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【Essay on Hospital Celebration】Representative of Admission in the 1990s: Cai Xiaoyu, Deputy Chief Nurse of Ward 22

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Excited, I am the one who experienced it all

Time goes by silently, from 1997 into Zhejiang Hospital, No. 12 Lingyin Road, where the birds and flowers are fragrant and the trees are green. From a hapless 17-year-old girl, to now, 22 years have passed, just like the book says, flowing time, especially after reaching 30, around a small family, a two-point life. Five years and ten years seem to be the blink of an eye. On the contrary, when you are young, a year and a half, slowly timeless in the memory.

Early in the morning of the festival, all the members were ready, white shirts and black pants, fluttering with custom silk scarves and emblems. They stood in a beautiful line, even if their feet hurt, their faces were still smiling brightly. The blue silk scarf was unanimously approved by everyone and was very beautiful.

That day, walking through the first floor of the hospital inpatient corridor, where the wall made a long propaganda page, is the party building work, did not expect, in the column of party members, there is actually my picture, early last year, had a trauma patient in the subway station to rescue, after so long, still be remembered, some little happy, and some blushing.

On the day of the hospital celebration, I left so many group photos with my buddies, in front of the helicopter, in front of the various colorful display boards, and on October 18, 2019, a memorable day, I left a splash of color of my own. Although only as a receptionist, but as much as I strive for perfection, because in this moment, I represent the image of the hospital. Life requires a sense of ritual, and perhaps many years from now, looking back, I will feel honored that I was also a pro.

I wish the hospital better and better, stronger and stronger! And I, a Zhejiang Hospital person, have also implanted such a philosophy of perfect virtue and fine art deep into my soul. Thank you, we have grown together over the years, and will continue to do so!