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Name:CSSD (Central Sterile Supply Department)

Ward Address :

Outpatient Service Address :B1 of Building 8


Department Info:

[Academic Status]

Taking the lead in carrying out the centralized management of reusable instruments, instruments and articles in the whole hospital, and became the training base of disinfection and sterilization technology for disinfection personnel of Zhejiang Disinfection Supply Center.

[Technical Advantage]

The reuse instruments, appliances and articles of the whole hospital by the disinfection supply center are recycled, cleaned, inspected, packaged, sterilized and distributed, and the information management is established, establish the quality traceability of reuse equipment, with the help of advanced high and low temperature sterilizer and automatic cleaning and sterilizer and other facilities and equipment, to achieve the safety of reuse instruments, appliances and articles.

[Research Orientations]

Pay attention to whole process quality control and the central supply of appliances, instruments and articles, so as to ensure the safety from the users and to make contributions to peoples health.

[Job Descriptions]

Adopting the method of centralized management, all the medical instruments, instruments and articles that need after disinfection or sterilization are recycled, and cleaned, disinfected, sterilized and supplied centrally. Solve the professional characteristics of each department, common hospital infection and causes, and master the structure, material characteristics and treatment points of special equipment and supplies. Master the knowledge of cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of all kinds of diagnosis and treatment instruments, instruments and articles, and the operation procedures of related cleaning, disinfection and sterilization equipment.

[Department Staffing]

Zhang Peiwei, Yu Hongjun, Fang Liping, Qi Xianli, Xing Yahong, Bao Sihua, Yang Hongyan, Cheng Meiqin, Sun Yingying, Huang Xiaolai, Zeng Xiuzhen

[Subject Experts]

Zhang Peiwei

Associate Chief Physician