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Appointment Methods

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I. Appointment Methods


There are many ways to make outpatient appointments, including:

1. WeChat official account/service account of the Zhejiang Hospital;

2. Alipay app: search for "City Service", and select "Appointment"-Zhejiang Province-Zhejiang Hospital;

3. Online appointment: http://:guabao.zjol.com.cn

4. Telephone appointment: dial 114 or 12580;

5. Zheliban app: select "Appointment" in the National Healthcare Section, and select Zhejiang Hospital;

6. Mobile APP: Zhejiang Health Guide app

7. Making appointments when seeing a doctor;

8. Community transfer treatment appointment


II. Physical Examination Appointment

1) Appointments for examination items such as ultrasonic examination, CT, MRI, gastroscopy, and colonoscopy are available all day in Lingyin Campus from Monday to Saturday and Sandun Campus from Monday to Sunday;
2) On-site appointment: Appointment Service Center, F2, Outpatient Clinic, Lingyin Campus; service counters in each clinic of Sandun Campus
3) On-site appointment for the above examination items: Appointment Service Center, F2, Outpatient Clinic;
4) Appointment consulting hotline: Lingyin Campus 0571-81595137, Sandun Campus 0571-87377504

5) Cancellations or changes to the examination appointment: follow the WeChat service account of Internet Hospital of Zhejiang Hospital, and select changing examination appointment. Cancellations and changes should be made two days before the scheduled examination.