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Starts from beginning, everything looks fresh and gay. Never stop on the road of dream pursuit! Happy New Year from Zhejiang Hospital

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Put on white dress and face clinical patients, we are making our utmost efforts to fight for life;

Hold breath quietly, with all concentration in the lab, and we are running for scientific research and studying;

All matters, whether important or trivial, logistics, administration, we are making utmost efforts to run for construction and development of hospital and welfare of staff......

2018, is a memorable year, is a year full of opportunities and challenges.

    This year is the 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up, we keep up with the pace with the times, go down-to-earth, and pursue our dreams;

    In this year, Sandun Hospital Area of Zhejiang Hospital puts into operation, we forge ahead and stride forward into a new era with two hospital areas;

    In this year, we explore and innovate, forge ahead and climb the peak of scientific research;

    In this year, We stick to our duties, and if you live together, I will go all out;

    In this year, we sincerely dedicate, keep original intention in mind, throw our youth and blood to the border of motherland, and to the African continent afar;

    In this year, we should important tasks, we are brave in assuming social responsibilities, concentrating on public welfare and focusing on social benefit, serving people’s health, and bringing knowledge of health to more people while winning praises;

       In this year, we spend our own Physician’s Day and Nurse Day, and we are fighting and struggling with full efforts on the race course;

    In this year, we are like a family, outpatient department, ward, arranged with a strong warm meaning, medical staff and patients, here to build a harmonious doctor-patient relationship.

Now, look back to the past, we are worthy of the heart, looking forward to the future, we will never stop, and will be brave dreamers.

Leap and climb

     The leading group assumes their new offices

The two hospital areas are on a par with one another

On June 28,2018, Sandun Hospital Area of Zhejiang Hospital was put into operation. Since then, Zhejiang Hospital has entered a new era of the two hospitals. Lingyin and Sandun two hospital areas drive together to bring high-quality and convenient medical services to more citizens.Relying on the new diagnosis and treatment mode of the ten centers, Sandun Hospital Area has become a comprehensive hospital with distinctive specialty characteristics and a provincial geriatric treatment and rehabilitation center, a research center, a guidance center and an exchange and cooperation center at home and abroad.

On the new journey, two hospital areas of Zhejiang Hospital have made remarkable new development.In 2018, the number of outpatient and emergency visits increased by nearly 50% from last year, and the number of patients discharged increased by more than 30% from last year.

On the new journey, the reform of the dean responsibility system under the leadership of the Party Committee was successfully set sail in Zhejiang Hospital. The new Party and government leadership with Yan Jing as Party secretary, Hong Chaoyang as president and deputy secretary of the Party Committee began to fully perform its performance, leading the two hospitals of Zhejiang Hospital to stride forward.

On the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, all the medical staff at Zhejiang Hospital adhere to Comrade Xi Jinping’s thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the new era as the guidance, resolutely maintain the authority of the party central committee with comrade xi as the core and centralized and unified leadership, around the party construction requirements of the new era, comprehensively promote the hospital party's ideological construction, organizational construction, style construction, system construction and anti-corruption construction.The responsibility letter for building Party conduct, clean government and conduct was signed, and the general meeting of all Party members was held to welcome the 97th anniversary of the founding of the Party……


Innovating and piloting

Effective break-through in disciplines and technologies

The medical staff of Zhejiang Hospital are working hard in the field of medicine, they are the messengers of patients to regain health and even life.

Taking the 30th anniversary of the department of the establishment of the ICU as an opportunity, it expanded its external influence and technical radiation, and held five state-level training courses.

The Department of geriatrics launched two multi-center studies in the province. In 2018, on the reputation and comprehensive ranking of Chinese hospitals, the Department of Zhejiang Hospital was ranked in the top 10 in China, and the Department of Critical Care Medicine was nominated.

In November 2018, the Brain Center of Zhejiang Hospital was established to establish a unified and standardized treatment system for acute vascular diseases, including the integrated process of thrombolysis and thrombolysis removal for acute ischemic stroke.

