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Name:Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Centre

Ward Address :First Floor, Building 3, Lingyin Hospital

Outpatient Service Address :Clinic 5, Building 4, Outpatient Building, Sandun Hospital


Department Info:

[Academic Status]

Zhejiang Hospital has carried out the practice of cardiac rehabilitation in 1999, and is one of the earliest medical units specializing in the clinical work of cardiac rehabilitation in China. The Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Center gathers experts from cardiologists, rehabilitation therapists, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation specialist nurses, psychologists, nutritionists, pharmacists, traditional Chinese medicine doctors and other disciplines to form the MDT team. Under the joint efforts of the team members, in 2014 we became the first domestic national cardiac rehabilitation training base, in 2017 was awarded the Chinese rehabilitation medical association promote cardiac rehabilitation work outstanding contribution unit, excellent cardiac rehabilitation training base", cardiac rehabilitation center quality control certification unit three honors. In 2021, it was awarded the CDQI Cardiac Rehabilitation Demonstration Center awarded by the Ministry of Health, Cardiovascular Special Committee of Chinese Medical Association and Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Special Committee of Chinese Rehabilitation Medical Association. In the same year, it won the honors of cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Nursing Training Base and Popular Science Popularization Demonstration Base of Chinese Rehabilitation Medical Association. Thousands of medical workers from all over the country were trained for cardiac rehabilitation.

[Technical Advantages]

Our team: We have established a Golden Triangle team composed of cardiologists, rehabilitation therapists and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation nurses, and also equipped with psychologists, nutritionists and pharmacists, forming a multidisciplinary team (MDT) of more than 30 people. There are 3 chief physicians, 2 associate chief physicians, 3 attending physicians and 3 residents; 1 rehabilitation chief technician, 2 rehabilitation chief technicians, and many rehabilitation technicians; more than 10 nurses; There are also psychiatrists, nutritionists, pharmacists, and so on.

The team is aiming at finding out the key points, standardized, optimized diagnosis and treatment plan and individualized rehabilitation plan, optimizing drug prescription, exercising prescription, psychological prescription, nutrition prescription, intervention cardiovascular risk factors, individualized, phased diagnosis and treatment-rehabilitation program, improving the quality of life of patients with cardiovascular disease, reducing clinical symptoms, reduce the risk of hospitalization and reducing morbidity and mortality through scientific clinical assessment and cardiopulmonary function of noninvasive function assessment.

[Research Orientations]

It is committed to promoting the quality control and standardization process of cardiac rehabilitation, promoting the implementation of community cardiac rehabilitation and rehabilitation, and the application of Internet medical treatment in cardiac rehabilitation management. Cultivate medical personnel for cardiac rehabilitation.Carry out the corresponding clinical, scientific research, teaching and public welfare work of cardiac rehabilitation.  

[Job Descriptions]

It has established a series of relatively mature programs / processes integrating the integrated diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment, and rehabilitation, and truly realized the "one-stop service" for cardiovascular disease. We conduct early bedside cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, critical rehabilitation, outpatient rehabilitation; cardiopulmonary rehabilitation diseases including: rehabilitation after acute myocardial infarction, stability of angina pectoris, interventional postoperative surgery and postoperative rehabilitation, heart failure, cardiomyopathy, arrhythmia, hypertension, valve disease perioperative and postoperative rehabilitation, coronary artery bypass perioperative surgery and postoperative rehabilitation, lung sdisease perioperative and postoperative rehabilitation, chronic obstructive pulmonary rehabilitation, etc. In addition to the conventional cardiovascular disease diagnosis and treatment technology, also have cardiopulmonary function assessment (vascular sclerosis assessment, 6 minutes walking test, exercise tablet test, cardiopulmonary exercise test, the exercise test), nerve-bone function assessment, mental fitness assessment, nutrition assessment, comprehensive cardiovascular risk factors management (blood pressure management, blood lipid management, blood glucose management, weight management, sleep management, etc.,), extracorporeal combat therapy, monitoring individualized exercise rehabilitation exercise, health education and Chinese and western cardiac rehabilitation, etc.