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Being on duty for 24 Hours with Successful Treatment Rate of 100%. The Spring Festival Chatting Record of WeChat Work Group of the Zhejiang Hospital Chest Pain Center.

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"Ding" "Ding"   "Ding" ... ... In the occasion of Chinese people’s happy celebrating the Spring Festival, the WeChat work group of Zhejiang Hospital Chest Pain Center was unusually busy, accompanied by the electrocardiogram diagnosis one by one and transfer application piece by piece. The acute heart attack patient’s information was just as the arrival of a bomb attack.

The Spring Festival chat record of the WeChat Work Group of Zhejiang Hospital Chest Pain Center was “exposed” ……

——-      "A man, 47 years old, was with a chest pain for 15 hours. Due to the increase of the cardiomyoenzyme, he made the request of transferring."
On 3rd, February, the last working day afternoon before the Spring Festival holiday, originated with an electrocardiogram, the WeChat work group of Zhejiang Hospital Chest Pain Center received an emergency transfer application from Liuxia community health service center. Afterwards, Du Changqing, as deputy director of Physicians, from Cardiovascular Medicine department of Zhejiang Hospital immediately made a phone call to communicate .After detailed inquiries, the patient was diagnosed that he may be with acute heart attack which belongs to one of the indications for emergency angiography. That patient must be quickly transferred, immediately be took with drug to shorten the total time of ischemic, improve the prognosis. Subsequently, the emergency vehicles carrying patients from Liuxia community health service center to the Lingyin division of Zhejiang Hospital. Zhejiang Hospital Chest Pain Center made opened a catheter room within 30 minutes. So that that operation was completed successfully. It only took less than 90 minutes, which was calculated from receiving the first electrocardiogram report to Zhejiang Hospital’s operation. That is less than the 120 minutes which was calculated from the first medical contact required by the domestic and foreign heart infarction treatment guidelines to the lead wire through the lesions. “Now the New Year's Day is coming. Don’t forget to call the number 120,if you have chest discomfort .As long as there is any trust, Zhejiang Hospital chest pain center will provide efficient, quality services for all the patients.” Du Changqing wrote in a WeChat minute.

- "We met an elderly woman with a sudden chest pain for 10 hours in the emergency consultation department in San Dun division. According to her electrocardiogram, we concluded that there may be high possibility of right coronal congestion. That would be prepared for emergency anthogon ..."

On February 4th Chinese New Year's Eve at 11 a.m., another case of chest pain appeared in WeChat with an electrocardiogram diagnosis. After the consultation, considering the critical situation, Dr. Jin Hongfeng, Deputy Director of Cardiovascular Medicine of Zhejiang Hospital and Deputy Director of Du Changqing, immediately performed coronary artery angiography on 90-year-old Yang's grandmother and performed interventional therapy to set up stents for her heart blood vessels and restore normal blood supply. “The results showed that three vascular lesions, 80% narrow for frontal reduction, 60% for narrow gyration, 99% for narrow right artery. These data led to acute myocardial infarction. The situation is very critical. If there is no effective and timely treatment, the consequences are very serious, even life-threatening.”

-----"One man,44 years old, was found with chest pain for 4 hours.
The repeated tremors happened on him before physician’s making pictures ... Fortunately, there was no danger in the end.”
At around 2 a.m. on 5th February, the first day of the new year, there was one message in the Zhejiang Hospital chest pain WeChat work group. At that time, most people have appreciated the Spring Festival Evening TV program and just enjoyed their sweet dreamland. After Chinese New Year's Eve, the restaurant staff Liu Ming (as alias) and his colleagues gathered for drinking, smoking, talking and laughing after evening work. They were ready for the New Year’s coming. Suddenly a burst of chest tightness attack hit him. According to his understanding, it was because of the evening work. However, he gradually began to sweat and can say nothing。With the help of his colleagues, he was sent to the Zhejiang Hospital Lingyin division emergency room. Dr. Xu Chenkai, a cardiovascular physician who received the treatment, judged it to be a typical acute heart infarction and recommended coronary angiography immediately. 
However, liu Ming (as alias) who was coming from Henan province lived and worked in Hangzhou with no relatives around. Living in a simple life, he had no money when he was sent to the hospital at night. He hesitated, the moment he was told to do operation……Mr. Xu Chenkai, considering the severity of his illness, informed Jin Hongfeng, who was on duty in San Dun division, to come to LingYuan division. In the meantime, he was trying to enlighten Liu Ming (as alias). 
" What if I don't have the money?  " The patients’ life went first! After simple phone call communication with Liu Ming 's (as alias) family, the hospital launched a green channel for him. Liu Ming was moved to the catheter room for operation. However, there was a dangerous situation occurred. There were two times of serious arrhythmia. The current situation was very dangerous. While the Cardiovascular medical team engaged to seize the time to open the blocked blood vessels, they were doing the CPR, electro-defibrillation to restore heart rhythm. Heart rhythm fluctuated again and again. It was followed by electric shocks time and time again. Finally, after timely and effective rescue, Liu Ming (as alias) his heart rhythm leveled off. Afterwards, Jin Hongfeng raced for seconds, implanted stents, blocked blood vessels to let the heart working smoothly."  "The coronary artery of the human heart was divided into three branches. One on the right was the right coronary artery. The other two on the left were separately the anterior descending artery and the circumflex artery. All these three arteries were very important. “According to Jin Hongfeng, Liu Ming (pseudonym) had complete blocking of the right artery with malignant arrhythmia. That was very prone to sudden cardiac death. “If ventricular fibrillation occurs in patients with myocardial infarction outside the hospital, more than 99% of such patients will die suddenly and have no chance to rescue. “This showed that the doctors of Zhejiang hospital have had another success to help the patient out of death.
Blocked Blood Vessels
The Blood Vessels being Open

