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Name:Emergency Department

Ward Address :

Outpatient Service Address :First Floor of Outpatient Building


Department Info:

[Job Descriptions]

The emergency department is the window department of the hospital, serving as the rescue and treatment of acute and critical patients. All medical staff of the department are holding high level diplomas, and all of them have been working at the ICU and CCU for many years, with rich experiences in rescuing the patients, especially for the elderly patients, heart, cerebrovascular accident patients rescue is unique, with numerous successful cases. The dedication, pragmatic, rigorous and dedication to the work were highly praised by patients.

The department is equipped with PB ventilator 2, Philips two-way defibrillator 1, Shenzhen Mindray T8 multi-function monitor 4 sets and imported gastric lavage machine 1, and the hospital in the province first introduced magnetic resonance instrument, dual source CT, Philips digital subtraction X-line diagnostic system (DSA), Peak company spiral CT, double energy X-line system, HP company a full set of ICU, CCU monitoring equipment as a strong backing of the emergency department.


[Department Staffing]

Dai Haiwen, Lin Chen, Chen Xumin, Zhang Fengming, Luo Lixin, Xu Chao, Qi Xiaohua, Gong Qinmei, Feng Linfang, Huang Shaolin, Wu Yinan, Zhong Feng, Zhu Chunya, Xu Guifang, Hu Jielan