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【Essay on Hospital Celebration】 Representative of 00s Admission: Hu Wanling, Department of Preventive Health Care

 Hits: 3011 Time: 2019-11-15

 Work hard and make progress together

Time flies, the years are like a song, and in a flash I have been working in Zhejiang Hospital for nearly twelve years. During this period, I witnessed the hospital and the department over the years through the stormy course, until today's achievements, pride and proud.

I remember when I first arrived at the preventive health department of Zhejiang Hospital, the preventive health department was in an old, low, dilapidated building in front of the library in Building 10, with two computers in the office, one intranet, one extranet, and four of us, when the computer was nervous and not enough, we needed to run to the library to report cards. At that time, all reports of infectious diseases, chronic diseases, heat stroke, and pesticide poisoning were on paper, and doctors filled them out manually with illegible handwriting, and the efficiency could not be compared with now. Later, with the update and improvement of the information system, in 2017 we started to report cards electronically, and the network report cards are well-written, correct and clear, convenient and fast. Later, the hospital added 8, 9, 11, 12 buildings, we also moved from the old building to the newly painted building 5 office, Sandun Branch opened, office desks and chairs brand new purchase, the office placed beautiful plants, a new working environment, we also put into work with a new attitude.

Hospital is our home to work and live, is our position to serve the people, let us devote our intelligence and talent, full of our blood and sweat, based on our positions, strive to make progress together, and jointly depict the grand blueprint of the two hospital areas and a better tomorrow!