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【Essay on Hospital Celebration】10s Admission Representative: Zhang Hong, Emergency Department, Sandun Branch

 Hits: 2978 Time: 2019-11-15

And listen to the wind, drunkenly beautiful Zhejiang Hospital

I still remember that summer, I dreamed of pure white, eager to go to the south of the Yangtze River, holding a flat boat, wearing a plain dress, and the green hills and blue water to find a quiet, see the willow branches swaying, the lake ripples; listen to the breeze, wooden pulp play up the water. Another year of summer, the time is turning, into the West Lake close to you, the sun decorated my pure white dream, promised me a colorful summer. A mind, also like a lotus flower floating down ...... want to be with you, dense in the West Lake landscape painting, also want to be with the West Lake, see you like a swallow flourishing wings, enjoy your spring and autumn.

The wandering mind always yearns for the care of the "small family", and we cannot do without the care of the "big family" when we join in other places. And you, dear Zhejiang Hospital, have given me the most beautiful expectation, the most affectionate greeting and the warmest embrace. With you, like a kite relying on the wind, a dolphin relying on the sea, the air is filled with a sweet smell.

Wandering in your garden-like scenery, I see the satisfied smiles of patients; shuttling in your spacious and bright workstations, I see the exquisite skills of medical and nursing staff, revealing rigor in their brows, releasing determination in their steps, holding the hope of patients in their hands, and passing the warmth of their hearts between their fingers. In the years of the sword, our forefathers took you under their wings and raised you up; in the years of calm, we will pass on the fire, hold on to the fear of life, and continue to write your chapter.

" Sixty-five years of rain and snow, sixty-five years of wind and frost ", you have always been faithful to dedication, forging ahead. "Sixty-five years of footsteps, sixty-five years of glory", you have always been pragmatic and enterprising, fruitful building.