-----"A man, 55-year-old male, was with the repeated chest tightness for 5 days and then 3 hours"
On the afternoon of February 6th, Mr. Yu, who had come to Hangzhou from Linping to visit relatives, was sent by his wife to the emergency department of The San Dun division of Zhejiang Hospital. The doctor diagnosed an acute heart attack. At this time, the chest pain center immediately opened the green channel. That patient was arranged to go to the catheter room. The imaging results showed 99% occlusion of the proximal and 99% occlusion of the middle segment of the anterior descending branch, 70% stenosis of the first septal branch, and 50% stenosis of the gyral branch. Tang Yimin, as the deputy director of physicians, from the Zhejiang Hospital Medical Department and deputy director of cardiovascular medicine together with Du Changqing as the deputy director of physicians had implanted two stents for the patients’ descending anterior branch to successfully make the blood vessels open.
Speaking of this experience, Mr. Yu's wife still has palpitations. It turns out that Mr. Yu had paroxysmal chest tightness 5 days ago. It has been thought to be high blood pressure out of control. During the New Year, they had no idea about his health as they were busy to visit relatives. From Linping drive to Hangzhou, there were a gust of serious chest tightness. Due to his wife's insistence, he had to go to the hospital. After examination, it was an acute heart attack." Thanks to the director Tang of Zhejiang Hospital and all the medical staff of the chest pain center, I won't dare to be so careless again," they said.

Receiving the useful information before meeting the patients.
Zhejiang Hospital Chest Pain Center strived to create a very fast heart-saving channel.
Time is the heart muscle! Time is life! Every rapid treatment of a high-risk heart attack is a race against death. For patients with acute heart attack, time is the heart muscle. One minute early is equal to a higher probability of myocardial survival in surgery.
At present, chest pain center had become one of the important signs to measure the level of acute myocardial infarction treatment of a medical unit. It provided a rapid diagnosis and treatment channel for acute myocardial infarction, aortic mezzanine, pulmonary embolism and other acute chest pain patients. That also provided timely treatment to the chest pain patients. Through the multidisciplinary collaboration including heart center, emergency department, thoracic surgery, respiratory medicine, digestive medicine, medical imaging, medical examination etc., Zhejiang Hospital Chest Pain Center relies on a smooth regional collaborative treatment mechanism to provide efficient, convenient and optimal diagnosis and treatment for chest pain patients. As for the patients with acute myocardial infarction in Zhejiang Hospital, the time calculating from the first medical contact to blood vessels opening was far lower than the time required by the domestic and foreign heart infarction treatment guidelines. As we all know that time limit was 120 minutes in accordance with the guideline. Zhejiang Hospital could control that within min. 30 minutes. The average time was 90 minutes,which saved hundreds of serious patients. In addition, through seamless docking with emergency centers and primary hospitals, the green channel was opening quickly. The proportion of patients who had the direct access to the catheterization room for the operation and received the interventional treatment had increased significantly. That reduced the time for treatment. 
In order to help medical services to realize “Only one time for patients to deal with hospital business.” and improve the range of the "golden swim ring" for chest pain patients, In 2018, the zhejiang hospital has signed a contract with the following organizations to set up chest  Pain Center Cooperative Alliance. They contained the Hangzhou  120 emergency center, 18 surrounding community health service centers from West Lake District, Scenic Spots District, Gongshu District, Binjiang District and Xiacheng District,etc. and 9 provincial hospitals in the areas like Anji, Lin'an, Fuyang and other places. Doctors in that alliance had set up a WeChat group for Zhejiang Hospital Chest Pain Center. The experts from Chest Pain Center of Zhejiang Hospital must respond within 3 minutes since receiving the patients’ report. In the event of a special case, the on-duty telephone is open 24 hours a day.
“Many cases of acute chest pain are discussed through our WeChat group to timely transmit each electrocardiograms and finish the remote consultation. That greatly saved a lot of time for these acute chest pain patients. Dr. Tang Lijiang, Director of Cardiovascular Medicine at Zhejiang Hospital, said,“Some patients with acute chest pain under appropriate conditions were arranged to the direct access to the catheterization room, which is the most effective way to shorten the ischemia time. “Receiving the useful information before meeting the patients.” The treatment front moves forward to achieve the seamless interface between pre-hospital first aid and the hospital green channel. So that patients benefited a lot. That was also the goal pursued by our hospital chest pain center."  

Chest Pain Center of Zhejiang Hospital
During the Spring Festival,
There is 24 hours on duty for Zhejiang Hospital Chest Pain Center.
We served with 100% treatment success rate,
24 hours × 365 days a day, 7 days a week emergency rescue service.
We guarantee
Completing your first electrocardiogram report within 10 minutes
Finishing a heart attack blood test within 20 minutes
Making open the closed heart vessels within 90 minutes

Originated from: Chest Pain Center, Cardiovascular Medicine, Emergency Department
Collecting and Writing by : Wang Wei, from Propaganda Center