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    [Academic Status

Since the construction of the key discipline of geriatrics began in 1997, the supporting unit of the center took the lead in carrying out the clinical prevention and research of osteoporosis in our province, and the clinical diagnosis and treatment technology of osteoporosis is leading in the province and the advanced level in China. In 2004, the key specialty of osteoporosis with integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine was officially awarded by the Zhejiang Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In 2009, the Zhejiang Hospital Osteoporosis Diagnosis and Treatment Center was established together with the osteoporosis diagnosis and treatment technology force of Zhejiang Geriatrics Research Institute, orthopedics department, endocrinology department, gynecology department and Traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture and moxibustion department and in 2012 the Center has become the"Osteoporosis Diagnosis and Quality Control Test Base" of the National Health and Family Planning Commission of China.
    In the field of osteoporosis research, the center has cultivated and created a number of experts and scholars with rich clinical experience, presided over or participated in a number of national and provincial major scientific research projects related to osteoporosis epidemiology, clinical and basic research. The research achievements have been awarded with provincial and department-level scientific research achievements for many times. The center has successfully held three national and provincial continuing medical education learning classes, and provided training and guidance on the clinical diagnosis and treatment technology of osteoporosis to the professional and technical personnel with intermediate or above professional titles inside and outside the province.
    Jin Xiaoqing, director of the center, chief physician, doctor degree, adjunct professor, master tutor, is the young and middle-aged clinical name of traditional Chinese medicine in Zhejiang Province. He is currently the vice president of Zhejiang Acupuncture Association, the standing director of Zhejiang Rehabilitation Medical Association, and the academic leader of osteoporosis key specialty of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Zhejiang Province. Since 1998, he has carried out clinical and basic research on osteoporosis prevention and treatment. Since 2001, he has been the head of the key specialty of osteoporosis of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Zhejiang Province. He has rich experience in the prevention and treatment of comprehensive osteoporosis with integrated Chinese and Western medicine. He has presided over 5 scientific research projects including the provincial major science and technology projects, completed 3, osteoporosis related scientific research achievements won 1 Zhejiang Science and Technology Award, 1 Zhejiang TCM Science and Technology Innovation Award; and undertook 1 national and provincial continuing medical education project. 
    Consultant of the Center, Xie Haibao, chief physician, deputy director of Zhejiang Institute of Geriatrics.The current Chinese medical association of osteoporosis and bone mineral salt disease branch expert committee, Chinese geriatrics society medical committee, director of China geriatric care research association, Zhejiang medical osteoporosis and bone mineral salt disease branch consultant, Zhejiang province food and drug administration new drug review committee, cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment magazine deputy editor-in-chief, the journal of Chinese osteoporosis and bone mineral salt disease, Chinese osteoporosis, practical geriatric medicine and other journals, the Chinese medical association geriatric medicine branch epidemiological group Member, vice chairman of the Geriatric Branch of Zhejiang Medical Association.He has been engaged in the clinical and scientific research work of cardiovascular medicine and geriatrics for 50 years, and has rich experience in clinical diagnosis and treatment and deep research on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and geriatric diseases. He has translated and participated in the compilation of books such as Rehabilitation Medicine, Practical geriatrics, Coronary Heart Disease, Abnormal blood lipid metabolism, Prevention and Health care of Common Geriatric Diseases, Common Community Health Problems, Chronic Disease Prevention and Health care, Key Population Health care, and published more than 80 papers. He has won the 10 third prize of National Science and Technology Progress, the second and third prize of Science and Technology Progress of Zhejiang Province, and the second and third prize of medical and health science and technology innovation of Zhejiang Province. Since 1992 he has enjoyed the State Council special allowance.
    Consultant of the Center, Zhou Yuhe, chief physician, the current council director of the Chinese medical association, vice President of hospital management association, Zhejiang medical association, Zhejiang physician association, "life and health" newspaper, director of the expert steering committee, Zhejiang medical osteoporosis and bone mineral salt disease branch, vice director of the provincial physician association of obstetrics and gynecology, vice President of branch, etc.Engaged in obstetrics and gynecology clinical medicine, teaching, scientific research work for more than 40 years.With a solid professional theoretical basic knowledge and skilled surgical operation skills. Good at the diagnosis and treatment of difficult diseases in obstetrics and gynecology.In particular, he has rich experience in clinical diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases, menopausal diseases and postmenopausal osteoporosis.He has published more than 30 papers in professional journals above the provincial level. 
