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Name:Medical Laboratory

Ward Address :

Outpatient Service Address :Clinical Lab and Emergency Lab, First Floor of Outpatient Building; Biochemical Lab, Cytological Lab

Phone:(0571) 7987373-5037, 5052, 5114

Department Info:

Zhejiang Hospital is a third-class A hospital, with Lingyin Hospital area and Sandun Hospital area. The medical laboratory department is closely related to the development of the hospital, with the strong support of the hospital leaders, and through the unremitting efforts of several generations of inspection workers, the medical laboratory department has been continuously developing in the aspects of technical strength, professional level, instruments and equipment, inspection projects and scientific research ability, has become the key cultivation discipline of the hospital, the demonstration laboratory of Zhejiang Provincial Temporary Inspection Center, the Clinical Research Laboratory of the National 863 Program, the national resident doctor regular training and test professional base and the hospital-level youth civilization number; the Medical Laboratory of Lingyin Hospital is officially approved b y the ISO15189 Medical Laboratory in August 2016 (Certificate No.: CNAS MT0240), and has become a comprehensive Medical Laboratory integrated with medical teaching and research.

Department Staffing

Currently there are 67 employees at the Medical Laboratory, with a strong technical strength, including 17 senior titles, 16 intermediate titles, 3 doctor-degree holders, 18 master-degree holders, 5 medical practitioners, 13 training and teaching teachers, 1 rising medical talent of Zhejiang Province, 1 from Tier-3 of 151-Talent Program of Zhejiang Province, 2 excellent talent training objects for 1530-Program of Zhejiang Hospital, and 36 CPC members. The department has 1 director of provincial society, 2 standing members of secondary society, 7 members and 4 young members; forming an inspection team with good political quality, strong technical ability, high work efficiency and excellent service level.

Medical Scopes

According to different professional fields and functions, the medical laboratories from two hospitals have set up six professional laboratories, including clinical basic laboratory, emergency laboratory laboratory, biochemical laboratory, immune laboratory, microbiology laboratory and PCR laboratory, the services provided including clinical biochemical test, clinical immunology test, clinical hematology test, clinical basic test, clinical microbial test, clinical molecular biology test, flow cytometry test and individualized test, a total of more than 500 items, and examination items of the two hospitals are interconnected, provide 24-hour emergency inspection services, and undertake the quality management of the hospital clinical examination services.

Hardware Establishment

The construction area of the medical laboratory is about 4,200 square meters, and the second hospital area is constructed and distributed in strict accordance with the requirements of the level biosafety laboratory. The laboratory is equipped with advanced equipment, with international and domestic advanced clinical examination instruments and scientific research equipment, the equipment in the two hospitals, including Siemens biochemical immunoanalysis line 1 set, Roche, Beckman, Mindray and other well-known brands of automatic immunoanalyzer 10 sets; Beckman and Mindray fully automatic blood cell analysis line 1 set each; Roche, IQ200 automatic urine analyzer 2 sets each; Two automatic stool analyzersand four automatic specific protein analyzers and automatic blood coagulation analyzers; 3 blood sedimentation analyzers, 2 flow cytometry analyzers, 2 Meriere Automatic Microbiology Identification Instruments, 2 automatic blood culture instruments and 1 Microbial mass spectrometry detection system;  2 fluorescent quantitation PCRs, with well-equipped instruments of safe and reliable performances. The laboratory has introduced advanced LIS system and car logistics transportation system, and connects with HIS to realize the whole process of specimen monitoring, specimen transportation automation, specimen processing barcode, real-time report transmission, electronic result query, self-service report printing.


Quality Management

The department always adheres to the purpose of quality first, attaches great importance to clinical inspection quality management, according to the quality policy of scientific, accurate, excellent and innovative, the department has established a set of perfect and standardized quality management system documents, and carried out various work according to the standards, continuous quality improvement, and realized the inspection of specimens from the whole process of electronic medical advice, specimen collection, transportation, receiving, inspection and real-time report sending monitoring, has constantly improved the quality control before, during and after analysis, has comprehensively improved the inspection quality and clinical service capability, for more than 25 consecutive years, the department has been awarded excellent in the room quality evaluation from the Ministry of Health and Provincial Temporary Inspection Center, has collaborated the hospital in undertaking the campaign of one-go, finish all, and has provided objective, fair, accurate, timely and effective testing services for the patients and clinical operations.

Subject Construction

The department attaches great importance to discipline construction. The department has set up a core scientific research team, including basic research on bacterial drug resistance detection and pathogenic mechanism, research and application of infectious disease diagnosis technology, research and application of personalized molecular diagnosis technology of metabolic diseases, targeted molecular screening and mechanism research of tumor therapy. Over the recent years, the Department is involved in 1 national 863 sub-projects, in a number of national and provincial projects, has undertaken 1 National Natural Science Foundation Youth Fund, 6 provincial Natural Science Foundation, 13 scientific research funds of the Provincial Department of Health, and has published more than 90 research papers, including more than 10 articles included in SCI and has compiled two books. For many years, he has been undertaking the teaching work for regular trainees, interns and further training students.Since 2012,16 domestic and foreign manufacturers have completed more than 200 diagnostic reagents.

Cultural Construction

Based on the basis of strengthening the target responsibility management, the department pays equal attention to discipline development and cultural construction. Rich cultural activities not only reflect the unity spirit of the department members, but also show the vigor and talent of employees, and deepen the friendship between colleagues. Inheriting the fine traditions from the older generation, making efforts to create a good working atmosphere, focusing on cultivating the good quality of employees, in order to make the department to be a warm collective and a stage of talents, and to make the staff dedicated, seeking innovation, helping each other and progress in harmony, so that the subject will achieve a better development in the two-hospital era.