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    With the acceleration of the population aging process, especially the proportion of the elderly in Hangzhou reaches 16.9% of the population, which has taken the lead in entering the elderly society, and the incidence of low vision in the elderly is increasing year by year.Our hospital is a hospital focusing on geriatric diseases. In order to help patients with low vision, improve their quality of life, and carry out low vision rehabilitation work in an orderly manner, the ophthalmology department of our hospital has set up the Low Vision Rehabilitation Center.

    The ophthalmology department of our hospital and the provincial, municipal and district Disabled Persons' Federation have jointly created the "Bright Action" for the disabled for more than ten years. So far, it has participated in more than 1,000 vision rehabilitation operations, and the intraocular lens implantation rate is nearly 100%, which has been well received by the patients and their families, creating good social and economic benefits. Ophthalmology has low vision screening equipment, with optometry comprehensive platform, multi-functional optometry meter, intraocular pressure measurement meter, fundus angiography meter, 3 D functional ophthalmology A-B ultrasound, pupil-free fundus camera, static and dynamic automatic visual field instrument, optical coherence tomography scanner and other imported testing equipment. At the same time, it has laser treatment instrument, surgical microscope, phacoemulsification instrument, condenser and other imported treatment equipment.The purchase of low-vision rehabilitation visual mirror testing equipment has also been qualified.In addition, the technical force also has the conditions, the department now has 3 chief physicians, 3 deputy chief physicians, all have many years of clinical experience. The Zhejiang Hospital Low Vision Rehabilitation Center established has further given full play to the advantages of the comprehensive diagnosis and treatment strength of ophthalmology, and is committed to carrying out effective and standardized treatment of low vision enhancement, and improving the quality of life of patients with low vision.