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  [Department Name] Hypertension Center

    [Director of Center] Yu Wei

    [Number of Beds]  34 

    [Contact Tel] 057187987373-51725200 

    [Department LocationFirst Floor, Building 3

    [Academic Status

    The “Hypertension Center” of Zhejiang Hospital integrates the exquisite technology of Zhejiang Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular Disease Prevention and Treatment Center, Zhejiang Hospital Heart Center and cardiac Rehabilitation Department, and relying on the strong support of hypertension Center of Beijing Fuwai Hospital, it is committed to providing professional, convenient, efficient and accurate one-stop hypertension diagnosis and treatment services for the majority of hypertension patients. In the field of hypertension prevention, treatment and management technology, it is leading in China, especially the standardized management of hypertension and community comprehensive intervention management technology are leading the country, and has accumulated a lot of rich clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment and rehabilitation of cardiovascular diseases.

    [Core Team of the Hypertension Center]
   There are more than 20 senior titles experts specialized in cardiology, cardiac rehabilitation, endocrinology, respiratory, nephrology, brain center, psychiatric, rheumatism, obstetrics, gynecology, urology and so on, and they have been engaged in clinical work of cardiovascular diseases for a long time, with rich experiences accumulated in hypertension and hypertension related disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment, rehabilitation, etc.

  Director of the Center: Yu Wei
   Ward Director: Wang Bozhong
  Expert Team: Tang Lijiang, Wan Shu, Chen Xinyu, Cai Guolong, Ren Min, Xi Shijin, Li Yaguo, Tang Tingyu, Wu Tianfeng, Chen Jianguo, Li Meng, Ye Meng, Zhang Jianjun, Wu Wanzhen, Yuan Fang, Zhou Jinhong, Yu Jiandi, Xu Xiaoling, et al.
  Guiding Experts: Liu Lisheng, Zhao Lianyou, Wang Jiguang, Jiang Xiongjing, Yan Jing

    [Technical Advantages

Hypertension is frequently-occurring, common disease, the diagnosis and treatment of hypertension is a very complex problem, involving medical fields, our "hypertension center" comprehensive comprehensive hypertension and related diseases of medical, scientific research and prevention work, develop perfect hypertension standard diagnosis and treatment system, has a complete set of primary specification and all kinds of the diagnosis and treatment of secondary hypertension.Has been screened for more secondary hypertension (including OSAHS, pheochromocytoma, renal artery stenosis, Cushing syndrome, primary aldehyde, etc.).

We have obtained a number of provincial and national project, established the couplet of hypertension medical in Zhejiang province, Zhejiang hypertension tertiary prevention and treatment network in Zhejiang province, standardized management, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, effectively reduce the hypertension patients with stroke, coronary heart disease, heart function and renal failure, get good social benefits.

I. Provide a complete assessment of hypertensionAmbulatory blood pressure monitoring, limb blood pressure, arteriosclerosis monitoring (ABI), respiratory and sleep monitoring, psychological scale assessment, exercise blood pressure monitoring, cardiopulmonary exercise assessment, urine trace protein detection, etc.

II. Comprehensive hypertension investigation program

1. Renal vascular stenosis-induced hypertension-renal vascular CTA, renal vascular ultrasound

2. Primary hyperaldosteronism-decubito hemoreenin-aldosterone, captopril test, saline infusion test, bilateral adrenal central venous blood extraction interventional examination, etc.

3. Cortisolidosis- -cortisol rhythm, overnight 1-m g dexamethasone inhibition test, high-dose dexamethasone inhibition test.

4. Chheochromocytoma-hematuria catecholamines and metabolites.

5. Sleep apnea Syndrome-Respiratory sleep monitoring.

6. Atatic coarctation- -limb blood pressure, aortic CTA.

7. To guide hypertension patients in scientific exercise antihypertensive- -exercise blood pressure monitoring, cardiopulmonary exercise test, exercise prescription and exercise rehabilitation.

8. Occult hypertension and white-coat-type hypertension- -ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.

9. Psychological factors Related to hypertension- -psychological scale assessment.

Monogenic hypertension- -genetic screening.

    [Research Orientations
 I. Major orientations: Hypertension-related diseases targeted at refractory hypertension, secondary hypertension, hypertension of people in special groups, and poorly controlled hypertension (diabetes, chronic kidney disease, sleep apnea syndrome, post-stroke blood pressure control, elderly hypertension).

II. Establish one-stop quality services: including preventive suggestions, risk assessment, clear diagnosis, symptomatic treatment, drug adjustment, interventional treatment, continuous rehabilitation, etc., to achieve early antihypertensive, stable antihypertensive, long-term antihypertensive, target organ protection and other purposes

    [Job Descriptions
 Our "hypertension center" will be comprehensive hypertension and related diseases of medical, scientific research and prevention and rehabilitation work, establish hypertension prevention network, better standardized hypertension patients management, diagnosis and treatment, effectively reduce hypertension caused by stroke, coronary heart disease, heart and kidney failure, meet the needs of the patients with hypertension. So as to become more specialized and stronger team-work.

    [Department StaffingWang Yan, Shou Xiaoling, Liu Xinwen, Hu Shiyun, Ding Fang, Xin Shangping, Zhou Rongfang, Yang Yi, et al.


Outpatient Hours:

Lingyin Hospital                         Sandun Hospital

Chief Physician, Yu Wei            Mon. Afternoon  Tue. Morning            Tue. Afternoon

Chief Physician, Xu Xiaoling  Tue. Afternoon                                      Mon. Afternoon

Chief Physician, Wang Yan       Mon. Morning (the same hours as the Cardiac Rehabilitation Expert Clinic)                                 Thursday Morning (the same hours as the Cardiac Rehabilitation Expert Clinic)

Associate Chief Physician, Liu Xinwen Fri. Morning                        Wed. Morning

Associate Chief Physician, Shou Xiaoling     Tue. Afternoon (the same hours as the Cardiac Rehabilitation Expert Clinic)

Associate Chief Physician, Xin Shangping     Thursday Afternoon (the same hours as the Cardiac Rehabilitation Expert Clinic) 

Associate Chief Physician, Ding Fang        Tue. Morning

Chief Physician, Zhou Rongfang              Wed. Morning