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[Academic Status]

While completing clinical diagnosis and treatment, we should pay close attention to tracking the latest progress of cardiac pacing treatment at home and abroad.Since its establishment, the center has completed a number of projects combined with its own clinical practice and international new progress design, and has been funded by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Health and other departments. Participated in the National Ninth Five-Year Research Plan, and undertook the research and registration work of ICD as the main participating unit.By the first half of 2008, it has published dozens of papers related to pacing in domestic core journals such as Chinese Journal of Cardiovascular Disease, Chinese Journal of Arrhythmia, and Chinese Journal of Heart Pacing and Electrophysiology. In March 2004, the Center organized and completed the writing work of Modern Heart Pacing Therapy, and obtained the funding of Shanghai Science and Technology monograph Publishing Fund, which was selected as the textbook and supplementary materials in many domestic academic conferences.
Taking the lead in carrying out the heart resynchronized pacing (CRT) in the treatment of chronic heart failure and atrial septal pacing methodology in China, and in the hypertrophy of the pacing intervention, the clinical application of digital pacemaker, buried automatic defibrillation complex rhythm instrument (ICD) for rapid malignant arrhythmia treatment into the domestic advanced ranks.

[Technical Advantages]

The Cardiac Pacing Center has advanced cardiac catheterization chamber, 32 conductive physiological recorder, esophageal electrophysiological detector, bedside and telemetry ECG monitoring system, pacing analyzer, various types of pacemaker program tester, pacemaker remote monitoring and other medical equipment, with the heart pacing treatment and follow-up required technical strength and complete hardware.

[Research Orientations]

(I) Clinical study of optimized pacing sites. (II) Resynchronous cardiac pacing therapy for chronic heart failure. (III) Prevention and treatment of sudden cardiac death.

[Job Descriptions]

Our hospital has carried out cardiac pacing therapy since the 1970s. After more than 30 years of efforts and accumulation of several generations of doctors, our hospital has gained rich experience in the field of cardiac pacing therapy and gained a high popularity in China. On this basis, the first professional cardiac pacing center in Zhejiang Province was established on December 7, 2003.The pacing center has a clear division of labor, reasonable structure, unity and progressive medical team, is an integral part of the department of cardiology.With strong technical strength, he can complete various types of cardiac pacing treatment and postoperative follow-up. There is a special pacing follow-up clinic, by the pacing electrophysiology professional doctor is responsible for the follow-up, set the optimal pacing treatment plan for each patient, individualized treatment. In addition, a special person is responsible for the management, establish detailed medical record data and follow-up files for all patients registered in our center, establish a variety of contacts (including telephone or letters, etc.), organize the patient association from time to time, conduct pacemaker related knowledge education, and provide full services for patients. Since 2003, a medical continuing education study class of New Progress of Heart Pacing Therapy has been held every year to popularize the knowledge of heart pacing and discuss together with experts and scholars from inside and outside the province, providing a platform for academic exchange for heart pacing therapy in our province.The center has also undertaken the clinical teaching work of many medical colleges and schools, and has trained many professional cardiovascular disease training doctors.