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Registration and Appointment Guide

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I. Registration guide

1. Registration time: Starting at 7:15 a.m. from May 1 to September 30 (summer), and 7:30 a.m. from October 1 to April 30 (winter).

2. Time for outpatient service: 8:00 --12:00 a.m. and 14:00 --17:30 p.m. from May 1 to September 30 (summer); 8:00 --12:00 a.m. and 13:30 --17:00 p.m. from October 1 to April 30 (winter).

3. Time for outpatient service by Geriatrics Multidisciplinary Team: On the morning of Mondays and Thursdays, the telephone number for appointment: 0571-81595016.


II. Appointment Guide

You can make appointment with the Special Need Clinic, Specialist Clinic and General Clinic of the hospital and for registration before the diagnosis for the convenience of treatment. Please provide the patient's real name, ID number, and telephone number when making the appointment. Please take the queuing receipt earlier before the diagnosis according to your appointment number. Future appointments will be adversely affected in case of violation.

1. Appointment time

You can make the appointment within one week before the diagnosis (it cannot be made on the day of diagnosis). The platform for the province is running 24 hours a day. The appointment made after 15:00 is valid for the medical service within 7 days after the day of appointment, but invalid for the medical service the following day. Appointments on the platform of this hospital should be made in working hours. The appointment made after 8:00 is valid for the medical service within 7 days after the day of appointment, but the appointment made after 17:00 is invalid for the medical service the following day.

2. Appointment method

1) Telephone number: 114, 12580, and 96365 for the provincial platform; 0571-81595137 and 87990123 for the platform of the hospital;

2) Websites: http://:guahao.zjol.com.cn, http://www.zj12580.cn, http://yiyuan.96365.com for the provincial platform; and www.zjhospital.com.cn for the platform of the hospital;

3) On-site appointment: Appointment Service Center on the second floor of the outpatient building;

4) Outpatient room: The patient can make an appointment for the next diagnosis at the outpatient room before the end of the current diagnosis;

5) Self-service equipment: On the self-service equipment in Zhejiang Hospital;

6) Community Health Service: The community-based health service centers that signed contracts with Zhejiang Hospital;

3. Appointment result

Please take the queuing receipt earlier before the diagnosis at the registration window according to the appointment if it is made successfully. The appointment will automatically become invalid after the prescribed time. Patients with more than one violation will be included in the blacklist, and future appointments and registration services will be adversely affected.

4. Appointment restrictions

The same patient can make 2 appointments at most in one day, not with the same department.

5. Alteration or cancellation of appointment

If one cannot go to hospital on time for some reason after the appointment is made, please alter or cancel it one day earlier in the same way of making the appointment.


III. Cancellation of diagnosis or replacement of specialist

If the specialist you made an appointment with cannot provide service for some reason, the hospital will contact you by mobile phone or text message in advance. Please pay attention to the message, and the hospital will send another specialist or make a new appointment with you according to the actual situation.


IV. Real-name registration and appointment

The hospital provides diagnosis and treatment under real names to keep patients’ information confidential. Patients are requested to provide real names, ID numbers (or other valid ID documents) and valid mobile phone numbers to receive the text messages for appointment and information on cancellation or replacement. Please show the medical records and medical care card at the time of registration. Patients without the medical care card should show ID cards (or other valid ID documents).


V. Other instructions

The hospital has been improving the information system and the appointment and diagnosis services. Thanks for your kind support, suggestions or advices if there are any defects. Telephone number for consultation: 0571-81595014 (outpatient office).