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The reimbursement process in the basic medical insurance of field employees and new rural cooperative medical care

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Reimbursement process in basic medical insurance for field workers and new rural cooperative medical care

       The participants of basic medical insurance and new rural cooperative medical insurance in the field are required to pay for the medical expenses in hospitals without network settlement: first, the individual will pay for the expenses, and after the medical treatment is completed, they will go to the medical insurance office of each participating place for reimbursement with the "Transfer Letter", medical insurance calendar, medical insurance card, medical fee receipt (original invoice), summary and detailed list of medical expenses, discharge summary or medical record, and other related information (such as the test report for the use of human albumin injection, gammaglobulin injection, and other medically restricted drugs; the "record sheet" for the approval and filing of thymidine injection, etc.).

      For specific reimbursement procedures and entitlement to reimbursement, please consult the medical insurance office in each participating area.