the end.


V Provide optimal solutions for individualized: cases: provide adequate preoperative evaluations for different patients, and formulate pertinent individualized diagnosis and treatment plans, with comprehensive diagnosis and treatment technologies, with rich treatment experiences in common gynecological diseases such as uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, daughter endometriosis, cervical precancerous lesions, cervical polyps and cervical, ovarian and endometrial malignant tumors, etc, and with unique treatment solutions against the gynecological difficulties and miscellaneous diseases, proficient in laparoscopic surgery, hysteroscopic surgery, vaginal surgery and transabdominal surgery, at the same time, the minimally invasive concept is used to choose the diagnosis and treatment technology to provide standardized and individual medical services for patients. Good treatment results have been achieved, among which many technologies are at the leading level in China, and the proportion of the four types of operations accounts for 25% of the total operation.


VIOutpatient diagnosis and treatment specialized in perimenopausal intervention, diagnosis and treatment of complex vaginitis, pelvic inflammation, integrated Chinese and western medicine treatment, and specialized in comprehensive diagnosis and treatment and long-term follow-up of cervical lesions, the prevention, diagnosis and treatment and rehabilitation of female pelvic floor dysfunction diseases.


Academic Status

The medical treatment technologies of the Gynecology Department are changing rapidly, with a strong strength, and outstanding talents are actively employed over the recent years from Zhejiang Provincial Cancer Hospital, Zhejiang Provincial Peoples Hospital and Top Three hospitals from various places, meanwhile, staff are assigned for further study at home and abroad, many technologies have reached the advanced level in China, the specialties of the Gynecology Department including malignant tumors, minimally invasive techniques, pelvic floor reconstruction, and menopausal hormone therapy, which almost cover all gynecological diseases, and specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of gynecological difficulties and miscellaneous diseases. Currently, the Department has presided over many provincial-ministerial level tasks and with more than 10 SCI papers published, and the Department has undertaken and completed a number of clinical research projects. The Gynecology Department is the pelvic floor disease technology training center, the pelvic floor disease research center, and the pelvic floor disease diagnosis and treatment center, and has over 30 sets of domestic advanced pelvic floor electrophysiology precision diagnosis and treatment instruments, and trains more than 300 teachers and technical students of the pelvic floor project every year.




Outpatient Information:

Zhou Jinhong

Director of Gynecology Department at Zhejiang Hospital, the subject academic leader,Member of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Branch of Zhejiang Medical Association, Member of Gynecological Cancer Branch of Zhejiang Medical Association, Member of the Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Branch of China Maternal and Child Health Care Association, Executive Member of Branch of Reproductive Medicine, Integrated Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine, Chinese Sex Society, Vice Chairman of Zhejiang Provincial Maternal and Child Health Association Electrophysiological Appropriate Technology Special Committee, Member of the Reproductive Medicine Branch of Zhejiang Provincial Medical Association, Zhejiang province cadre health care expert, with rich clinical experience in various common gynecological diseases, especially good at the diagnosis and treatment of gynecological malignant tumors, uterine prolapse, urinary incontinence, perimenopausal endocrine, and proficient in laparoscopic, hysteroscopic, Yin type and other minimally invasive surgical treatment.

Expert Outpatient:

Wednesday morning (Lingyin Hospital)

Monday afternoon (Sandun Hospital)

Special Need Outpatient:

Monday morning (Sandun Hospital)

The whole day of Saturday, and twice per month (Sandun Hospital)


Cai Shuxiang 

Chief physician, Member of Gynecological Cancer Branch of Zhejiang Medical Association, Member of Zhejiang Perimenopausal Health Care Quality Control Center, specialized in gynecological endocrine diagnosis and treatment, the radical resection of various gynecological malignant tumors and general gynecology, gynecological palace laparoscopy and other minimally invasive surgery, and proficient in uterine prolapse, anterior and posterior vaginal wall prolapse and other pelvic floor repair surgery.

Expert Outpatient:

Tuesday and Thursday afternoon (Sandun Hospital)

Special Need Outpatient:

Tuesday and Thursday morning (Sandun Hospital)

The whole day of Saturday, twice per month (Sandun Hospital)


Wang Chunfeng

Associate chief physician, master degree, Youth Member of Gynecological Cancer Branch of Zhejiang Anti-Cancer Association, has been engaged in obstetrics and gynecology for more than 10 years, and has rich clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases, frequently-occurring diseases and difficult gynecological diseases, especially good at minimally invasive gynecological surgery——hysteroscopy, laparoscopic surgery, competent for cervical cancer / endometrium cancer / ovarian tumor, uterine fibroids / adenomyosis / endometriosis, cervical disease, uterine cavity disease, cesarean section scar diverticulum and pregnancy, infertility and other levels of surgery, with rich diagnosis and treatment experiences accumulated for menstrual disease, polycystic ovaries, chronic pelvic pain, dysmenorrhea, gynecological inflammation at various ages.

Expert Outpatient:

The whole day of Wednesday and Friday (Sandun Hospital)


Peng Guangcai

Associate chief physician, master degree, Youth Committee Member of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Branch of Zhejiang Medical Physician Association, Youth Member of Minimally Invasive Surgery Branch of Zhejiang Medical Physician Association, postgraduate tutor, with rich clinical work experiences, and proficient in various laparoscopic uterine and ovarian cyst surgery, hysteroscopic surgery, vaginal total hysterectomy and gynecological tumor surgery.

Vervicovaginopathy Outpatient:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon (Sandun Hospital)


Sun Yanfei

Chief physician, Member of Research Center for Pelvic Floor Disorders for Women at Zhejiang Provincial Institute of Mathematics and Physics. Has engaged in obstetrics and gynecology work for more than 10 years, I have rich experience in common diseases and difficult diseases in gynecology. Specialized in pelvic floor dysfunction disorders: rehabilitation treatment of postpartum pelvic floor muscle injury, urinary incontinence, pelvic pain, constipation and other diseases, and surgical treatment of pelvic floor disease.

Pelvic Floor Outpatient and Private Outpatient

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning (Sandun Hospital)

Menopause Outpatient

Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning (Sandun Hospital)


Chen Fan

Chief physician, master degree, Youth Member of the Professional Committee of the Reproductive Medicine Association of Zhejiang Medical Physician Association, learning from the famous veteran practitioner of TCM, He Jialin, the 4th Generation of direct descendants of Hes Gynecology, specialized in treating irregular menstruation, infertility, fallopian tube obstruction or water, pelvic inflammation, perimenopausal syndrome, dysmenorrhea, polycystic ovary syndrome, slippery fetus, collapse and other common gynecological common diseases, frequently occurring diseases by integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine. Specialized in uterine laparoscopy and other kinds of infertility minimally invasive surgery.

Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western medicine gynecology outpatient department and infertility outpatient service:

Tuesday and Thursday morning (Sandun Hospital)