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Outpatient Service Address :First Floor, Outpatient Building


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In 1981, due to work needs, Zhejiang Hospital began to set up an independent pathology department. At the beginning of the department founding, there was 1 physician and 1 technician. At present, there are 16 employees, including 6 doctors, and 10 technical and auxiliary personnel. Among them, there are 2 senior professional titles, 6 intermediate professional titles and 7 junior personnel, including 8 with masters degree. In August 2018, the department of pathology, covers an area of about 1000 square meters, with pathological specimen mail room, reception inquiry room, pathology material room, tissue processing room, slice technology room, staining room, immunohistochemistry room, pathological diagnosis room, molecular pathology room, cell pathology room, pathology archives management room, etc.Equipped with professional material platform, special specimen storage cabinet, microphotography equipment and imported automatic scanner, frozen slicing machine, automatic tissue dehydrator, automatic dyeing sealing machine, immunohistochemical dyeing machine, multi-person microscope and other advanced instruments and equipment. Ensure the quality of pathological technology production, and improve the reliability and stability

 With the opening of Sandun Hospital, the continuous improvement of the overall level of the hospital and the increasing number of clinical demand, the number of pathological external examination specimens is growing rapidly, and the work level of the pathology department is also being further improved; The department has formulated a perfect management system and pathological quality management plan, established and constantly improved various quality control plans, promoted the continuous improvement and improvement of quality management, participated in domestic and provincial pathology room quality control activities, and achieved good quality control results of various testing indicators. The clinical pathological diagnosis is connected with the international system, so as to timely update the knowledge system and to classify and grade according to the new version Disease Classification Criteria from WHO.

   Peng Fang, Director/Academic leader of the Pathology Department, chief physician, master degree, a visiting scholar of the Department of Pathology at Duke University and of the Clinical Pathology Laboratory at Southwestern Medical Center, USA. been engaged in clinical pathological diagnosis for more than 20 years, and she has accumulated profound experience in long-term practical work. He is good at surgical pathology diagnosis, especially the pathological diagnosis of lung cancer, oesophageal cancer, gastric cancer, gastric cancer, intestinal cancer, thyroid cancer, breast cancer and other tumors, and the molecular pathological detection related to tumor targeted therapy.

Academic positions: Vice Chairman of Pathology Youth Committee of Zhejiang Medical Association, Vice Chairman of Youth Committee of Cancer Pathology Committee of Zhejiang Anti-Cancer Association, member of Ultra and Molecular Pathology Committee of Chinese Research Hospital Association.

She has undertaken more than 10 national, provincial and ministerial-level and bureau-level projects, including 3 provincial department-level scientific research projects, and won the third prize of Zhejiang Medical and Health Natural Science Award. In the past three years, he has published a number of core journals at home and abroad, including 6 papers in English (SCI journal).