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The current clinical team of The Hematology Department of Zhejiang Hospital consists of three physicians, one Ph.D. and two masters. The academic leader, Chief Physician, Shen Yimin, associate professor, Ph.D., with 22 years of working experience in a national key discipline of hematology and a national key clinical specialty (the Department of Hematology, the First Affiliated Hospital of Suzhou University, Jiangsu Province), with rich experience in the diagnosis and treatment of hematological diseases, specializing in the treatment of various red blood cell diseases, white blood cell diseases, platelet diseases, coagulation diseases and various types of malignant hematological system diseases (such as leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, etc.). Particularly, specialized in the use of bone marrow transplantation and stem cell transplantation means to treat various types of hematological malignancies. Since establishment of the department, although its started late, it receives strong support from the hospital leaders and various medical technology departments, it has developed rapidly in a very short period of time. Currently, its capable of conducting various types of blood system disease morphology, immunology, cytogenetics, molecular genetics and molecular biology diagnosis, and the diagnosis level has been the same as the latest level, in addition to our department has to carry out the conventional treatment of blood system diseases, targeted therapy, differentiation of apoptosis treatment, high dose chemotherapy, various types of blood cell removal and immune regulation treatment after disease remission. In future, with the completion of the new Sandun hospital area and the synchronous construction of the hematology laboratory and the laminar flow purification ward, our department will form a more refined medical team on the existing basis, at the same time, we will strengthen the sub-specialty construction, and we will carry out autologous bone marrow transplantation, allogeneic whole-phase synthetic stem cell transplantation, allogeneic hemiphasic synthetic stem cell transplantation, umbilical cord blood transplantation and adoptive immunotherapy after transplantation, so as to improve our treatment level to the first-class in China. Meanwhile, we will strengthen the basic research on blood system diseases, and strive for more scientific and technological achievements.

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Expert Outpatient of Shen Yimin: Tuesday afternoon

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Shen Yimin

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