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Excellent Moral and Superb Medical Skills and Moving Forward in Pursuit of Dreams -- Our Hospital Held the 2018 Annual Commendation Conference and Spring Festival Gala

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Red plum dots, Panhu Despising Snow goes with the age; The beautiful day is harmonious, and Tianpeng brings good news with spring. Looking back on 2018, we are full of pride and work hard. Looking forward to 2019, we carry forward the past and forge ahead into the future and shoulder the heavy task. 2018 marks the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening Up. It is a year of extraordinary significance for our hospital. Sandun Hospital District is put into operation, and our hospital strides into a new era of two hospitals and districts.

On the evening of January 23, 2019, our 2018 annual commendation conference and Spring Festival Gala were grandly held. In this year, we went through trials and hardships, we had fruitful achievements, and we walked forward dream by dream.

The party kicked off in the festive and lively song and dance performance "happy flowering". The Spring Festival Gala is not only warm, lively and festive, but also timely and convenient for nail live broadcasting. Whether we stick to our jobs or accompany our families, we can see our own Gala.

Bao Baogen, a member of the Party Committee, Deputy Director and Inspector of Zhejiang Provincial Health Commission, Chen Decai, Deputy Inspector of the Working Committee of the organs directly under the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and chairman of the Trade Union of the organs directly under the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, Sun Shaohong, vice chairman, Yan Jing, Secretary of the Party committee of our hospital, Hong Chaoyang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and President, Cao Yongbao, vice president, Zhang Hong and Huang Qingdong, a member of the Party Committee and vice presidents, Jin Xiaoqing, vice president, a member of the Party Committee He Xiaobo, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, Song Baishan, a member of the Party Committee and vice president, Ni Jiaona, deputy director of Zhejiang Cadre Health Care Center, Tang Lijiang, a member of the Party Committee and assistant to the president, Yu Zhihong, assistant to the president, Chen Yuhong, a member of the Party committee, and other guests and leaders attended the Spring Festival Gala.

Yan Jing's Spring Festival blessing is warm and encouraging. He said: at the beginning of the 2019 new year, the new year is about to usher in. Looking back on the past year, under the correct leadership of the Health Commission and the support of the superior Trade Union, our hospital has made many achievements. The establishment of Sandun New Hospital District has enabled our hospital to span a new era of two hospitals and districts. The commendation meeting is also a party to commend all those who have made contributions to the development and construction of the hospital and welcome the new year. I hope you will continue to work hard and make new achievements in the new year according to the requirements of the Health Commission and the development ideas of the two hospitals and districts. I wish you a happy new year, smooth work and happy family!

Chen Decai and Sun Shaohong sent out new year's greetings at the same time. They first expressed heartfelt congratulations on the brilliant achievements of our institute in 2018 on behalf of the trade unions of provincial organs, and also wished our institute new and greater achievements in all aspects in 2019.

Bao Baogen put forward new requirements and sent blessings to our college. He said: our college has made great achievements in the past year. The two university disciplines, geriatrics and critical medicine, are in the forefront of the country; opened a new era for the two chambers; China has played a very good role in the reform of "Running at Most" and "One Plus five Tackling Key Issues". I hope that in the new year, under the guidance of Comrade Xi Jinping's guiding ideology of building socialism with Chinese characteristics, we will achieve further successes in the field of discipline development, logistics management and administration, under the leadership of the provincial Party committee and the Provincial Health Committee. We also hope that our college will play an exemplary role in the reform of the president responsibility system under the leadership of the Party Committee.

Blockbuster! The hospital's core values of "Virtue and Skill" condense wisdom, faith and dedication, and will lead all colleagues in our hospital to stand at a new starting point and write a more magnificent new chapter in history. Our hospital History Documentary "Golden Years" shows you a glorious history of more than 60 years.

In order to further strengthen the construction of hospital culture, actively carry forward the core values of "Improving Morality and Skills", fully excavate and publicize the advanced figures and deeds around us, establish good models and transmit positive energy, four winners of the 2018 "Zhejiang Medical People" Development Award and five winners of the Cornerstone Award stood on the podium. They are well deserved pioneers and founders.

The development of our institute is inseparable from the efforts and struggle of every employee. The operation of Sandun hospital area is not only a milestone in the development history of the hospital, but also a major medical and health event in our province, which has brought good news to the people in the West and north of the city. "Decisive battle 628" brought by the infrastructure office shows the years of passionate fighting.

Singing a folk song to the party brought by the vocal music association is the wish of hundreds of millions of Chinese children and the deepest wish to the party.

At the end of 2016, the "Run Once at Most" reform was proposed for the first time in Zhejiang. This "Blade Inward" self-revolution facing the government itself has shown results. Closely following the steps of the government and implementing the reform of "Run Once at Most", the Outpatient Department brought the "Run Once at Most" Outpatient Allegro Show, which showed the efforts and achievements of our hospital in the reform of "Run Once at Most".

In their work, they are calm. In their life, they are versatile and full of passion. Leaders Hong Chaoyang, he Xiaobo and young employees of the Institute brought "Love in Life" and "the Moon Represents My Heart" to everyone, which made the whole audience boiling and countless “fans”.

In that remote place, there is such a group of doctors who give up their time to accompany their families, devote themselves to the frontier medical cause and the backward medical areas in Africa, brandishing their youth and sweat. With practical actions, they have practiced the medical assistance spirit of "Fearing Hardship, Being Willing to Contribute, Saving the Dead and Healing the Wounded, and Loving Boundless". Hu Caibao, the general branch of the First Party of the Communist Party of China, and others brought a sketch "In That Distant Place" to show the work and life of workers assisting Xinjiang.

In our hospital, there is such a group of people who wear yellow waistcoats and are busy in the outpatient hall every day. Where there is a need, there are them. They are the "May 4th Volunteer" service team of our hospital. The scene dance "Gratitude and Dedication" brought by them shows the selflessness and dedication of volunteers.

When the sound of 120 cut across the sky, patients with myocardial infarction were in danger. As medical workers, we are like the most dazzling stars in the night sky. Cardiovascular medicine brings the hand shadow dance "Our" Heart "Era". We have reason to believe that we are the brightest star in the night sky, bringing peace and health to patients.

The joint singing "Revisiting the Classics and Looking Forward to the Future" is wonderful: revisiting the classics and publicizing the excellent traditional spirit can help the development of tomorrow; looking forward to the future, achievements can only represent the past. Challenges and opportunities are constantly coming to us. We carry forward the past and forge ahead for continuous development.

Looking back on the past, we are worthy of our hearts and looking forward to the future. We are working hard. In a song "Tomorrow Will Be Better", all leaders and performers take a group photo as a souvenir. Let's bless and work together. Zhejiang Medical people "Go All Out for Public Health"!

Source: Trade Union, Hospital Office

Collected and written by: Wu Jing, Publicity Center

Photo provided by: Jiang Hao and Wang Qian of Photography Association