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Name:AEEG Department

Ward Address :

Outpatient Service Address :Third Floor of Outpatient Building


Department Info:

[Academic Status]

The AEEG Department belongs to the Department of Neurology and is one of the main auxiliary examination departments in the Department of Neurology.

[Technical Advantages]

The AEEG Department is currently equipped with two instruments: portable conventional EEG meter and dynamic EEG meter. The portable EEG monitor can be monitored to the bedside to facilitate the EEG monitoring of hospitalized patients with difficulty in activity.

[Research Orientations]

Study the EEG monitoring of patients with consciousness disorders, to understand their brain function, and to evaluate their clinical prognosis

[Job Descriptions]

It has been more than ten years since Zhejiang Hospital first introduced the UK OXFORD dynamic AEEG instrument in 1993. Through the examination of thousands of patients, the effect is obvious. The Dynamic EEG examination is a great advance based on ordinary EEG examination.During the ordinary EEG examination, patients must be in a resting state, and the monitoring time is short, so it is difficult to capture some diseases, while the dynamic EEG examination can be continuously monitored for 24 hours, and the patient can move freely during the examination. It could improve the positive rate of epilepsy diagnosis, and for the diagnosis and differentiation of unexplained syncope, and for the diagnosis and treatment of headache, dizziness, cerebrovascular diseases, sleep disorders.

The portable EEG plays an important role in the diagnosis and treatment of cerebrovascular diseases, encephalopathy and dementia caused by various causes, and the monitoring and prognosis of brain function evaluation of epilepsy, central nervous system inflammation and impairment of consciousness.