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Department:Orthopedics Department 2

Name:Song Boshan

Post:Vice President

Job:Chief Physician

Education Background:Bachelor Degree

Main Subject:

Main Disciplines:


The research direction:

Research Orientation:

Spine, bone and joint

Scientific research achievements :

Scientific Research Achievements:


In 1999, he participated in the project of "The Effect of Cicada Flower on diabetes and Xuanhua";

In 2002, he participated in the hospital-level project "Research on the perioperative period of joint replacement in elderly patients";

In 2003, he participated in the department-level project "balloon dilated vertebral kybroplasty for the treatment of Elderly Osteoporotic Spine Compressive Fracture"

In June 2011, he presided over the department-level project "Non-fusion dynamic internal fixation coflex in the treatment of elderly lumbar spinal stenosis";

In June 2012, he participated in (the second place) "Research on the treatment of high developmental hip dislocation".

Articles and Monographs published:

In 1999, he published the application of 3 D CT Reconstruction in Bone and Joint Injury, ——, Chinese Journal of Bone and Joint Injury (first author);

In 2005, he published the treatment of balloon dilated vertebral kybroplasty for osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures, ——, Chinese Journal of Bone and Joint Injury (first author);

In 2009, he published the work of balloon dilated vertebral kyphoplasty for senile osteoporotic spinal compression fracture, ——, Zhejiang Medicine (first author);

In 2012, he published the work "Coflex system combined with limited spinal spinal decompression to treat elderly degenerative lumbar spinal stenosis" —— Chinese medicine bone setting (first author);

In 2012, he published a study on the Risk Factors and Countermeasures of Hospital Infection after spinal surgery, —— Chinese Journal of Hospital Infections (first author);

In 2012, he published a work on total hip replacement with CroweIII and type IV hip dysplasia, ——, Zhejiang Medicine (first author).



Vice President of Zhejiang Hospital.After graduating from university in 1992, he was engaged in orthopedic clinical work, with rich clinical experience in orthopedic common neck, waist and leg pain, orthopedic trauma and bone and joint diseases.He has published more than 10 articles in national and provincial professional journals, and presided over a department level project in Zhejiang Province. As the second and third author, he has participated in a department level projects as the second and third author, and participated in the compilation of the book "Orthopaedic Diagnostic of the Elderly".At present, he is a member of Trauma Branch of Zhejiang Medical Association, a member of Bone and Mineral Salt Disease Branch of Zhejiang Medical Association, and a youth member of Orthopaedic Branch of Zhejiang Medical Association.

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Friday morning (Sandun Campus)