Plastic surgery leads the lead in the province using autologous fat transplantation for skin regeneration, filling and defect repair; and comprehensive method (autologous active cell therapy, flap transfer, VSD technology) in the treatment of head and facial trauma and postoperative complications.

The Department of General Practice has carried out comprehensive evaluation of the elderly, home medical care technology, and carried out the introduction and transformation of new technologies and projects in genetic tumor genetic testing and low-density lipoprotein subtyping detection.

Zhejiang Hospital has become an international science and technology cooperation base in Zhejiang geriatrics; won a number of national and provincial scientific research fund projects and awards.

The Medical Simulation Center covering 4630.6 square meters was put into use on August 27, 2018, “Hospital in Hospital” and “Cloud Classroom” ……are in a leading level in China and internationally-first-rate.

The grade-level hospital assessment and JCI review are being proceeded as expected.

Stick to duties and responsibilities

They are making call for doctors of Zhejiang Hospital

“Double Landing”——Break through the governor and conception vessels of high quality medical treatment

87-year-old grandma Cai was sent to Anji Branch of Zhejiang Hospital for sudden outbreak of cerebral apoplexy on January 8, 2018, three days after the operation, she could walk on ground, and became the oldest patient recovered from cerebral infarction in Anji County.

On June 4,2018, Ma Bo, deputy chief physician of the Breast Surgery Department of Zhejiang Hospital, successfully launched the first intravenous infusion port technology at Anji Branch Hospital in Anji County, which greatly improved the patients' comfort and quality of life. Uncle Fan, 56, was grateful after the operation, “I’m grateful to the doctors at Zhejiang Hospital for their excellent medical skills and thanked them for injecting a line of life into my life.”

Mr. Ma, a patient hospitalized at Pinghu Branch of Zhejiang Hospital had plenty haematemesis on August 28, 2018. His haemotonin decreased rapidly, and after repeated rescue, the blood transfusion had reached 10,000 milliliters, but the blood pressure still could not be stable. It’s out of control by drugs at that time, plus surgical operation could not be conducted due to operation of the patient for abdominal neoplasms. After receiving the diagnosis, Li Bo, deputy chief physician of the Radiology Department of Zhejiang Hospital, immediately intervened in angiography. The angiography found that the patient was artery rupture and bleeding at the biliary anastomosis, and immediately gave emergency arterial embolization. During the operation, the blood pressure recovered, the heart rate recovered, the condition became stable, and the family members breathed a long sigh of relief: thanks to experts from Zhejiang Hospital, he came back from death.

 Rich fruits from sincere dedications, and restart by keeping original intention in mind

 “Assisting Xinjiang across thousand miles”——Forging ahead on road

Say farewell to the South, and cross Tianshan Mountains, they go to Arkesu in Xinjiang with heavy mission. The four experts from Zhejiang Hospital among the second team talents of Zhejiang Province assisting Xinjiang by “group” came back on July 6, 2018 with rich fruits and honors after successfully accomplishing the task of assisting Xinjiang, they were Chief Physician Jin Hongfeng, Vice Director of Cardiovascular Medicine Department from Zhejiang Hospital, Associate Chief Physician Hu Caibao from Department of Critical Care Medicine, Associate Chief Physician Cong Yanqun from Gastroenterology Department and Associate Chief Physician Wang Shaoguan from Endocrinology Department. Within the one and half year in Arkesu assisting Xinjiang, they were precisely offering assistance, being united and dedicated, and had won praises from leaders of local hospitals, colleagues and patients. They were sweetly called “Four Gifted Scholars of Zhejiang Hospital” and “Outstanding Doctors from Zhejiang Assisting Xinjiang”........the various honors were coming in a continuous stream.

