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Name: Diabetes Center

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Outpatient Service Address :Ward 2, First Floor, Building 8

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[Academic Status]

The Sino-American Diabetes Center was established in cooperation between Zhejiang Hospital and the American Sino-American Diabetes Alliance. The Sino-American Diabetes Alliance is composed of diabetes experts in many hospitals in the United States, with advanced diabetes diagnosis and treatment technology and management concepts. Sino-American diabetes center American medical director, Charles M. Clark, Jr, MD, professor of clinical medicine and pharmacy, American famous endocrinologist, the former Indiana University medical school deputy dean, director of diabetes research and training center, the chairman of the national diabetes education executive committee, chairman of the American diabetes association, the editor of journal Diabetes Care. He has presided over the scientific research on diabetes drug research, education prevention, cardiovascular prevention, prevention and treatment of people of different income, blood glucose monitoring of patients with serious complications, and the establishment of the American Diabetes Training Center. He has rich clinical experiences and unique methods in the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes, diabetes patient education and diabetes medical staff training. Engaged in clinical work for more than 40 years, profound academic attainments.He has published more than 80 scientific research papers. The American Operating Director, Christine Lane Parkin, member of the Professional Department of the American Diabetes Association, Member of the American Diabetes Education Association (AADE), Associate Editor of Diabetes Forecast, Clinical nursing expert, American certified diabetes education expert, with 20 years of experience in diabetes education. The Chinese Medical Director, Wu Tianfeng, master of medicine, chief physician, Standing Member of Endocrinology Branch of Zhejiang Medical Association, Vice chairman of Osteoporosis and Bone Mineral Salt Branch of Zhejiang Medical Association. In 2006, he went to the State University of New York for further study. He presided over and participated in 5 key projects of Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Foundation, Zhejiang Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Zhejiang Provincial Department of Health, participated in the construction of Zhejiang Provincial geriatric discipline group projects, and presided over a number of international and domestic drug clinical studies. He has been engaged in endocrine clinical work for more than 20 years, mainly committed to the clinical diagnosis and treatment of diabetes, diabetes chronic complications, endocrine diseases and osteoporosis. He has published more than 50 papers. Jin Fubi, the Chinese Operating Director, associate chief nurse, Member of Diabetes Education and Management Group of Endocrinology Branch of Zhejiang Medical Association, member of Diabetes Professional Committee of Zhejiang Nursing Association, nurse of diabetes education.


[Technical Advantages]

The Center has introduced the American diabetes management mode, establish diabetes patients information registration, diabetes education, evaluation, monitoring, follow-up specification diagnosis and treatment, open personalized VIP multi-disciplinary team service, American experts remote diagnosis and treatment, application of advanced insulin treatment technology, for patients who need to go to the United States to provide assistance services. The department is equipped with insulin pump, dynamic blood glucose monitor, SCD RESPONSE induction pressure system, vascular nerve therapy instrument and other advanced instruments. Conducting the intensive insulin pump therapy, SCD RESPONSE induction pressure system and vascular neuropathy adjuvant therapy, 72-hour dynamic blood glucose monitoring, relying on MRI, dual-source CT, double-energy X-ray, X-ray, arteriosclerosis detection and a series of other laboratory tests, to provide a reliable basis for the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes and complications. The hospital is located in the West Lake Scenic Area, with a beautiful environment. Many doctors in the department have served as health care tasks for leaders at all levels, and have rich experience in treatment and health care experience for pre-diabetes people and VIP people. We have accumulated rich clinical experience in close cooperation with relevant departments for the elderly diabetic patients with combined with hypertension, hyperlipidemia, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, chronic bronchitis and kidney disease.

[Research Orientation] 

1. Effective prevention and treatment mode of diabetes mellitus and diabetes complications

2. Diabetes person education, diabetes medical staff training


[Job Descriptions]

The Sino-American Diabetes Center is an exclusive cooperation conducted by Zhejiang Hospital and the American Sino-American Diabetes Alliance in East China to establish a diabetes prevention and treatment center with Chinese characteristics and international management concept. There are more than 30 medical staff, including 7 people with senior professional titles. There are 3 doctoral degrees and 9 with master's degrees. The department introduces the advanced American modern diabetes health concept, management mode, medical technology, medical service and nursing process. A comprehensive assessment of the patients health status, interactive education, regular monitoring, long-term follow-up, summary and evaluation, and improved management.

[Department Staffing]

Charles M. Clark, Jr, Wu Tianfeng, Jiang Ying, Yu Xiaoying, Yuan Fang, Zheng Hexin, Huang Hong, Ruan Yuan, Wang Shaoguan, Wang Yisu, Wang Qijun, Chen Xiaopei

Outpatient Information:

Specialized outpatient service is opened all day