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A variety of cartoons, and intelligent medical support! Pediatrics Department of Sandun Branch is upgraded

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 The temperature of 4-year-old Xinxin (pseudonym), who lives in a family-friendly home, has been on the edge of her mother's mind since the change of seasons. Yesterday, Xinxin started coughing again, one after another, incessantly. Early this morning, Xinxin's mother brought her to our hospital's Sandun Branch next to her home.

The first time she was sick, her mother took her to the nearest hospital, "right next to home, very convenient." This time, however, Xinxin and her mother both found that the place where she often comes to see a doctor has changed dramatically.


The pediatric center was upgraded

Intelligent nebulization center is newly opened

The new pediatric center was put into use in the third consultation area on the fifth floor of the outpatient clinic of Sandun Branch. Xinxin was delighted to find that the walls were filled with cartoon pictures, and even the small room where the doctor's uncle sees patients was also filled with cartoon pictures, which was new to her.

After the consultation, Xinxin needed nebulization, and when she heard that, she cried, which was her biggest fear. The doctor's uncle asked her, "Do you like watching Peppa Pig?" Xinxin sobbed and said, "Yes!" The doctor said mysteriously, "You can watch Peppa Pig when you do nebulization!" Xinxin looked at her mother with curiosity and a bit of suspicion.

When the medicine was ready, mom took Xinxin to the brand new intelligent nebulization center, and Xinxin cried out "wow", although she was coughing all the time, she was full of joy. In the intelligent nebulization center, everyone has a "seat" and each seat has a screen on which you can watch your favorite cartoons on demand. Xinxin broke away from her mother's embrace and immediately ran to sit on the seat, watching her favorite cartoons, and quietly completed the entire nebulization very cooperatively. "It's the first time I've done the nebulization so well." Xinxin's mother said.


Gradually opening secondary specialties

Opening neonatal and pediatric wards

Recently, the pediatric center of Sandun Branch has been upgraded with 7 consultation rooms and 1 resuscitation room, and is equipped with a new intelligent nebulization center, where Xinxin completed her first "good" nebulization. Dr. Shen Daojiang, deputy director of pediatrics (presiding over the work) of the hospital, said that the pediatrics department of the Sandun Branch currently receives about 200 visits per day, and gradually increased significantly, the original consultation area can no longer meet the needs of small patients, and now the redecorated and upgraded pediatric center can meet the growing demand for pediatric outpatient services.

The upgraded Pediatric Center has a separate consultation area with cartoon patterns painted on the walls and even the clinic signage has been changed to bright green to match the lively personalities of children and to make them feel good about the hospital environment.


The intelligent nebulization center is an independent space, equipped with a total of 16 intelligent nebulization machines, pink and powder blue color scheme is very lively, each machine integrated with a display, where the young patients can watch cartoons. The nebulization center has a service station, small patients and family members into the nebulization center, the service station will be deployed to nebulize the drug. "Intelligent nebulization center is set up, not only to make small patients nebulization when the comfort level is greatly enhanced, but also to speed up the speed of nebulization, children cry less, cooperation is high, the completion of nebulization will be faster, the speed of nebulizer flow is also accelerated." Shen Daojiang said.

At present, the pediatric center in the Sandun Branch is able to treat common internal diseases of all systems of pediatrics, meeting the needs of many small patients in the northwest of the city, and the next pediatric department will gradually open secondary specialties, including pediatric respiratory specialist, growth and development specialist, pediatric neurobehavioral development specialist, etc. The neonatal and pediatric wards will also be opened for use in the near future.


Source: Department of Pediatrics

Writer: Wu Jing, Department of Publicity and United Front Work