“The experts assisting Xinjiang have won trust from the medical staff of our hospital and the extensive patients by their pragmatic work style and consummate medical skills.” A special letter of thanks was sent to Zhejiang Hospital on the morning of July 27, 2018. The delegates led by Director Tu Jianfeng of Arkesu Area No.1 People’s Hospital in Xinjiang came afar from Arkesu crossing Tianshan Mountains and solemnly handed over this letter of thanks to Cao Yongbao, Vice Director of Zhejiang Hospital.

On August 26, 2018, as the second phase experts among the ninth team from Zhejiang Province assisting Xinjiang, Chief Physician Ling Feng, Vice Director of Conduit Department at Zhejiang Hospital, Associate Chief Physician Feng Yuliang, Vice Director of Digestive Endoscopy Department and Associate Chief Physician Liu Bingyu from Department of Critical Care Medicine went to Arkesu in Xinjiang and started their road of “Assisting Xinjiang” with deep attachment from the Southern people and the glorious mission for medical support and assistance.

Within less than half year since arrival in Xinjiang, Ling Feng (status for assisting Xinjiang: Chief Expert of Department of Cardiology at Arkesu Area No.1 People’s Hospital, Director of No.3 Cardiology Department) went down to Wushi, Arheya, Xinhe, Arwati and other remote places for free medical consultation and treatment and conducted more than hundred coronary interventions, including some complicated and highly difficult operation cases.

Feng Yuliang (status for assisting Xinjiang: Vice Director of Gastroenterology Department at Arkesu Area No.1 People’s Hospital and Director of Endoscope Department) successively went down to Wushi, Xinhe, Arwati and other remote places for free medical consultation and treatment, undertook more than hundred times of standardized diagnosis and treatment demonstrations including ward inspection and discussions of intractable cases, gastroscopy and enteroscopy and EMR, etc.

Liu Bingyu (status for assisting Xinjiang: Director of Critical Care Center at Arkesu Area No.1 People’s Hospital) investigated three critical care units of the hospital-ICU, CCU and EICU, and customized development goals and planning according to these three departments, actively accelerated the undertaking of core technologies and standardized management of the ICU. Currently, he has completed the training for invasive hemodynamic monitoring and CRRT technology standardized training, and has formulated the continuous renal replacement therapy regime and standardized procedures for Arkesu Area.

On December 24, 2018, the 19th team Ph. D. service group formally started their journey, Associate Chief Physician Li Zhijun, Doctor of Medicine from Respiratory Medicine Department of Zhejiang Hospital was selected into the team with honor and went to Tibet for medical assistance. Leaving his blood and sweat on the snowy plateau would bring happiness and health to the people on this land. With this original intention, in the next one year, Li Zhijun would assume the important responsibility of the local people's health with the status of Vice Director of Shigatse City People’s Hospital.

Sing song of life loudly across ten-thousand miles

“The Journey of Assisting Africa”——Set sail again by accomplishing missions

The 50th anniversary for Zhejiang Province assigning medical teams to Africa, and the leaders of Zhejiang Province interviewed the advanced representatives of the medical teams assigned to Africa in the province on December 10, 2018. Che Jun, Party Committee Secretary of Zhejiang Province and Yuan Jiajun, Party Committee Deputy Secretary of Zhejiang Province and Governor of the Province attended the interview. Song Boshan, Vice Director of Zhejiang Hospital and Leader of the 24th Medical Team assigned by China to Mali and other advanced representatives were invited to attend the interview.

On December 11, 2018, the memorial meeting to the 50th anniversary of medical assigned to Africa is held by Zhejiang Province Health Committee, and 10 advanced units for overseas medical assistance work and the advanced individuals as Song Boshan, et al were commended on the meeting.

As a member of the 26th expert medical team to be assigned to Mali by China, Chief Physician Wang Bozhong, Director of Cardiac Rehabilitation Department will go to Mali in 2019 and start his new journey of assisting Africa.

