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   During the Spring Festival, everyone hopes everything goes well.There should be plenty of happiness and blessings in the Wechat Moments!

    However,the bad thing will still come even if there is a happy festival coming.

However, we have to go to the place where we don’t want to.——Bad luck, many people

went to the emergency department of the hospital at this moment.……

During the Spring Festival holiday, the emergency room of Zhejiang hospital was as busy as a battlefield.

I will not be off duty, as long as the earth doesn't explode!

7th, February 2019 is the third day of the Chinese lunar calendar.It's light rain.

During the Spring Festival, people are full of bright smiles.With auspicious words,they are making activities good. We go to family reunion, visit relatives and friends and welcome the arrival of the new year together.At this celebration moment, people are most reluctant to go to the crowded hospital.

But now it may be the time for people's health to be in a greater crisis.

Compared with the deserted streets of Hangzhou, the bustling emergency room was like another world.Most patients here were in a state of rescue. While doctors and nurses stared at the flashing numbers and curves on the monitoring instrument.

For the doctors in the emergency department, it was very common to be on duty during the new year. The patients in the ambulance outside the hospital was preparing to be pull in.Meanwhile, the emergency telephone inside was still ringing. At night, there were still many patients waiting at the door of the consulting room of emergency surgery and emergency internal medicine. The nurses were very busy with the patients carefully at the pre check triage desk.

For them, such a working state will last for the whole Spring Festival holiday, and the Spring Festival holiday is an extravagance.Around 8 a.m., Dr. Chen Xiuqing in the emergency department of Zhejiang hospital had just treated a patient with traumatic brain injury. "At first, We will expect the holiday coming.However, due to the busy day one by one, we didn't wish the Spring Festival holiday at all,"he said. “As a doctor in the emergency department, after long time in that position, we pay less and less attention to holidays.”

The medical staff in the emergency department treated each patient carefully and patiently.

"During the Chinese new year, the pressure is greater than usual."

Compared with the pressure in normal times, the emergency department needs to bear greater one during the Spring Festival.Around 9 p.m. on New Year's Eve, the rescue room of San Dun District of Zhejiang hospital is doing cardiopulmonary resuscitation for a patient.An old man in his 70s lives in a community in San Dun. His sons are filial during the festival and scramble to buy delicious food for him.One of his sons bought steak. The old man has never eaten steak and his swallowing function is bad.That day he accidentally swallowed a large piece and blocked the air pipe. Fortunately, he was sent to the hospital in time to avoid that tragedy.

In addition, due to the Spring Festival when dinner drinking increased, because of falls and other reasons, the number of patients increased significantly.

On the first day of the lunar new year, a child with bleeding head trauma with his family members went to visit relatives. When his father opened the door, he accidentally hit the child's head.The two adults were as nervous as ants on a hot pot and went straight to the emergency department of San Dun district of Zhejiang hospital. The child cried and suffered a great pain. After careful treatment, the child's wound was sutured.

"Urgence, seriousness and danger" is the feature of emergency department.During this Chinese new year, the emergency department also encountered situations that patients did not understand."For example, some trauma patients with alcoholism are easily excited after drinking alcohol.It's easy to make a big noise in the emergency room. We're most likely to encounter it in the early morning. In this case, we have to explain and comfort patiently. " Chen Xiuqing said.

On the second day of the lunar new year, a 6-year-old boy (named Tong Tong) was examined with a symptom of fever and convulsions

and then recovered well after emergency rescue in San Dun division of Zhejiang hospital.

During three days in the Chinese new year, the emergency

volume of Zhejiang hospital exceeded 1500 person.

Since the San Dun hospital was put into operation, the number of outpatient and emergency departments has increased day by day.The average number of emergency department visits is more than 200 person times per day.More than 30,000 emergency patients in all have been treated in half a year.However, during the Spring Festival, the number of emergency patients in Zhejiang hospital increased nearly three times than usual. Dai Haiwen, director of the emergency department of Zhejiang hospital, said that by this Spring festival the number of emergency patients in San Dun Hospital of Zhejiang hospital exceeded 500 patients.Yesterday it was nearly 600. At the busiest time, each bed was fully occupied every minute.

According to Dai Haiwe, most of these emergency patients lived in the northwest of Hangzhou.Many of them were transferred from local hospitals in surrounding counties and cities such as Anji and Linping. From the number of patients received, the patients with accidental injury, myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction ranked among the top three during the new year.

      At 5 p.m. on the first day of the new year, due to his sudden chest pain,Mr. He, 55, was sent to the emergency department of San Dun division of Zhejiang hospital.The doctor diagnosed acute myocardial infarction. The chest pain center immediately opened the green channel and arranged to enter the catheter room immediately.Tang Yimin, deputy chief physician of cardiovascular department of Zhejiang hospital, and Du Changqing, deputy chief physician implanted two stents into the anterior descending branch and successfully opened the blood vessels.

      Due to the Cerebral infarction, Mr.Shi, 85 years old man, was sent to the emergency department of Zhejiang hospital in the afternoon of the second day of the new year.It was said that two sons from abroad had returned to get together the Lunar New Year's Eve. At that time, there are many relatives there. Every day there are new year's guests. Mr. Shi is a man with hospitality. Whoever comes to visit him, he shall  prepare good wine and drinks.Every time he will have a few cups of liquor. Yesterday afternoon the moment he was just about to take a nap, he has had symptoms such as crooked mouth and eyes, unfavorable speech, and inability to move half of his body.The Hospital Brain Center immediately initiated the green channel. Dr. Wang Yanwen, from the Department of Neurology of Zhejiang hospital,immediately treated him with thrombolysis. Uncle Shi recovered well after operation.

Due to the increase of patients with acute cerebral infarction and myocardial infarction,

The Brain Center and Chest Pain Center of Zhejiang hospital also work overtime during the Spring Festival.

They were guarding everyone's health.

At round 9 o'clock this morning, another patient with spleen rupture in a car accident in Liangzhu came to the emergency department. The medical staff had to face the treatment round by round.

Originating From : Emergency Department, Cardiovascular Department and Neurology Department

Collected and Written by: Guo Jun from Publicity Center