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Name:Nutriology Department

Ward Address :

Outpatient Service Address :Zhejiang Hospital, No.12 Lingyin Road, Hangzhou

Phone:(0571) 81595133

Department Info:

[Academic Status]
    The clinical nutrition department has close contact with famous nutrition experts at home and abroad, and constantly introduces the latest clinical nutrition treatment research results and practical experience. The department has undertaken many national-level and department-level projects, has held many national continuing education trainings, has invited famous domestic scholars, doctors and community service providers to be involved, and has also provided learning opportunities for grassroots doctors and a platform for experts and professors engaged in this field to communicate with each other, and has a great influence in both the provincial and domestic nutrition circles.

[Research Orientation]
    The research orientations of the Department involving many fields, such as: inenteral and parenteral nutrition support for elderly patients with special diseases; nutritional screening and diagnosis for hospitalized patients; effective nutritional management and guidance for patients for disease treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of complications; cooperate with community hospitals to conduct nutritional interventions on special groups.

[Job Descriptions]

The Clinical Nutriology Department was established in October 2010, formerly the Nutrition Clinic established at the beginning of the hospital founding. It is mainly responsible for the diet management of inpatients, nutrition and health education for patients in and out of the hospital, and has gradually carried out and improved nutrition screening and parenteral nutrition treatment for patients with special diseases.Responsible for nutrition outpatient department, nutrition consultation, geriatric disease multidisciplinary team outpatient clinic, scientific research experiments, student teaching and community medical workers training and other work.

[Department Staffing]
Zheng Peifen, Chen Jiewen, Zhang Xiaoyan, Gao Wei, Si Caijuan, Yu Xiaolong, Liao Dan, Shu Long, Zhang Lun

Subject Experts:

Zhang Xiaoyan

Associate Chief Physician