Social responsibilities

Fulfill due social responsibilities to benefit all people

West Lake Mode wins extensive favors and praises

Servicing society is the historical responsibility of each hospital, Zhejiang Hospital in the process of realizing their leapfrog development, always to fulfill large public hospital social responsibility, service public health as their duty, deepen reform, keep pace with The Times, innovation, initiative, long-term organization of all kinds of health lectures, free medical consultation, brand activities, the hospital social responsibility and the public health interests as the core of medical services.Taking the initiative to assume the spirit of social responsibility has won wide praise from all walks of society.

Zhejiang Hospital signed contract with West Lake District Government to take entrusted management of the Hospital Integrated with Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine in West Lake District in March 2018. Carry out the mode of “ward area entrusted management, key support of outpatient”, and establish multiple long-term and mid-term medical and nursing service modes including RCW, PAC, elderly integrated ward and triple-care patient rehabilitation and nursing, and tranquil alleviation medical treatment ward, etc. Establish “Grade A Class III Standard Ward” in community hospital, integrated with community rehabilitation, medical and endowment integration and tranquil nursing and form the hierarchical diagnosis and treatment mode in combination with “first diagnosis at fundamental-level, two-way transfer and upward and downward linkage”. It’s also the first hospital in the province launching the multi-legal-person medical alliance structure information, supporting reservation, examination and test between different hospital areas, and it has successfully realized the sharing of multiple resources between different hospital areas on basis of information system integration, unified management of patients’ archives, trans-institutional coordination of medical treatment service process and other diversified objectives. Establishing the “West Lake Mode” with seamless transfer system between family, community and hospital in big cities could effectively integrate the nursing resources in medical alliances and communities. This mode has been highly praised by many famous professors like Li Xiaoying, the former Chairman of National Geriatrics Committee from Beijing No.301 Hospital, and has been recognized by the local people.

Create brand activities and boast the honesty and integrity from a big hospital

Many colorful and wonderful events and activities

In order to respond to the call from Healthy China Strategy, the medical staff from Zhejiang Hospital went down to Xinchang County People’s Hospital on September 21, 2018, to undertake the event of “supporting fundamental-level medical treatment, and boosting a healthy Zhejiang”.

In order to actively promote the knowledge on prevention and treatment of cardia-cerebrovascular disease, to improve the public understanding of blood pressure and health awareness and the capacity of health behaviors, the 21st “National Hypertension Day” thematic promotion event in Zhejiang Province was organized by Zhejiang Hospital and Zhejiang Province Cardia-cerebrovascular Disease Prevention, Treatment and Research Center on October 8, 2018, and they went to Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and Technology for popular science propaganda.

The free first-aid lectures and cardiopulmonary resuscitation training classes were offered at Sandun Hospital Area of Zhejiang Hospital on October 13, 2018, and the cardiovascular first-aid tutoring team from Zhejiang Hospital trained 200 citizens in learning the first-aid knowledge and skills like CPR, etc.

On October 14, 2018, the occasion of Double Ninth Festival, the large-scale free diagnosis and treatment event was successfully held by Zhejiang Hospital at Sandun Hospital Area of Zhejiang Hospital with theme of “improving medical service actions, and deepening maximally one-go reform” Double Ninth Festival under the large-scale free diagnosis and treatment event-Zhejiang Hospital’s Appointment with you on health. In the morning, 55 experts covering all disciplines and doctors from various clinics and departments attended the free diagnosis and treatment, answered questions from the patients and cordially served the patients. More than 2000 patients had made reservations for the usually scarce expert registrations in advance, or made ordinary outpatient registrations on site, and they were satisfied with the high quality and considerate medical services.

The first-aid knowledge popularization month and the first-aid knowledge and skill training for “China 1120 Myocardial Infarction (MI) Treatment Day from Zhejiang Hospital was launched at Sandun Hospital Area of Zhejiang Hospital on November 20, 2018. The hospital had integrated interdisciplinary resources and organized the first-aid popularization knowledge contest on the basis of Northwest of the City and covering the entire Hangzhou. More than 10 large-scale free diagnosis and treatment events, community lectures, first-aid knowledge lectures and first-aid skill trainings, etc were undertaken within one month, and more than 10 organizations and dozens of communities participated and nearly ten thousand people benefited from this event.