    Wu Tianfeng, deputy director of the center, chief physician, master, director of the Department of Endocrinology of Zhejiang Hospital, is currently a member of the Endocrinology Branch of Zhejiang Medical Association, and a standing member of the Osteoporosis and Bone Mineral Salt Branch of Zhejiang Medical Association. In 2006, he went to the State University of New York and attended the State School of Medicine for further study.Engaged in endocrine clinical work for more than 10 years.He has rich clinical experience in endocrine and metabolic diseases, especially good at the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes and thyroid diseases, and also has a deep research on obesity and osteoporosis. He has published many papers. 
    Deputy Director of the Center, Deputy chief physician, engaged in the clinical and scientific research work of cardiovascular disease and geriatrics in the cardiovascular disease room and the veteran cadre ward for a long time, and has accumulated rich clinical experience. He started working at Zhejiang Province Geriatric Medicine Research Institute of the hospital since, and engaged in clinical outpatient service and research work, he has rich clinical experience and research on elderly cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, arrhythmia, cardiac dysfunction, blood lipid and metabolic disorders and other systemic diseases such as osteoporosis, diabetes and neurological diseases, especially senile dementia.Participated in a number of provincial department-level scientific research, and published many papers. 
    Yao Hui, deputy chief physician, director of Traditional Chinese Medicine Department, Zhejiang Hospital. He has been engaged in the prevention and treatment of digestive system diseases and osteoporosis by traditional Chinese medicine for a long time, and has published many papers. Currently, he has undertaken a number of scientific research projects above the department, and presided over 1 provincial natural science fund project.
    Ru Xuanliang, chief physician, master, director of Bone 1 Department of Zhejiang Hospital, adjunct professor of Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.Member of Zhejiang Society of Orthopedics, director of Zhejiang Rehabilitation Society. Engaged in orthopedic clinical practice, teaching, scientific research work for more than 20 years.In 2002, he studied spine surgery at Syracuse School of Medicine of New York University. After returning, he took the lead in developing vertebral kyphoplasty to treat elderly osteoporotic vertebral fractures in our province. He focuses on spinal surgery, especially in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of lumbar disc herniation, cervical spondylosis and other diseases, accumulated rich clinical experience, has certain research on the surgical treatment of degenerative diseases of elderly bone and joints and elderly osteoporotic fracture, and related achievements won the Provincial Medical and Health Science and Technology Innovation Award. He was once invited to the United States, Germany, Thailand, Russia and other foreign countries for academic exchange, and he has published more than 20 papers, and has participated in 3 works.
   Hao Yi, chief physician, grade 2 and tertiary doctor, director of the Department of orthopedics of Zhejiang Hospital, is currently a member of the Chinese Medical Association and Zhejiang Osteoporosis and Bone Mineral Salt Branch.He studied in Japan and studied the department of orthopedics at the Ohio State College of Medicine. Good at treating neck, shoulder, waist and leg pains, elderly osteoporosis, elderly hip and knee swelling and pain, bone and joint tuberculosis, purulent osteomyelitis, severe fractures of the spine, pelvis, and limbs. He has rich clinical experience in minimally invasive treatment of lumbar surgery (balloon expansion and vertebral kyphoplasty) for elderly thoracic and lumbar fractures, total hip and artificial total knee replacement surgery, and complex lumbar spinal stenosis, lumbar slippage and lumbar disc herniation in cervical spondylosis. The development of "four-joint pressure fusion device" won the third prize of the first health technology achievements in Xinjiang.He has published more than ten papers in national professional journals. He was commended by the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee of the Ministry of Education.

    [Technical Advantages

   Its equipped with GE company Lunar double energy X-ray bone density instrument, Siemens spiral CT, quantitative bone ultrasound instrument and bone metabolism biochemical detection technology, osteoporosis gene detection technology, etcand based on the Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory of Geriatric Medicine, a bone metabolism laboratory was established. 

    [Research Orientation
   Prevention and comprehensive treatment of primary osteoporosis (postmenopausal osteoporosis, senile osteoporosis), secondary osteoporosis, osteoporotic fracture, etc.

     [Job Descriptions
    Together with the technical strength of osteoporosis diagnosis and treatment of Zhejiang Institute of Gerontology, orthopedics, endocrinology, gynecology and TCM acupuncture department, we will give full play to the technical advantages of multidisciplinary comprehensive diagnosis and treatment to carry out effective and standardized comprehensive treatment of osteoporosis for outpatient and inpatient patients.Publicize the knowledge of osteoporosis to the surrounding community population, do a good job in prevention and treatment, and improve and improve the quality of life of the majority of osteoporosis patients.Establish detailed medical records and follow-up files for the patients treated in our center, and organize patient associations from time to time to publicize the knowledge of osteoporosis knowledge.