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Life Rescue Demonstration, First-rate Training “Delivered-to-door” ——“120 National First-Aid Promotion Day Popularization Classroom Public Benefit Activity” Held

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In order to further intensify the overall first-rate capacities in Hangzhou and its surrounding areas, particularly, the northwestern part of the city, to optimize the first-aid procedures, and effectively promote the seamless connection between pre-hospital first-aid and in-hospital rescue, the “120 National First-Aid Promotion Day First-Aid Popularization Classroom Public Benefit Activity” is organized by hour hospital at the Conference Center in Sandun Hospital Area on January 20, with the purpose of strengthening the close cooperation between our hospital and Hangzhou Emergency Center, accelerating the construction of regional first-aid system, and bringing tangible benefits to the life safety and health from people. Zhu Yanfeng, Party Committee Member and Deputy Director of Hangzhou Municipal Health Committee, Yuan Beifang, Chief of Medical Administration Section of the aforementioned committee; Zhang Jungen, Deputy Secretary and Deputy Director of Hangzhou Municipal Emergency Center General Party Branch; Lou Zhuoxin, Vice Director of Hangzhou West Lake District Health Bureau, Deputy-Director-General-Level Investigator Wang Shuiying; Yan Jing, Party Committee Secretary of our hospital, Hong Chaoyang, Director of our hospital; and the directors and doctors from various branch centers and stations of Hangzhou Municipal Emergency Center; doctors from various community service centers and service stations; the medical staff from our hospital and community residents, et al more than 500 persons attend this activity.

This activity is chaired by Hong Chaoyang. First of all, Yan Jing deliver a speech, he introduces that Sandun Hospital Area formally put into operation on June 28 last year, the current internationally advanced Diagnosis & Treatment Center mode is adopted, with ten major diagnosis and treatment center established, covering all specailties by the Diagnosis & Treatment Center. The special examinations from each center are also conducted at the Center. It’s designed and forged according to the requirements of internationally advanced and first-rate in China. It both has the special advantages of specialty, and is a comprehensive Grade-A Class III hospital. It not only serves the nearly one million residents in northwestern part of Hangzhou, but also covers the entire province.

After put-in-operation of Sandun Hospital Area, the number of outpatient and emergency visits is rising, ended December last year within a short half year, the accumulated visits at the outpatient and emergency is almost 300,000 person/times, and the average daily visist of Emergency Departmetn is above 200 person/times. Totally more than 30,000 patients are received within half year, and more than 5000 patients are rescued. More than 600 various critically ill patients are successfully rescued and cured, including electrical injury, rupture of spleen, multile injury, ruptured cerebral aneurysm, sudden cardiac arrest, major trauma, serious cardiovascular disease, shock, infection, respiratory failure, etc, with rescue success rate approximately 100%, and has won unanimous recognition from the people.

The research shows that the improvement of the comprehensive treatment capacity, especially the emergency emergency capacity, is of great significance for further improving urban functions and ensuring the lives and health of residents. Our hospital by constantly improve pre-hospital emergency aid, hospital critical disease treatment process and system specification and emergency ability training, efforts to improve the department organization coordination, rapid response, efficient disposal ability, make full use of information technology to achieve green channel in hospital and pre-hospital emergency system seamless, play the pre-hospital first aid in chest pain center, stroke center, trauma center construction, further improve the treatment level of critical patients.

The Chest Pain Center provides efficient, convenient and optimal diagnosis and treatment plan for the chest pain patients by means of multidisciplinary coordination with the Heart Center, Emergency Department, Thoracic Surgery Department, Respiratory Medicine Department, Gastroenterology Department, Medical Image Department and Medical Examination Department, etc and by relying on smooth regional coordinated rescue mechanism. The time of patients with acute myocardial infarction from the first medical contact to the opening of blood vessels was far lower than that required by the treatment guidelines for myocardial infarction at home and abroad, and hundreds of patients with myocardial infarction were successfully treated. Some patients with acute chest pain can implement emergency detour under appropriate conditions, shorten the ischemic ischemia and greatly improve the treatment rate of myocardial infarction.

The stroke center is on duty 24 hours a day by a brain center doctor. After the stroke patient is sent to the hospital emergency department, the "green channel" for stroke is started with one button. The specialist will immediately judge the condition for preliminary diagnosis and complete a series of necessary examinations in the first time. If the patient is diagnosed as acute stroke, if the patient can undergo drug thrombolysis or surgical treatment immediately after the informed consent of the family members, so that the patient can get timely and appropriate treatment, shorten the brain injury time to the greatest extent, and greatly improve the efficiency of first aid. Since establishment of the Center, totally thousand cases of acute stroke have been rescued.

The Trauma Cente allies with Pre-Hospital Care consisting of clinical experts related to trauma rescue from the Emergency Department, Orthopedics Department, General Surgery Department, Brain Center, Urinary Surgery, Department of Critical Care Medicine, Anesthesiology Department, Interventional Radiology, etc. A multidisciplinary trauma rescue team has been established, with the early warning linkage mechanism established, open the green channel for trauma patient to receive treatment. It has greatly accelerated the trauma rescue speed, and has strengthened the regional trauma rescue capacity.