The “120 National First-aid Propaganda Day First-aid Popularization Lecture Public Welfare Event” was held at the Conference Center of Sandun Hospital Area of Zhejiang Hospital on January 20, 2019, and a popularization of first-aid was dedicated to the citizens in Hagnzhou. Meanwhile, the hospital maintained a close cooperation with Hangzhou First-Aid Center, jointly establish the first-aid system, so as to better assume the tasks on medical first-aid rescue and technical support in Northwestern areas surrounding the city with a population nearly 1 million people.

Forge ahead warmly

Get refined internally and externally and serve the people wholeheartedly

Doctors and patients heart-to-heart for joint harmony

In order to offer the patients with better hospitalization experiences from the customers, the staff of Zhejiang Hospital get refined internally and externally, improve their hard power by many channels and directions and improve their services, and all these have laid a solid foundation for constructing the harmonious relationship between doctors and patients.

The “Deepening “Maximally One-Go” Reform Action Plan in Health Service Field of Zhejiang Province” is printed and distributed in April 2018, with emphasis on accelerating the improvements of ten major health service items like less queuing at hospital, more convenient for payment, less walks for examination and less worries for hospitalization, etc. In order to continuously improve the sense of gain and happiness, the Lingyin Hospital Area and Sandun Hospital Area of Zhejiang Hospital start from the actual demands of patients in various aspects, put forth new ideas, continuously deepen, start from subtle aspects, comprehensively achieve “maximally one-go” and improve the medical service experiences from the patients.

Centering with “maximally one-go”, “one-stop service center”, “central system of diagnosis and treatment mode” and the “Juhe Pay” cloud technology supported multi-legal-person framework, the information system integration between medical alliance hospitals (community hospitals) is successively realized. The Emergency Department of Lingyin Hospital Area has launched the “Consecutive First-Aid Services”, the Outpatient Department has launched the “shared wheelchair” and “zero distance” services, the various ward areas have launched “bedside settlement”, the Brain Center has launched “one-stop” specialty services, and so on, all start from subtle details and improve the medical service experiences from the patients in all-round manner.

There emerges numerous nursing highlights, the “five-full service concept” from Sino-American Diabetes Center, the “Swallow Mum” Brand House from the Gynaecology and Obstetrics Department, the “Tranquil Treatment and Nursing” and “Discharge Preparation Service” items from the ward integrated with TCM and Western Medicine, and the “Mirror-Mirror” thematic service concept from the Endoscope Center and so on have fully reflected the warm-hearted nursing service guided by the demands from patients.

Concentrate on internal cultivation, the Internal Medicine Department has turned the annual summary meeting into young doctors into young internal medicine doctors knowledge and skills competition, to improve the professional ability of young doctors, and improve the quality of medical services.

The diligent work from staff of Zhejiang Hospital has won recognition from the patients. Via the numerous colorful banners and plain letters of thanks, the patients condensate their simple and sincere thanks on the tip of their pens, reflect their true feelings in lines, and they have become the witness to the close relation between doctors and patients. Meanwhile, they are also the best rewards to the benevolence and selfishless dedications from the medical staff of Zhejiang Hospital. “I must go all out if you entrust your life to me”, and they are continuing to guard your health with their high quality medical services in your spurs and encouragements!

Cultural construction

Profound humanistic cultural background

Cohesion of people’s will for promotion of development

The hospital culture is inheriting generation by generation over the history of more than sixty years. In this year, the hospital insists on “people-oriented”, exploring and innovating, concentrating on medical quality and high quality services, fully mobilizing the enthusiasm and creativity from the extensive staff, stimulating the responsibility and mission as “staff of Zhejiang Hospital”, enhancing the cohesion for hospital development, building a favorable humanistic environment for construction and development of the hospital, and realizing the fast, comprehensive and harmonious development of the hospital.

