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Name:Hemopurification Center

Ward Address :

Outpatient Service Address :First Floor, Building 3, Zhejiang Hospital, No.12 Lingyin Road, Hangzhou City


Department Info:

Brief Introduction to the Department:

[Academic Status]

The head of the department is a member of the Artificial Kidney Professional Committee of Zhejiang Biomedical Engineering Society and a member of the Zhejiang Branch of China Dialysis Transplantation Association.Participated in many study and exchange at home and abroad. Its not a key discipline at the hospital.

[Technical Advantages]

This Department is equipped with 3 continuous renal replacement therapy machines and 9 various types of hemodialysis therapy machines.

[Research Orientations]

The Basic experimental research of diabetic nephropathy and the clinical research of continuous renal replacement therapy

[Job Descriptions]

The Department of Nephrology was established in 1989, and now has 12 medical staff, including 2 associate chief physicians, 1 attending physician and 1 resident physician.Carry out the common diagnosis and treatment items of nephrology stipulated in the standard of Grade Triple A hospital:

Hemodialysis, hemofiltration, continuous renal replacement therapy, blood perfusion, plasmapheresis, peritoneal dialysis, percutaneous renal puncture biopsy, short-term and long-term hemodialysis catheter retention, autologous arteriovenous fistula establishment, and artificial vascular arteriovenous fistula establishment. And conducting the basic experimental study of diabetic nephropathy.