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Save the high sugar crisis! Get out of the misunderstanding of glucose-lowering medication use

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    China's diabetic patients are not optimistic about meeting the blood sugar control standards, which is greatly related to the lack of knowledge of diabetes, and many sugar lovers have misunderstandings in the process of using glucose-lowering drugs. Improper use of glucose-lowering drugs not only makes the effect of sugar control greatly reduced, but also produces a series of adverse reactions. Therefore, getting out of the misconceptions of diabetes medication is essential to effectively control blood sugar, protect the function of pancreatic islet cells, reduce adverse drug reactions, and delay the development of chronic complications of diabetes. For this reason, our hospital will hold a seminar to explain in detail. There will also be free blood glucose testing and medical consultation activities. Please bring your medical records for consultation, we look forward to seeing you!

Time and place

January 25, 2019 (Friday) 9:30~11:00

Conference Room 1016, 1st Floor, Outpatient Building, Sandun Hospital, 1229 Gudun Road, Hangzhou, China

Lecture Topic

Getting out of the misunderstanding of hypoglycemic drug use and saving high sugar crisis" - Jin Fubi

Speaker Introduction

Jin Fubi

Nurse Manager of Endocrinology Department of our hospital, Director of Chinese Operation of China-US Diabetes Center, Deputy Chief Nursing Officer. She is also a member of the Standing Committee of Diabetes Professional Committee of Zhejiang Nursing Association and a member of Diabetes Education and Management Group of Endocrinology Branch of Zhejiang Medical Association. She has been engaged in clinical nursing work of endocrinology for 20 years, mainly devoted to diabetes management.

    Source: Social Development Department