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Name:Center for Ultrasound Medicine

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Outpatient Service Address :Third Floor, Outpatient Building,Lingyin Hospital;Second Floor,Outpatient Building,Sandun Hospital


Department Info:

The Center for Ultrasound Medicine of Zhejiang Hospital is a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment center integrating ultrasound diagnosis and minimally invasive interventional diagnosis and treatment. It includes ultrasound diagnosis, minimally invasive interventional surgery and minimally invasive ward management. It is a key discipline and specialty of our hospital and a standardized training base for resident doctors in Zhejiang Province. With clinical diagnosis and treatment as the main body, scientific research and teaching go hand in hand. At present, the Center has 26 international leading high-end ultrasound equipment, and carries out ultrasound examination projects covering all tissues and organs of the whole body. The Center has an independent ultrasound interventional operating room, which routinely carries out minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment operations such as thyroid, breast, liver, kidney, thoracic and abdominal cavity and superficial tissues, providing personalized diagnosis and treatment services for patients by following the principle of precision, minimally invasive, high efficiency and safety. Currently, there are 46 staff members at the Center, including 9 with senior professional titles. The Center adheres to clinical diagnosis and treatment as the main body, scientific research and teaching go hand in hand, undertakes a number of scientific research projects at the provincial and ministerial level and above, and provides internship and teaching units for a number of medical universities.

Special Diagnosis and Treatment Items

Minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment of ultrasound intervention has the characteristics of precision, minimally invasive, safety, fast postoperative recovery, good repeatability, and does not affect the beauty and so on. This technology has been widely carried out in the Center for Ultrasound Medicine.

1. Thyroid nodule ablation procedureThyroid function is retained, and the main indications include benign thyroid nodules and some thyroid tiny papillary cancer.

2. Breast nodule spinotomyKill two birds with one stone, puncture biopsy and mass resection simultaneously, minimally invasive resection of the lesion, basically no scars.

3. Minimally invasive sclerotherapy of liver and renal cystsNo operation, no scar, it can be completed under local anesthesia, the curative effect is significant, and the patients can move by themselves after surgery.

4. Minimally invasive treatment of uterine fibroids, adenomyosis, and ovarian cystsNo operation, no scars, to solve the woman's physiological period pain.


Subject Experts:

Ye Meng

Chief Physician

Hong Yongqiang

Chief Physician

Pu Zhibin

Chief Physician

Yang Jidong

Chief Physician

Huang Bin

Chief Physician

Cheng Yun

Chief Physician