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【Essay on the Hospital Celebration】 Representative of Entering the Hospital in the 00s: Zhang Guopeng, Deputy Director of Logistics Management Center (presiding over the work)

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I am proud, I grow with the hospital

In 2002, I came to work at Zhejiang Hospital, along the way, I was fortunate to participate in the arduous process of the three dun hospital area from scratch, witnessed the rapid development of the hospital from small to large, as an infrastructure people, I feel immensely honored and proud.

In 1954, the hospital was built, there was only one building 1, designed by the former Soviet architects, which was the earliest medical room of the hospital; in the early 80s, building 2 was completed, which was initially a place for inpatient treatment of foreign guests; in the early 90s, building 3 was completed and an ICU ward was set up; after 2000, with the rapid development of the hospital, the area of the medical room of the hospital was greatly increased, building 5 In 2010, the construction of Building 11 was completed; in 2016, the construction of Building 12 was completed; and the most milestone hospital is that on June 28, 2018, the Sandun Branch of our hospital was officially put into operation. The new bed capacity of 1,000 beds has benefited the surrounding people. Although the process is very zigzag and took seven years, and a lot of efforts and sweat have been put into it, whenever I hear people praise the new hospital area, I feel proud and pride from the bottom of my heart, and all the efforts are worth it.

Sixty-five years of changes in hospital infrastructure have witnessed the growth and take-off of the hospital without words. The medical environment has been gradually improved, medical means have been enhanced, and the development of the hospital has brought more health protection to the people. During these years, the hospital has accepted me with her broad heart, and the hospital has constructed a wide stage for my development. The future of the hospital is also our future. I have chosen this career without regret! I am proud that I have grown with the hospital!