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Mode of Transportation

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Lingyin Campus Address: No. 12, Lingyin Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou

Traffic routes:

Bus: No. 7, No. 27, No. Y1, No. Y2, No. Y3, No. K807 (Hongchunqiao Station); No. 15, No. 28, No. 82, No. Y5 (Quyuanfenghe Station)


Sandun Campus Address: No. 1229, Gudun Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou

Traffic routes:

1. Driving route: enter and search for the "Intersection of Gudun Road and Guangye Street" on the Baidu Maps, and then enter at the gate on the Guangye Street of the Sandun Campus of Zhejiang Hospital.

2. Subway route: take Metro Line 2 to Exit C of Dunxiang Street Station, and walk about 300 meters south.

3. Bus route: take No. 37/K37, No. B2 to Shuiqiyuan Station; No.144/K144 to Guangye Street Dunchi Intersection Station; No. 143/K143, No. 8 of B branch line to Jinsha Apartment Station; No. 153/K153 to Sandun Station.



Commuter line of Zhejiang Hospital:

Departure from Lingyin: 6:40 (stop), 10:20 (nonstop), 12:30 (nonstop), 16:00 (nonstop), 17:15 (stop). Departure from Sandun: 6:40 (stop), 7:50 (nonstop), 11:20 (nonstop), 13:30 (nonstop), 17:15 (stop).  Stops along the commuter line:
Lingyin to Sandun: Yugu Road Tianmushan Intersection, Fengtan Road Wensan West Intersection, Guihuacheng, Sanba, Sandun Metro Station, Guangye Street Dunchi Intersection, Dunxiang Street Zijingang North Intersection
Sandun to Lingyin: Dunxiang Street Zijingang North Intersection, Guangye Street Dunchi Intersection, Sandun Metro Station, Sanba, Guihuacheng, Fengtan Road Wensan West Intersection, Yugu Road Tianmushan Intersection