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Appointment Service

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Zhejiang Hospital encourages time frame-based appointments and allows appointment scheduling on mobile apps and websites, or through phone calls. When making appointments, you should provide your real names and ID card numbers.

1. The WeChat service and subscription accounts of the Zhejiang Hospital;

2. Zheliban app: visiting National Healthcare Zone, clicking Appointment, and selecting Zhejiang Hospital;

3. Alipay: searching Healthcare, selecting Appointment, and searching Zhejiang Hospital;

4. Websites: visiting http://:guahao.zjol.com.cn, http://www.zj12580.cn, http://yiyuan.96365.com, and www.zjhospital.com.cn (the official website of Zhejiang Hospital);

5. Phone calls: calling 114, 116114, 12580, or 96365;

6. Zhejiang Online Registration app: selecting Appointment and searching Zhejiang Hospital;

7. Making appointments when seeing the doctor;

8. Making appointments on self-service appointment machines.


Tips for Seeing the Doctor

1.  Taking a number: Patients should take numbers from the self-service appointment machine or admission desk with ID cards, medical insurance cards, and electronic healthcare cards;

2.  Registration: It's recommended that patients register at the self-service machine with ID cards, medical insurance cards, and electronic healthcare cards. Patients with such valid documents as driver's licenses, seniors' courtesy cards, and passports should register at the admission desk; those who bring no valid documents should fill in the registration form at the Comprehensive Service Center and then register at the admission desk;

3.  Patients can view the list of Doctors Consulting Hours or ask the staff at the Comprehensive Service Center to know doctors' schedule;

4.  The number is valid only on the day of registration.


Guide for Seeing the Doctor

1. The Outpatient Department at the Sandun Campus opens from Monday to Sunday during the day; that at the Lingyin Campus opens from Monday to Saturday, and is closed on Sundays except for the Outpatient Department of Internal Medicine. If there are any changes, please refer to the Hospital's schedule. Opening hours during national statutory holidays are subject to the Hospital's notification;

2. The elderly aged above 85, soldiers, the disabled, and retired government officials can receive preferential medical treatment; patients with acute chest pain should visit the Chest Pain Center (Emergency Department) for treatment;

3. Blood sampling at the Laboratory of the Outpatient Department begins from 7:30 during workdays (from 8:00 at weekends). Patients should take a number and wait for blood sampling; search results at the WeChat service account of the Zhejiang Hospital; collect paper reports with the corresponding receipts at the Hospital;

4. Patients should book for CT, MRI, endoscope, dynamic electrocardiogram, and B-mode ultrasound tests at the Outpatient Comprehensive Service Center after paying fees.