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Name:Gastroenterology Department

Ward Address :Lingyin: Floor 3, Building 3; Sandun: West Part of Floor 2, Ward 1

Outpatient Service Address :Zhejiang Hospital, No.12 Lingyin Road, Hangzhou


Department Info:

[Academic Status]

The Gastroenterology Department is a key discipline of Zhejiang Hospital. Keep close contact with famous gastroenterology experts at home and abroad, constantly introduce new technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of digestive diseases, and carry out new projects. Enjoy significant influences in the medical community in the province and the country.

[Technical Advantages]

 The advantage lies in the diagnosis and treatment of digestive system diseases for the elderly. With rich experiences accumulated in the combination treatment of multisystem diseases and the safety of gastrointestinal endoscopy and treatment in the elderly. Adopt advanced diagnostic technology and equipment from home and abroad, and undertake extensive endoscopic treatments such as: Endoscopic hemostasis occurred with gastrointestinal bleeding, endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR), treatment of early digestive tract cancer (ESD), treatment of gastrointestinal stricture expansion and stenting, percutaneous gastrostomy, endoscopic ultrasound diagnosis and treatment technology, measurement of gastrointestinal motility and sensory function, 24-h dynamic Ph and impedance monitoring, pancreatimoscopy techniques such as pancreatic biliary duct drainage, gastric calculus removal and stent implantation, etc.


[Research Orientations]

The research orientations involve multiple disciplines of the Gastroenterology Department, such as early diagnosis and treatment of gastric cancer early lesions; The role of genes involved in colorectal cancer pathogenesis in the occurrence, development and metastasis of colorectal tumors in the elderly; pathogenesis and treatment of inflammatory bowel disease; Pathogenesis and treatment of gastrointestinal motility-related diseases; and the minimally invasive treatment of pancreatic and biliary duct disease in elderly patients.

[Job Descriptions]


The Gastroenterology Department is a key discipline of the hospital. After the development and accumulations over 30 years, a team combining with mid-age and young medical staff with comprehensive mastering of gastroenterology diagnosis and treatment technology has been established. Currently, there are 2 chief physicians, 2 associate chief physicians, 3 staff holding Ph.D. and 9 holding master degrees. The department mainly consists of three parts: gastroenterology ward, digestive endoscopy diagnosis and treatment center, and gastroenterology clinical laboratory. Specialized in diagnosis and treatment of various common and critical diseases, such as digestive ulcer, chronic gastritis, inflammatory bowel disease, pancreatic, and hepatobiliary diseases, particularly, rich experiences have been accumulated in digestive ulcer, chronic gastritis, inflammatory bowel disease, pancreatic, and hepatobiliary diseases. At the same time, its equipped with advanced diagnosis and treatment equipment, including gastrointestinal bleeding endoscopic hemostasis, endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR), early gastrointestinal cancer treatment (submucosal dissection, ESD), gastrointestinal stenosis expansion treatment, stent implantation, percutaneous gastrostomy and other endoscopic treatment, and endoscopic ultrasound diagnosis technology, and the diagnosis and treatment of various pancreatic and biliary duct diseases with endoscopic retrograde cholangiography (ERCP), such as pancreatic bile duct drainage, incision and stone, stent implantation, etc. All these have provided a strong guarantee for high quality medical services.



[Department Staffing]

Zhang Hong, Zheng Peifen, Chen Xinyu, Feng Yuliang, Cong Yanqun, Wang Weifeng, Zhu Qin, Song Jingjing, Li Nan, He Qiaona, Zhou Feng, Yang Yuefeng, Liu Shan


Outpatient Information:


Subject Experts:

Feng Yuliang

Chief Physician

Zhu Qin

Associate Chief Physician

Zhang Hong

Associate Chief Physician

Chen Xinyu

Chief Physician

Zheng Peifen

Chief Physician

Ge Yongping

Associate Chief Physician

Wang Weifeng

Associate Chief Physician

Zheng Peifen

Chief Physician

Cong Yanqun

Associate Chief Physician