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Name:Yan Jing

Post:Secretary of Party Committee

Job:Chief Physician

Education Background:Postgraduate (Master Degree)

Main Subject:


Intensive Care Medicine, Cardiovascular Diseases

The research direction:

Research Interests:

Prevention and treatment strategies of heart failure, hemodynamic monitoring and support

Scientific research achievements :

Scientific Research Achievements:

Having participated in 10+ scientific research projects in recent years, including 5 projects supported by Zhejiang Government, Dr. Yan's research results have won 3 Zhejiang Science and Technology Progress Awards and 8 Zhejiang Medicine, Health Science and Technology Innovation Awards, and she's got 50+ papers of various levels published. Moreover, Dr. Yan was the editor-in-chief for 2 books and the editor for more than 10 books.



Born in November 1962, Dr. Yan obtained her master's degree upon under-graduation from the Department of Medicine, Zhejiang Medical University in 1984. Dr. Yan is a Chief Physician of the Department of Intensive Care Medicine and the Department of Cardiology, a professor and a PhD supervisor. Dr. Yan is a Standing Committee Member of Intensive Care Medicine Branch of Chinese Medical Association, a Standing Committee Member of Intensive Care Specialized Committee of Chinese Pathophysiological Society, a Standing Committee Member of Geriatrics Branch of Chinese Medical Doctor Association, the Deputy Director of the ICU Examination Expert Committee of Ministry of Health of China, a candidate to the Director of Intensive Care Medicine Branch of Zhejiang Medical Association, the Director of Geriatrics Branch of Zhejiang Medical Association, the Director of Zhejiang ICU Quality Control Center and the Director of Expert Committee of Zhejiang Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Disease Prevention and Research Center. Dr. Yan is an academic leader in National Key Clinical Specialty of Intensive Care Medicine, Zhejiang Medical Key Discipline of Geriatrics and Key Discipline of Critical Care Medicine. Having engaged in cardiovascular and intensive care medicine clinics and research for more than 30 years, Dr. Yan has accumulated rich experience in diagnosis, treatment and rescue in various cardiovascular diseases, such as coronary heart disease, acute myocardial infarction, various severe arrhythmia, heart failure and multiple organ failure. Yan was in charge of the compiling Medical Guidelines in China, such as the Guidelines for Hemodynamic Monitoring and Support for Severe Infections and Septic ShockGuidelines for the Construction and Management of Intensive Care Units (ICU) in China. Moreover, Yan was an editorial board member of Chinese Journal of Internal MedicineChinese Journal of Multiple Organ Diseases in the ElderlyZhejiang Medical Journal and Chinese Critical Care Medicine, as well as the president of Prevention and Treatment of Cardio-Cerebral-Vascular Disease magazine. Dr. Yan is a technical instructor the treatment of severely ill patients with multiple organ dysfunction, and the treatment of severe infection, septic shock, severe heart failure, arrhythmia and hemodynamics in Zhejiang.

Dr. Yan was honored the title of Zhejiang Outstanding Yong and Mid-Aged Expert in 2005, Zhejiang Outstanding Physician Award in 2009, 7th China Outstanding Physician Award in 2010, and the National Labor Medal in 2011. Moreover, Dr. Yan was granted the State Council's special allowance in 2011. Dr. Yan was awarded the honorary title of China Outstanding Hospital Director in 2012.

Service Time :

Expert Clinic Service Time:

Wednesday morning (Lingyin Campus)