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Name:Intensive Care Unit(ICU)

Ward Address :Lingyin Area:Floor 2 & 3,Building 2;Sandun Area:West Part of Floor 3

Outpatient Service Address :

Phone:(0571) 87987373-5083

Department Info:

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is established in 1988, and it is one of the earliest comprehensive ICU established in China, and now its the first batch of national key clinical specialties; the national critical care medicine special training base; the National Clinical Pharmacological Base-Critical Care Medicine; an affiliated unit of Zhejiang Province ICU Quality Center; a key discipline of Zhejiang Province; a key innovation team of Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Department; a key medical innovation discipline of Zhejiang Province-Sepsis; Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory of Geriatrics Backbone Specialty; Zhejiang Province Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Severe Infection Key Specialty; Zhejiang Province Adult ICU Specialized Nurse Training Base; Clinical Training Center for Mechanical Ventilation; Hemodynamic Clinical Training Center; National Youth Civilization Unit; National Women Civilized Post Award Unit. The department is well-equipped with the latest medical equipment, the best medical technology and the best care, is responsible for the rescue of severe patients in the whole hospital, and provides 24-hour uninterrupted intensive monitoring and intensive treatment for severe patients.

Academic leader of the department: Chief Physician, Yan Jing, professor, Ph.D. supervisor, Party Secretary of Zhejiang Hospital, National Advanced Worker, The National Excellent Hospital President, leading talent of critical care medicine in Zhejiang Province, Deputy Director of the ICU Examination Expert Committee of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, Vice Chairman of the Critical Care Medicine Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, Chairman of the Critical Care Medicine Branch of Zhejiang Provincial Medical Association, Director of Zhejiang Province ICU Quality Control Center, Vice Chairman of Critical Emergency Cooperation Group in East China, the secondary tier training object talent of Zhejiang Province New Century 151 Talent Program, and young and mid-aged experts in Zhejiang Province with outstanding contributions.

Currently there are 41 fixed beds at the ICU in Sandun Area, equipped with advanced instruments and facilities, including the central monitoring system and 41 sets of supporting bedside monitors, In addition to the standard functional modules, picco, EEG, and NMT are also configured, each bed is equipped with invasive ventilator, infusion management system and enteral nutrition pump, equipped with electrocardiogram machine, defibrillator, blood gas analyzer, blood perfusion machine, ECMO, vibration sputum discharge detector, blood glucose meter and other advanced medical instruments, proficient in hemodynamic monitoring, percutaneous tracheotomy, fiberoptic bronchoscopy treatment, bedside CRRT treatment, artificial liver, bedside ultrasound, ECMO and other new technologies, and meet the various needs of the patients in the treatment process. The department is mainly engaged in the rescue, observation, treatment and nursing of critically ill patients in the whole hospital, including the cardiovascular system such as acute myocardial infarction, acute left heart failure, severe arrhythmia, and various shocks; respiratory system such as acute respiratory failure, ARDS, nervous system such as large area of cerebral infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral trauma; obstetrics and gynecology diseases such as amniotic fluid embolism, postpartum hemorrhage, etc; various severe trauma and various emergency conditions after major surgery, severe infectious diseases, and multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS), with distinctive features in life support technology and nursing for critically ill patients such as elderly failure of multiple organs, normalized treatment of septic shock, early warning of sepsis, hemodynamic monitoring, mechanical ventilation, noninvasive ventilation, nutritional therapy, and bedside blood purification, etc, and with rich clinical experiences in rescue of various elderly and severe patients. Statistics in recent years show that the rescue treatment success rate is more than 90%.




Subject Experts:

Yan Jing

Chief Physician

Yu Yihua

Chief Physician

Gong Shijin

Chief Physician