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Name:Radiology Department

Ward Address :

Outpatient Service Address :No.12 Lingyin Road, Hangzhou


Department Info:

[Academic Status]

Making full use of the advantages of dual-source CT machine, our department has reached the domestic advanced level in the screening and diagnosis level of coronary heart disease and the number of patients examined.

[Technical Advantages]

 Carry out the whole body imaging examination and interventional therapy: undergraduate room advanced equipment, the coronary heart lesions, congenital heart disease, aorta and various parts of the vascular lesions has more accurate diagnostic ability, in the nervous system, chest, abdominal lesions and prostate lesions diagnosis accuracy is higher, in breast tumor lesions have higher recognition ability, at the same time, it could carry out a number of interventional therapy, tumor chemotherapy and embolization therapy, embolization of digestive tract and respiratory tract bleeding, stent expansion of various cavity channels, and argon and helium knife cryotherapy of various tumors.

[Research Orientations]

CT: Cardiovascular diseases, including coronary arteries, systemic blood vessels, pediatric complex first heart, etc.Application of dual energy in various systems throughout the body.MR: Reasonable application of geriatric disease diagnosis and scanning technology.

[Job Descriptions]

Technical staff: 1 senior title, 6 associate senior title, 12 intermediate titles, comprehensive personnel echelon, which provides a strong guarantee for the development of scientific research and high and new technology.

Radiology department is fully equipped: the province's first in the province to realize the conventional X-ray camera digital (CR DR), the first in the province to introduce the nuclear magnetic resonance instrument (MRI) and updated to the latest 3.0T technology MR machine, the introduction of the world's most high-grade dual-source CT machine, in the heart vessels, coronary arteries and all parts of the body angiography unique; the introduction of fully digital molybdenum target breast machine, and accurate 3 D stereotactic biopsy and preoperative positioning; equipped with large-capacity digital gastrointestinal machine (DSI) and digital subtraction angiography machine (DSA), computer-aided (CAD) diagnosis system, and the images of all medical examination equipment in the department can realize network transmission, and the PACS system is first applied to achieve no film report in the province.
Scientific research and teaching: undertake four projects of Provincial Health Department and seven hospital-level projects; and receive the teaching and practice tasks of Provincial College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Taishan Medical College, Provincial Medical College and Wenzhou Medical College every year.

[Department Staffing]

Liu Tie, Zhang Jianjun, Ge Huanxiang, Miao Dewei, Zhang Guoliang, Tang Jianqiang, Qin Ling, Huang Xiaoxian, Qin Liying, Chen Fuqing, Wu Weifeng, Guan Wei, Mou Caiyun, Feng Yue, Jiang Yuqun, Zhai Lihao, Zhang Wenxu, Xu Fuhang, Cai Xiaofen, Ding Hui, Li Wei, Xu Xiaobin, Xu Qi, Yang Jiahu, Guo Dongmei, Mao Jianhua, Dong Yunfei, Chen Qing, Ye Chen 

Subject Experts:

Zhang Jianjun

Chief Physician

Chen Fuqing

Associate Chief Physician

Tang Jianqiang

Associate Chief Physician

Feng Yue

Chief Physician

Li Bo

Associate Chief Physician

Xu Xiaobin

Associate Chief Physician

Zhang Wenshu

Associate Chief Physician