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Deepening the Implementation of Integrating Medical, Healthcare, Nursing and Rehabilitation in A Diversified Manner, Zhejiang Hospital Is Making Efforts in Forging A Model for Community Endowment

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On the afternoon of May 13, the contract is formally executed between Zhejiang Hospital and Jiayuan Medical Endowment Group. Jiayuan Joy Endowment Community Self-built Medical-Rehabilitation-Nursing organization will be established after contract signing, devoted to forging an integrated model for community medical, endowment and rehabilitation. The supporting hospital for the endowment community established via cooperation is Hangzhou Jiayuan Hospital, that is, “Hangzhou Jiayuan Rehabilitation & Nursing Hospital” (temporary name). Both parties are cooperating in developing the medical, nursing and rehabilitation section, and undertaking cooperation in various modes like overall management, expert consultation and green channel for medical treatment, etc.

    Combining medical with endowment, and constructing new endowment communities

As pointed out in the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the healthy people is an important sign for national prospect and prosperity in carrying out the healthy China strategy; it’s also highlighted in the report that actively coping with aging of population, constructing endowment, serving and respecting elders in combination with social environment and accelerating medical and endowment, and speeding up the development of elderly undertaking and industry. Actively accelerating “medical and endowment integration” is a core issue to cope with the aging of population. It’s also put forward in the “13th Five-Year-Plan” that “building a multi-level endowment service system with home as basis, with community as support and with organization as supplement”, and above 90% elders will have their endowment in communities.

Zhejiang Jiayuan Medical Endowment Health Management Group Co., Ltd.is subordinated to Jiayuan Chuangsheng Shareholding Group Co., Ltd. It’s a subsidiary of Jiayuan Group for development of medical treatment and endowment industry. There are more than 300 shareholding enterprises under the Group, including 5 listed companies. The “Jiayuan Joy” Endowment Community currently established by the Group together with Zhejaing Hospital is located in Renhe Sub-district, Liangzhu Group, Hangzhou City. The project could accommodate 3200 elders upon completion, forging a leading Great Health industry by relying on perfect medical, nursing, rehabilitation and living supporting system, and realizing a new lifestyle meeting the demands from all-age endowment and health-preserving clients.

    Promote social organizations for establishment of endowment organizations
    Development with “West Lake Mode” in depth and breadth

Yan Jing, Party Committee Secretary of Zhejiang Hospital says, according to the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the “13th Five-Year-Plan” and in the major background of aging of population, in recent years, as the leading hospital in geriatric diagnosis and treatment in Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Hospital has been at the forefront in exploring a new mode of medical maintenance and health integration supported by medical treatment. Resorting to Zhejiang Province Elderly Specialists Association and a high level integrated medical platform, constructing the “West Lake Mode” seamless transfer between family, community and hospital in major city, and breaking through the last mile for integration of medical, endowment and nursing. At the same time, by providing continuous medical care and long-term life care services for the elderly, we will build a "Great Health" pattern, and strive to solve the practical problems of "difficult and expensive endowment", accelerating the comprehensive hospital geriatric department construction, intensifying guidance and cooperation with fundamental-level medical health organizations, boosting seamless transfer between family, community and hospital, dedicating to utmost integration of medical, endowment, nursing and rehabilitation, and making outstanding contributions to speeding up the development of elderly undertaking and industry.

This cooperation is a diversified exploration of the "West Lake Mode", and accelerating the cooperation mode with social medical elderly care institutions. Zhejiang hospital will put into management, technical resources and medical care rehabilitation team, mobilize various resources continuously in discipline construction, expert support, personnel training, academic exchanges, operation management to give relevant support, make Hangzhou Jiayuan Rehabilitation & Nursing Hospital quickly reach a scale medical care rehabilitation service ability, promote the development of "West Lake Mode" in depth and breadth. After the completion, the medical institutions will be listed as "Zhejiang Hospital Cooperative Hospital". After the cooperative medical institutions are completed and put into use, the provincial and municipal medical insurance will also be opened to establish a green channel. This means that if the elderly in Jiayuan Joy Endowment Community need hospitalization, they could be quickly hospialized at Zhejiang Hospital directly from the "green channel" and transfer back to Jiayuan Joy Endowment Community after their illness being improved.

Forge a “Joy Endowment City”
    Accelerate the process of medical, endowment, nursing and rehabilitation

Jiayuan Joy Endowment Community will take health industry as leading industry, take rehabilitation industry as supporting industry, and take community as a carrier, integrate city-level perfect supporting facilities and beautiful natural environment, construct “Great Health, Great Happiness, High Quality Life, All-Round and All-Age” new generation rehabilitation community. Joy Endowment Community is not a traditional community, while it’s rather an “endowment city” integrated with multiple functions as medical treatment, life, sports, residence and catering, etc, and meeting all-round “endowment” demands.

“This cooperation in forging Jiayuan Joy Endowment Community is a very meaningful exploration. Hope both parties could jointly forge ahead in medical treatment technology, nursing service, medical and endowment combination and endowment services, etc, jointly cultivate the all-age and all-period health service system, and explore the new mode integrated with medical, endowment, nursing and rehabilitation. Cultivate and attract high-level medical treatment and nursing talents, improve medical treatment, nursing and rehabilitation level and the service quality of endowment nursing, realize sharing of the medical resources, and boost the diversified development of “West Lake Mode” in width and breadth”, says Yanjing.