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Name:Pharmacy department

Ward Address :

Outpatient Service Address :Second Floor, Outpatient Building


Department Info:

[Academic Status]

The Pharmacy Department is responsible for the supply of drugs, dispensing and clinical drug service work, combined with clinical development of clinical pharmacy, adverse drug reaction monitoring, drug consultation, drug safety knowledge propaganda and scientific research work, in the twelfth five-year project "geriatric drug clinical evaluation research technology platform" in the construction of drug metabolism dynamics, focus on the PK/PD elderly group research.


[Technical Advantages]
 Currently, there are 46 pharmacists at the Department, including 5 chief pharmacists, 4 associate chief pharmacists, 2 doctor degrees and 9 master degrees, and professional pharmacy talents with rich practical experiences. The information management of non-standard drug warning and prescription comment has been realized; clinical pharmacists regularly participate in clinic and participate in multidisciplinary outpatient clinics and Sino-American diabetes clinics; the single dose fully automatic sub-packaging of oral medicine for the hospitalized patients has been realized; With high efficiency liquid phase, API4000 + triple four level rod tandem mass spectrometer instrument, carried out the "annexin-1 vascular endothelial cell protection and antivascular endothelial aging mechanism research" (natural science fund of Zhejiang province), "OATP1B1 gene polymorphism on resuvastatin lipid-lowering effect" (Zhejiang province medical health science and technology project) and other clinical subject research; actively carried out QCC (quality management circle) activities, used various forms (medical websites, newspapers, radio stations, etc.) to publicize the knowledge of safe drug use, carried out pharmaceutical care in the community from time to time, paid attention to the quality supervision and management of drugs, ensure the safety of patient drug use, and promoted the continuous improvement of pharmaceutical service quality. Over recent years, this Department has won the Pharmaceutical Administration Award, Prescription Management Excellence Award and Excellence Award for anesthesia and psychotropic drug Administration issued by Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Quality Control Center.


[Research Orientations]

Over the recent years, this Department has actively explored the "patient-centered" pharmaceutical service mode and introduced the concept of "PDCA" comprehensive quality management, standardized drug information management, established and improved pharmaceutical management rules and regulations, strengthened the training of basic knowledge and basic skills of young pharmacists, and constantly improved the quality management level of the department.


[Job Descriptions]

The Pharmacy Department consists of outpatient Chinese and western pharmacy, ward pharmacy, Chinese and Western drug database, clinical pharmacy room and other departments, all of which implement electronic prescription and drug information computer network management. The Outpatient Pharmacy implements window service, fully implement the purpose of patient-centered pharmaceutical service, carefully review prescriptions and formulas, guide patients to use correct medication; ward pharmacy implements automatic dispensing of oral medicine single dose, and deliver drugs to inpatients through pharmacists, nurses and nurses; Clinical pharmacy work provides multiple clinical therapeutic drug concentration monitoring, adverse drug reaction monitoring, regular preparation of drug information and drug manual, provides in-depth clinical rational drug use information and pharmaceutical technical support, and strive to improve the level of rational drug use.

Major Staff Members of the Department:

Chen Guogeng, Shen Tu, Lin Hui, Song Qing, Chang Huichao, Ye He, Jin Jin, Hong Qian, Liu Wei, Chen Lingling, Wang Yuena, Pan Zhichao, Chen Liang, Chen Rong, Sun Qing, Cheng Minyu, Liang Jing, Zhang Chunquan, Wang Junyan, Wang Liqing, Du Liping, Han Qi, Lian Hong, Li Li, Zhu Fengjia, Xiao Changqian, Jia Anqi, Zhang Meihua, Xiang Yingchun, Mao Limin, Shen Qi, He Wenjie, Ma Xiaochun, Tang Yawei, Chen Yehuan, Wan Xiaoqing, Gong Yangcong, Wang Qian, Yang Zhenhui, Ma Minmin, Wu Yunyan, Zhou Zhijin, Fang Hegui, Zhou Yufang, Gu Yajun, Zhu Gewei, Shen Jieqiong


Subject Experts:

Wang Xiaoqing

Chief Physician