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The "West Lake Model" Adds New Initiatives, And the Respiratory Care Center Provides Rehabilitation Treatment for More Patients

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Ms. Qin, 62, had sudden unconsciousness, nausea and vomiting and no limb convulsions four months ago without obvious inducement. At that time, she was urgently sent to the local hospital for hospitalization. Head chest CT: the right basal ganglia intracerebral hemorrhage broke into the ventricular system, multiple infections in both lungs, and was diagnosed as "brain hernia". The right basal ganglia hemorrhage broke into the ventricle with ventricular casting, central respiratory failure. Endotracheal intubation and ventilator assisted ventilation were urgently given. The right intracranial hematoma was removed under general anesthesia + osteotomy and decompression + extraventricular drainage + Ommaya extracapsular drainage, and anti-infection was given, symptomatic supportive treatment such as reducing intracranial pressure. Because the patient was in a coma for a long time, he was weaned gradually after tracheotomy. Before January, in order to facilitate the care of her family, her family sent Ms. Qin to the medical care ward of Xihu Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital for hospitalization.


There are not a few patients like Ms. Qin in the medical care ward of Xihu Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital. Here, they can get good rehabilitation treatment.

Yan Jing, Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhejiang Hospital, said that Zhejiang Hospital has always been committed to creating a new medical care model to transfer patients who are relatively stable in the late stage of acute or still need various medical care after treatment in First-class Hospitals to Grass-roots Medical Institutions, so that patients can get a continuous and high-quality diagnosis and treatment process. In this way, patients will not stay in First-class Hospitals with very scarce beds, and they will not be unable to get follow-up rehabilitation treatment at home. With the exploration of such a cooperation model, we can successfully build a bridge of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment between First-class Hospitals and Ggrass-roots Hospitals, which can not only benefit the people, but also effectively improve the medical level of grass-roots medical institutions, which is very in line with the blueprint of healthy China.

In the second half of 2017, Zhejiang Hospital signed a contract with Xihu District Government to host Xihu District Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital in trust, implemented the mode of "Ward Medical Trust and Outpatient Key Support", and established service forms, including Respiratory Care Center (RCW), Post Acute Care Ward (PAC), elderly integration ward, three-tube patient rehabilitation and care Hospice palliative medical ward and other medium and long-term medical and care service models. Set up "First-class Standard Wards" in community hospitals, which integrates community rehabilitation, medical care integration and hospice care to form a hierarchical diagnosis and treatment mode of "grass-roots first diagnosis, two-way referral and up-down linkage". This is also the first hospital in the province with multi legal person medical consortium architecture information system, which supports the appointment, inspection and inspection of hospital sections, and has successfully achieved multiple objectives such as multi-resource sharing, unified management of patient files and inter-agency collaboration in medical service process based on the integration of information system, The "West Lake Model" of a seamless referral system between hospitals, communities and families in big cities can effectively integrate the care resources in medical institutions and communities. This model has won the praise of many well-known professors such as Li Xiaoying, former chairman of the National Geriatric Society and Beijing No. 301 Hospital, and has also been recognized by the general public.


 Chai Qichen, deputy director of Geriatric  Comprehensive Demonstration Ward and deputy director of General Medicine Department of Zhejiang Hospital, introduced that the medical care ward of Xihu Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital currently has 135 beds, and the first phase has opened two floors. Among the care wards, the Respiratory Care Center (RCW) is the most characteristic, which is designed to provide rehabilitation treatment for patients with offline difficulties. Introduce the medical care model of Acute Late Stage in Taiwan, so as to improve the quality of medical service and resource utilization efficiency, and improve the quality of patient care. On the one hand, it is necessary to avoid the difficult situation of acute and severe patients facing a difficult bed due to improper occupation of critical beds in large hospitals; on the other hand, avoid patients being hospitalized again due to insufficient care intensity after returning home. The Intensive Medicine Department of Sandun District of Zhejiang Hospital also provides stable medical support for RCW Ward.

RCW ward has complete facilities and warmth. Here you can enjoy the services of First-class Hospitals and the care of Taiwan experts, but only the cost equivalent to that of community hospitals. Doctors, nurses and professional nurses on duty for 24 hours take care of them, and provide personalized customized rehabilitation treatment nursing such as traditional Chinese medicine conditioning, acupuncture and rehabilitation teacher exercise as needed. Compared with ICU, family members can have more time to accompany patients and secure rear support.

At present, RCW has only opened 28 beds in phase I., patients who need respiratory care (ventilator dependence) can be further consulted.

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