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[Recommendation] Zhejiang Hospital has Received Many Thanks! Provincial Health Committee Came to Investigate.

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At the beginning of the new year, early morning of 13th,February,Su Changcong, Vice Chairman of the Provincial Health Commission together with Yang Yanning, head of the Discipline Inspection Group, Zhou Shiping, Director of the Department of Aging and Health,Deputy Director of the Planning Development and Information Technology Department, Huang Jianping, Director of the Zhejiang Senior Activity Center and their accompanies came to the San Dun division of Zhejiang Hospital to investigate. Yan Jing, party secretary of Zhejiang Hospital, Huang Yandong as the vice president Jin Xiaoqing, He Xiaobo as the discipline committee secretary and the related department personnel accompanied the investigation.

Su Changcong and his team members first came to the western pharmacy next to the outpatient hall. They watched with interest the work of two "black technology” drug-taking robots, affirming the efforts of Zhejiang Hospital to advancing the intelligent medical care. Subsequently, they came to the Geriatric Center on the fifth floor of the clinic building. The elderly patients shall have the treatment of "multidisciplinary integration of all the department ".In the clinic area, when it comes to the elderly patient with complicated diseases, one multidisciplinary team outpatient number registration will let you enjoy the  integrated professional service of all department ranging from the elderly, the rehabilitation medicine, the nutrition, the pharmacy, the mental health etc.

The medical industry's general comprehensive assessment system for the elderly which was independently designed by the Zhejiang Hospital has also been concerned and recognized. Su Changcong and his accompanies carefully reviewed the evaluation system. According to them, geriatric center for the elderly has provided the advanced integrated services, which is a real realization of “Only one time for patients to deal with hospital business.”

In the radiology department, Su Changcong and his accompanies listened to the report. Zhejiang Hospital advanced equipment and strength left a deep impression on them.

Covering an area of about 2,000 square meters, the hospital was equipped with the concept of advanced rehabilitation medical center. As for the chronic diseases of the elderly and neuro-bone and joint diseases, they adopted the advanced rehabilitation treatment concepts, standardized rehabilitation treatment process, early intervention to provide accurate and comprehensive rehabilitation services.

Here, the province's longest track, gait tester and other advanced rehabilitation medical equipment attracted the attention of Su Changcong and their members. With the in-depth understanding of the current situation of rehabilitation medical treatment and the innovation in the field of rehabilitation medicine made by Zhejiang Hospital, they showed highly appraised about that. 

Vehicles logistics everywhere in the hospital area was busy running. They were coming to and from every corners of the hospital to transport drugs and medical equipment. Su Changcong and his team came to the static dispensing center. With the efficiency of vehicle logistics, the static dispensing center made the transmission more efficient, safe and convenient.

Su Changcong and his team were very concerned about the exploration and effectiveness of Zhejiang Hospital in the integration of medical maintenance and well-being. They moved from San Dun division to the medical care wards of the West Lake Chinese traditional medicine integrating with the Western medicine to do a field research. 

According to Yan Jing, in the second half of 2017, Zhejiang hospital signed a contract with the West Lake District government to host the West Lake Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western medicine hospital. They implemented the mode of "Ward medical trust and outpatient key support" and established medium and long-term medical and care service models, including respiratory care ward (RCW), acute post care ward (PAC), integrated ward for the elderly, three kinds of managed patient rehabilitation and care Hospice palliative medical ward.In the community hospital, we had set up a "Triple-A standard ward", which integrated community rehabilitation, medical and nursing care, and hospice care to form a hierarchical diagnosis and treatment model of "primary care at the grassroots level, two-way referral, and upward and downward linkage". It was also the first provincial hospital to adopt the information system of multi-corporate medical association structure, which supported the appointment, examination and test between hospital divisions.It successfully achieved the multiple goals of sharing multiple resources between hospitals, unified management of patient records and cross-institutional collaboration in medical service process based on the integration of information system.The "West Lake Model", a seamless referral system between hospitals, communities and families in large cities, had been established to effectively integrate care resources within medical institutions and in the community. This model had won the praise of many renowned professors, such as Li Xiaoying, former chairman of the National Geriatrics Society and Beijing 301 Hospital. That had also been recognized by the general public.

At the research conference, Yan Jing made a report on "The Exploration and Practice of the Combining Zhejiang Hospital medical resources with senior living resources".It introduced the details of efforts and explorations of Zhejiang hospitals in the integrated management of medical care, which ranges from promoting the construction of the Geriatrics Department of General Hospitals, strengthening the guidance and cooperation of primary health care institutions, promoting a seamless referral system between hospitals-community-families, promoting healthy aging and integrated Medical Care Management,actively completing the research work related to geriatric health, deepen the policy of "only one time for patients to deal with hospital business." To optimize the service of the elderly, etc.In the meantime,Yan Jing also analyzed the current challenges in the field of medical integration.And He made a vision on the construction and establishment of the training project for geriatric talents as well as the future planning of the smart aging mode as “Internet and Healthy Aging”.

Su Changcong said, Zhejiang hospitals made a lot of rational thinking and practical exploration in the field of elderly health services and integrated medical care and health services. The results are obvious. As for the combination of Zhejiang Hospital medical resources with senior living resources, it needs to update the traditional concept. To get better development of the elderly health services, we need to design from all aspects of the elderly health services, including facilities and services and other aspects. The exploration of Zhejiang hospital really embodies the requirements and concepts of that integration as well as the idea of integrated medical care and health services. According to him, He claimed that he would do the promotion together with the integration of Zhejiang Hospital medical resources with senior living resources. With better absorption, learning from,summarizing,promoting the zhejiang hospital work ideas, experience, models, requirements, they will truly give full play to the advantages from the perspective of leading health and hygiene together with the integration of Zhejiang Hospital medical resources with senior living resources. They also will improve the system from the perspective of health services.       

Zhejiang Hospital in the integration of medical conservation and well-being has made fruitful exploration and accumulated rich experience. The current exploration in the West Lake District is also very successful. "West Lake model" is worthy of extensive promotion and reference. It was required to give full play to the role of Zhejiang hospital leading institutions to promote the integration of Zhejiang Hospital medical resources with senior living resources. It will give full play to the role of experts in this field. Practicing and exploring together were expected. However, they also hope that Zhejiang Hospital will do more successful demonstration points to promote those advanced ideas and exploration in a deep and broad manner, Su Changcong said.

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