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Name:Lung Cancer Clinical Treatment Center

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[Academic Status]

Enjoying a very high reputation within the province

[Technical Advantages]

Comprehensive surgical chemotherapy, radiotherapy, rehabilitation and other experts in one, so that lung cancer patients get the best rationalization of comprehensive treatment.

[Research Orientation]

Basic and clinical research of lung cancer

[Job Descriptions]

The center, founded on April 7,2001, is the earliest single-disease tumor research and treatment center in China.Center of thoracic surgery, oncology, respiratory medicine, geriatric medicine, radiation interventional therapy, TCM, rehabilitation and pathology, radiotherapy outreach province cancer hospital, committed to carry out advanced and effective, give priority to with the standardization of lung cancer comprehensive diagnosis and treatment measures, in order to avoid interdisciplinary treatment bias and weak, play to the advantages of multidisciplinary comprehensive treatment, to deal with every lung cancer patients.

The Center is relying on advanced medical inspection equipment, including 64 row double spiral CT, 3.0MRI, DSA, hd thoracoscopy and mediastinum, etc., to carry out the accurate stage and treatment evaluation of each lung cancer patients, 2 times a week consultation and monthly case discussion system, to ensure that each patient get individual, optimal treatment effect and quality of life package, make each patient get the optimal treatment plan and treatment evaluation measures. For early and middle term lung cancer, the operation should improve the 5-year survival rate.Difficult lung cancer operations such as systemic mediastinal lymphatic dissection, double-sleeve resection of tumor, rhinoplasty, upper sulsuloma resection, and upper vena cava resection and artificial vascular replacement of lung cancer. Relying on the advantages of geriatric treatment in our hospital, we actively carry out the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer in the elderly and the elderly, and have accumulated rich clinical experience in the surgery, perioperative treatment and chemotherapy of elderly patients. The maximum age of lung cancer lobe resection is 88, striving to create new ideas and good prospects for the treatment of lung cancer in the elderly.

The Center is composed of more than 20 experts with deputy senior title or above in the hospital, and has also invited more than 10 domestic and provincial well-known experts to participate in the work of the center, and all of them have considerable academic level and influence in the field of lung cancer and cancer research, diagnosis and treatment.