However, first aid is not the patent of the hospital, the real first aid starts from outside the hospital; first aid skills may not be commonly used, but once used can save life in the first time. Our hospital is always dedicated to social public welfare work, and we undertake the first-aid knowledge popularization month and “China 120 MI Resceu Day” rescue knowledge and skill training activity on November 20, integrate multidisciplinary resources, set foothold on northwest part, launch popularization knowlede package facing the entire Hangzhou. Within one month, more than ten large-scale free clinics, community lectures, first-aid knowledge lectures and first-aid skill training, etc are organized, more than 10 organizations and dozens of communities are involved, and nearly ten thousand people benefit. At present, however, really understand first aid skills of less than 0.1%, the lack of first aid knowledge, severe situation, therefore, our hospital closely cooperates and discusses with Hangzhou Emergency Center about how to shorten the pre-hospital emergency time, improve hospital success rate, improve the correct family first aid and call for help ability, such as several aspects, build first aid system, solve the most urgent problem of the current social primary aid training.

Zhang Jungen says that effective disease treatment depends on three aspects, the first is whether patients can implement self-help, or whether witnesses can help; the second is whether to call 120 in time to get emergency professionals in the ambulance; the third is whether to get professional treatment from medical personnel in the hospital as soon as possible. The hospital and the emergency centers jointly establish the corresponding emergency aid system, in order to connect the three rings more smoothly in the chain of life, popularize the corresponding first aid knowledge and skills, so that more patients can get more timely and effective treatment.

Zhu Yanfeng suggests about accelerating the pre-hospital and in-hospital first-aid system: Emergency emergency workers hope that through the exchange of pre-hospital academic meetings and public first aid skills training, on the one hand, they can cooperate in professional and technical fields, learn from each other, constantly consolidate their own business skills, and provide quality emergency services for the broad masses of the people; On the other hand, it can further strengthen the capacity construction of self-help and mutual rescue for the public, strengthen the construction of public first aid training teachers, and vigorously popularize the knowledge and medical first aid skills at the social level. Strive to cover the local household register population with the public rescue trainings by above 30% before 2020, and further improve the self-resuce and mutual-resuce capabilities from the public.

Meanwhile, our hospital and Hangzhou Municipal Emergency Center have jointly organized organized the “First-aid for everybody, and everybody for first-aid—National 120 Emergency Day” first-aid classroom training activity at the Conference Room, Floor 1 of Sandun Hospital Area, and has offered an emergency popularization package for the citizens in Hangzhou.

“Call for help—lay down four limbs—judge pulse—cardiac compression—open air passage—artificial respiration”,The medical staff patiently demonstrate the standard steps of CPR for the 7-year-old Xinxin with simple and understandable explanations. Xinxin’s mother says, they are living around Fengqi Road, and they saw the notice on officla Wechat account of our hospital and learnt about this activity at the weekend. So she would like to have her kid learn some first-aid knowledge since his childhood, so they came in early morning by subway. “It’s very convenient, for only half hour subway from the downtown”. Every trainee has experienced how to operate CPR in the simulated operation, and the medical staff will immediately correct if some trainees have done non-standard movements or have missed some steps. The trainees standing by Xinxin are all praising him, “you are even acting better than the adults!”

At the scene, there is also a young couple holding a one-year-old child to listen to the epilepsy emergency knowledge lecture, the child's father said that the daughter suffered from epilepsy, “I heard that our hospital today has a lecture on epilepsy today, or a big expert, we specially came to learn the knowledge of first aid when epileptic seizures.”. They have taken down notes during hte entire lectures, and leave their contact details afterwards and they hope continue to participate such lectures in future.

Since 2002, China has designated January 20 as the "120 Emergency Publicity Day", I hope that everyone will pay attention to first aid, and actively participate in the learning of first aid knowledge. Everyone are familiar with emergency number 120, but many people don't know how to call 120 correctly and what we should do before waiting for rescue. The wrong way of calling for help can lead to delayed first aid, worse illness, or a waste of first aid resources. The first aid science activities by our hospital and Hangzhou Municipal Emergency Center has rich director of clinical and science experience, experts, respectively on "saving golden time"  "heart attack identification and emergency"  "stroke identification and first aid" " adult CPR and AED knowledge practice and other first aid science to preach。The trainees are listening, studying, looking and practising at the event site. They have scientifically and effectively learnt and understood relevant first-aid knowledge, have skillfully mastered the first-aid skills. Have a “life insurance” for yourself, your families and the people around you at the beginning of a yeaer by means of actual actions.

In the afternoon, Zhang Jungen has a talk with some branch chief physicians and medical staff of our hospital and makes a summary together with the directors from various centers and doctors from various stops of Hangzhou Municipal Emergency Center. Zhang Jungen says, The construction of the first aid system is particularly not easy, unlike the general discipline disease is very single, there are many important complicated contents in the ermgency system, and we need to establish a great emergency system in such a large environment.

Yan Jing says, if we want to win the rare development opportunity in the new medical reform background, we need to strengthen capacity building and ability promotion to meet the needs of society, and many disciplines cooperate well, operate well good coordination, let patients get reasonable rapid treatment, reasonable shunt, to better adapt to the first aid function positioning, meet the challenge, seize the opportunity, achieve a new breakthrough.In the hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, on the one hand, improve the service ability and level of primary medical institutions; on the other hand, improve the emergency transport system and treatment ability, unified thinking, hand in hand, expand the large emergency emergency system, not only to promote the overall level of emergency medicine in China, better complete various urgent and critical treatment tasks, but also to comprehensively promote the popularization of first aid knowledge and skills, let more people really benefit.

Written by: Guo Jun from Propaganda Center

Picture Provided by: Party Office