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The independent Blood Transfusion Department of Zhejiang Hospital is established in July 2019, and the clinical blood management and operation of the former hospital is completed by the deputy director of the medical laboratory department and the full-time staff. With the opening of Sandun Branch of the Hospital, the clinical blood transfusion workload is increased significantly, in order to make the clinical blood management more scientific, reasonable, standard and for the development of secondary blood transfusion discipline, and according to the medical institutions clinical blood management method, the clinical blood technical specification, Zhejiang medical institutions blood transfusion and blood bank capital construction specification, the management level of the hospital decides to set up the management of clinical blood work independent department-blood transfusion.

   Currently, the major services of the blood transfusion department including: the management and clinical application of various clinical blood products, the identification of blood type and difficult blood type, irregular antibody screening test, pregnant woman blood type serological test, platelet antibody test, thrombosis elogram, blood viscosity, etc., and participate in various clinical blood transfusion treatment. The establishment of the Blood Transfusion Department could make the blood use more standardized, scientific and reasonable, could standardize the formulation and execution of the clinical blood use management rules and various procedures, and could fully guarantee the clinical blood transfusion treatment.