May 4, 2018, hand health promotion held at Zhejiang Hospital, and May 4 Youth Theme League Day event held at the same day;

On the occasion the 107th International Nurse Day is coming, the Angel’s Appointment Theme Meeting with “Professional, Guiding, Developing and Seeking the New Chapter of Nursing” is held at Zhejiang Hospital on the morning of May 9, 2018;

The evening of May 11, 2018, Zhejiang Hospital held a conference to celebrate the 512 International Nurses Day and the "Taste of Books" achievement display conference;

On the 31st “World No Tobacco Day”, The signing ceremony of "5.31 World No Tobacco Day" of Zhejiang Hospital and the large-scale free clinic activities are successfully held;

In order to enable the medical staff to be a warm staff, the senior media professional and a senior journalist from People’s Daily, Bai Jianfeng is invited by Zhejiang Hospital to deliver a speech on July 15, 2018, with a cultural feast. Leaders of the hospital, all the mid-level cadres and some staff attend, and benefit a lot;

July 30, 2018, 190 new staff of Zhejiang Hospital gather at Lingyin Hospital Area of Zhejiang Hospital. After 5 days, a charming evening gala full of laughters is held, and then starts the new staff training plan for Zhejiang Hospital;

In order to ceremoniously celebrate the first Physician’s Day in China, and build a favorable atmosphere of “respecting doctor, highlighting doctor and esteeming doctor” and to convey concern and gratitude to the medical staff, “The First Physician’s Day of Zhejiang Hospital” and the Award Ceremony of 2018 for outstanding department directors and outstanding physicians are held at Lingyin Hospital Area of Zhejiang Hospital on the morning of August 16, 2018. On August 19,2018, on the Physician’s Day, the surgical ward of Sandun Hospital Area is successfully relocated. More than 100 medical workers give up their rest to "move" for patients and spend a different Physician’s Day;

The afternoon of October 7, 2018, The sixth "Science and Technology Activity Week" series of activities of Zhejiang Hospital is opened. The opening ceremony is held at the Conference Center on 6th floor of Outpatient Building in Sanhun Hospital Area of Zhejiang Hospital;

October 20, 2018, “Confidence, Self-improvement, Integration and Development-The Third Staff Games of Zhejiang Hospital” is held at Zhejiang Hospital;

The afternoon of December 19, 2018, the final of the third Young Doctor medical science speech competition of Zhejiang Hospital is held in the sixth floor of the outpatient conference center of Sandun Hospital;

The evening of January 23, 2019, the commendation meeting for 2018 and the Spring Festival Gala are ceremoniously held at Zhejiang Hospital.

Intimate as one family

           Happy New Year to All

Yan Jing, Party Committee Secretary of Zhejiang Hospital: Thousand sails competing, and hundred boats fighting. Recall 2018, Zhejiang Hospital struts into a new era with two hospital areas. The party and government work and the construction of a clean hospital has achieved remarkable results. “ Roll up our sleeves to work harder” has made brilliant achievements. Within a short half year since the opening of Sandun Hospital Area, the number of outpatient and emergency visits have already exceeded 300000 person/times, and the discharge headcount has reached more than 7000 person/times; more than hundred health lecturers, free treatment and first-aid skill training have been organized. It’s escorting health of the public, particularly the people in northwestern part of the city with excellent medical technologies, noble medical ethics and first-rate services! In a new year, we must keep improving, and go all out for the public health! I would like to extend my sincere wish to you all a happy new year and a healthy family in the Pig-Year!

Hong Chaoyang, Director of Zhejiang Hospital: Dear staff, we have successfully accomplished the various tasks of the hospital in the past year under the joint efforts from all. I hereby would like to extend thanks to you all. Thanks for your hard-working! 2019 is a very critical year to Zhejiang Hospital. I hope all of us could make concerted efforts and target at our objectives, work hard and strive for the various given tasks in 2019. On the occasion of the New Year 2019 is approaching, I wish every member of our big family of Zhejiang Hospital: a happy New Year, good health, smooth work and a happy family! Also wish our Zhejiang Hospital a better brighter future!